Eva Green Project

GOOD NEWS! It came to the attention of Eva that she has talented and imaginative fans who are also writers. Eva has manifested an interest in reading good complex intense intricate stories that feel unique and has a good, strong, complex female character with an elaborate back story who is not necessarily a femme fatale or someone she has played on screen or on stage before. Eva Green Web will now start accepting literary works on behalf of her and her management.

Amateur and Professional Writers who wish to submit their manuscripts must agree, meet and accomplish the following guidelines:

  • Submissions can be the following:
    1. Full Length Novel
    2. Short Story
    3. Graphic Novel
    4. Spec Script (for consideration)
  • Submissions can be from any genre or time period.
  • All submitted works MUST BE original, brand new, high quality, non-fan fiction, and NEVER BEEN published on any medium or form. Excerpts (on paper or online) are considered published.
  • All submitted works MUST NOT use Ms. Green as a character.
  • All submitted works must be written in either English or French ONLY.
  • All submitted works MUST BE in PDF format and MUST CONTAIN the following:
  1. Cover Page containing the Author’s Name and Title of the piece. Example: “CRACKS”, a novel by Sheila Kohler
  2. A Letter of Introduction on the submitted piece and author’s intention of submitting his/her piece. This page MUST include a paragraph acknowledging and attesting that the Author/Submitter is submitting his/her work voluntarily for consideration and has read, understood and agrees with the Guidelines and Terms & Conditions stated about the project on EvaGreenWeb.com. This page must be kept STRICTLY professional and MUST NOT be used as a fan letter or way to solicit Ms. Green for a photo or autograph.
  3. A short biography about the author. Biography page MUST NOT be more than 3 paragraphs and MUST NOT contain any of the author’s contact details.
  4. A one page synopsis/summary of the piece.

Failure to comply to these guidelines will result to non-forwarding of your work to Ms. Green or her management.



Submitter/Writers who submits their manuscripts fully understand, confirms and declares that EvaGreenWeb.com, its owners, associates or representatives or any person or persons on its behalf, are only acting as a channel in this project and has never ever solicited the Submitter/Writer in any way or any form whatsoever that can be construed as solicitation then, now and in the future. EvaGreenWeb.com being a sole channel is not obligated in any way to reply to inquiries after submission of any piece of work unless compelled so by Ms. Green or her management or for purely clarification purposes. Submitters understand that they own the copyright to their work and is taking a calculated risk in submitting their work to Ms. Green and her management through EvaGreenWeb.com.


The terms of this project and all other information or knowledge (personal or otherwise) flowing from, to, and in between channels at any time shall be kept strictly confidential between all parties involved. Neither Party shall use any information received from the other or otherwise for personal or public use or gain. Any information obtained from or arising out of this project shall remain secured and confidential.

– Full length unique novel submissions with great character development will be given priority attention.
– All submissions must be STRICTLY UNPUBLISHED. Online posts, including excerpts of the submitted piece, will be considered published.
– Published authors can submit their work as long as their submitted work has never been published.
– Submissions must have a well developed and well-written female character with an elaborate back story. Female character could be supporting character.
– Submissions that takes place in the current setting/real time are highly preferred though not exclusively. Submissions with period setting are welcome granted that it’s unique, interesting and not cliché. Submissions that takes place in our world – not necessarily in dystopia or parallel universe- are preferred.
– Submissions with minimal to nothing supernatural elements are preferred.
– Regular daily life dramatic tales and lighthearted romantic comedy stories are very much welcome. Romantic comedy story submissions must be elaborate, not silly or corny. Bittersweet romantic comedies without a happy end are okay.
– Mystery-Crime thrillers are very much welcome. They must be believable and not cliché. Psychopath stories are acceptable.
– The literary project is open to all genres but the stories and characters must be potent, inclusive, diverse, elaborate and substantial.
-Submissions that were written in languages other than English or French must be properly or professionally translated.
– Authors of chosen submissions will be contacted upon Eva or her management’s discretion.
– Non-Disclosure Agreement is in full effect on and for both sides upon submission and receipt of project.
– Contacted authors are not allowed in any way or form to discuss the project, its nature and purpose to any third party.
– Authors who have submitted but plan to revise their work must immediately inform EvaGreenWeb.com via email. All new submissions will be considered FINAL.
– Plagiarism is STRICTLY NOT TOLERATED and definitely won’t be accepted.

Submissions must be emailed to evagreenweboriginals@gmail.com
Deadline for the project: AUGUST 1, 2017.

For further inquiries, kindly fill up our contact form. Please include reference of your work (Author’s Name and Title of submitted piece).