“I don’t want to play the beautiful girl in the background. I want complex roles with many dimensions and colours.”

“I think all actors actors are very, how do you say it, “narciss-sistic”, and all want recognition. We all want that, of course, but, at the same time I want to disappear, you know. To hide…”

“I am many things. I can be quite mad, and young, but I’m not the kind of person who goes out to nightclubs and goes crazy. I am more lying on my bed and listening to classical music to relax.”

“I have a wonderful hairdresser, French, and I like it when it’s a bit crazy and messy.”

“Sometimes it’s easier to play naked than clothed. I don’t understand why nudity in movies is so controversial.”

“I’m not just a bimbo in a bikini. Vesper is sassy and strong. She’s key in shaping Bond’s character. She’s tough, she’s clever.” – On Vesper Lynd, her character in Casino Royale

“I’m aware that, for an actress, a role in a Bond movie can be a life-changing thing – and I know it can mean the beginning of the end. But that’s not going to happen to me.”

“People who think Bond is sexist don’t have a sense of humor. Most of the girls are strong. They behave like men, almost. In this movie Vesper and Bond are equals. Vesper is funny, sharp, and sassy, but ambiguous.”

“Daniel plays Bond as a gentleman. But he’s also trashy and sexy and scary. And that’s an attractive combination. Previous Bonds were cerebral, Craig is physical.”

“I still have a lot to learn. I’m very cerebral. I should give more room to the instincts and the physical.”

“When you see those beautiful women in Bond movies, it’s funny, it’s glamorous, it’s great. It’s just as an actor – especially as a woman – you have to be careful. I haven’t proved a lot yet, so I don’t want to be perceived as a bimbo.”

“I love London. There are so many green areas and people are very polite. I have friends here. It feels like a new life but I’m still close to home.”

“God, I am not like a model or anything. You know, I’m very simple. I look, like, 12. I’m not making a lot of effort actually. I’m always wearing jeans and feeling comfortable.”

“It was wonderful to be surrounded by those actors – I could only aspire to their knowledge.” – On working with the stellar cast of Kingdom Of Heaven

– On Louis Garrel, her co-star in The Dreamers:

“We were really nervous but it was good because Louis was acting like a little kid of two years old, playing with his penis all the time,” says Green. “It helped us to get rid of our inhibitions – and it was a good exercise to stop us being self-conscious”.

“Even after I had agreed to do it – and I knew exactly what I was getting involved in – I was having difficulty imagining actually doing it,” she recalls. “Michael was also shy, and remained so. But Louis helped us a lot. He was like a big kid.” Apparently, the actor came to Green’s trailer and made her an “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” offer. “It was like children. We got that over and it certainly broke the ice.”

– On Michael Pitt, her co-star in The Dreamers:

“I hadn’t seen his movies before. I remember I was on a tour in France and my agent told me, ‘Okay, look, Murder By Numbers, this is the actor, Michael Pitt’. And he had long hair, you know, big lips, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, he’s a girl, or…?’, but no, I was very impressed, I really like him very much. He looks like an angel but he’s got a lot of violence, he’s very complex. No, I love him.”.

– On Edward Norton, her co-star in Kingdom Of Heaven:

“My scenes with Edward Norton were the hardest, because he’s an idol of mine.”

“When I read the script, Baldwin was one of my favorite roles; he moved me so much,” Green said. “And then when I screen tested, it was with Orlando Bloom and Edward Norton. Edward is one of my favorite actors. He’s an idol.”

Green’s first scene with Norton was Baldwin’s death scene.

“It was extremely difficult,” she said. “I had to pretend that this was my brother, and I thought, ‘How can I do this? I can’t. I can’t.’ I was so stressed out. I don’t know how to translate that into English, but I was a bit disturbed because when he did this scene, he reminded me of someone I knew who was dying. Edward has the sensitivity of a child and is able to do anything – anything. He’s very rare as an actor. It was like a dream.”

– On Orlando Bloom, her co-star in Kingdom Of Heaven:

“We have a lot of chemistry on screen but it is very dangerous to mix the two.

“A lot of actors do, they want to be as good as possible and start really having sex with their co-star.

“They get confused and it leads to a lot of problems.

“I was not close to falling for Orlando. He is a wonderful person, but I cannot imagine him as a boyfriend.”

“He’s true to himself and funny. He’s also scared. He’s not like the perfect man. He has some doubts, of course, and he will say it.”

“Working with him was a great experience. He was very sweet and down to earth.”

“We had one day of rehearsing together and he immediately put me at ease. I think he’s just a normal guy who can’t quite cope with being a big star with this huge female fan base. But I think this role is good for him. As Balian, he’s turning from a young romantic lead into a rugged hero. From boy to man.”

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