Euphoria (2017)

Character: Emilie
Director: Lisa Langseth
Co-Stars: Alicia Vikander, Charlotte Rampling, Charles Dance, Adrian Lester, Mark Stanley
Written by: Lisa Langseth
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated

Sisters in conflict travelling through Europe toward a mystery destination.

Eva Green’s Role

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Eva Green

On Euphoria

“(It’s) a love story between two sisters. (It’s) intense, very meaty and very raw.”

“The theme is difficult, and the film is really… Swedish. It’s Alicia who sent me the script. We share the same agent, who thought we had a similar way of working.”


On her character Emilie

“It’s wonderful. It’s very intense. I’m also nervous. It’s a character I’ve never played. It’s somebody whoo’s kind of insecure. It’s also a love story with a sister, a very complex story, very Swedish, fucked up. It’s beautiful.”

“It’s not a very sexy character.”


On shooting in the German Alps

“I’ve been there before. It’s absolutely amazing, some of the landscapes are straight from a fairy tale. [This location] is in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know what it’s going to be like.”


On working with Charlotte Rampling

“I’m scared. I’m totally scared. I think I’ll be very intimidated. It’s wonderful. I’m so happy she’s doing this.”

Production Trivia & Facts
The film is a Swedish-German-UK co-production.

This is the third collaboration between Alicia Vikander and director Lisa Langseth. They previously worked together in Pure (2009) and Hotell (2013).

This is the first film to be produced by Vikarious Productions, Alicia Vikander’s own film production company.

Film production started on the first week of August 2016.

The film was shot in Munich and the German Alps region.

The film’s Director of Photography is Rob Hardy, who previously worked with Alicia Vikander on Testament of Youth (2014) and Ex Machina (2015).

The film will premiere during the 42nd annual Toronto International Film Festival which will run from September 7 to 17, 2017).

The film will screen under the Platform section and will compete for the Toronto Platform Prize ($25,000 CAD), to be awarded by the jury which will include award-winning filmmakers Malgorzata Szumowska, Chen Kaige and Wim Wenders. The Platform Prize winner will be announced at the TIFF Awards ceremony on September 17, 2017.
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