Cracks (2009)

Character: Miss G
Director: Jordan Scott
Co-Stars: Juno Temple, Imogen Poots, Maria Valverde, Sinead Cusack
Release Date: Now available on DVD and Blu-ray

Set in a boarding school in 1930s England, the film tells the story of a girl’s unhealthy bond with her swimming teacher which is threatened by the arrival of a new, foreign student. Miss G’s obsession for the newcomer destroys the balance in the team and the young girls decide to react.

Miss G (Eva Green) is the charismatic swimming teacher that inspires the girls with her attitude and her life-lessons especially for love and desire. She falls in love with the new, Italian student Fiamma (Maria Valverde) who doesn’t respond to her feelings. Di Radfield (Juno Temple) was the captain of the team before the arrival of Fiamma, fully devoted to her teacher. The other girls of the team Poppy (Imogen Poots), Fuzzy (Clemmie Dugdale), Lilly (Ellie Nunn), Laurel (Adele McCann), Rosy (Zoe Carroll) also adore Miss G and compete for her attention. Miss Nieven (Sinead Cusack) is the schoolmaster that doesn’t approve Miss G’s methods.

Eva about “Cracks” and her role:
“This is the best role I’ve ever read. It’s amazing, quite dark”

Eva compares the movie with the other blockbusters
“The crew is smaller, but that’s great because you become so close. You become a lot closer to the director; it’s a great relationship I have with her”

Jordan Scott is the daughter of Ridley Scott. Ridley Scott is among the executive producers and has worked with Eva in the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

The story is based on Sheila Kohler’s novel “Cracks”. The novel “Cracks” refers to a different era (1960s) and place (South Africa). The title for the French edition is “Splash”.

The production team of “Cracks” aims at Cannes 2009 festival.