Turcaret (2002)

Character: The Coquette
Director: Gerard Deshartes
Co-Stars: Jean Badin, Gérard Desarthe, Eleanor Dubulluit, Audrey Fleurot, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Catherine Herold, Jean-Pierre Malo, Jean-Paul Muel, Maryvonne Schiltz, Valentine Varela
Written by: Alain-René LeSage
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Turcaret (1709) is a comedy in prose in which the principal character is a financier. This upstart, who has risen by theft and usury, is surrounded by people equally unscrupulous. It is an assemblage of rogues. A coquette shares her favours between Turcaret, who loves her and pays her, and a fashionable cavalier whom she loves. Frontin, the cavalier’s valet, sums up the play fairly well when he says to his master: “We pluck a coquette; the coquette ruins a financier; the financier swindles others, which makes the most amusing ricochet of knavish tricks imaginable.” The dialogue is spirited, the descriptions are true to life, and the action is full of animation.

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Production Trivia & Facts
During one performance, Eva forgot some of her lines. She still have nightmares about it.