Eva St. Paul, famous theatre specialist and mentor

“In 20 years, I have only met two students who were really hardworking. Eva Green is one of those two.”

Léa Seydoux (actress) on Eva Green as her favorite Bond Girl

“As for Bond Girls, I especially identified with Eva Green as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. It impressed me that a French actress was playing a Bond Girl. I was taken with the way she could be intense and mysterious, strong and vulnerable, girlish and womanly. I love it when an actress can play with contradictions.”

Valentina Coco (fashion blogger) on meeting and interviewing Eva Green

“Eva Green has been really…accessible, kind and I must confess to you that sometimes she was almost embarrassed for feeling ‘so important’ for me. That is another proof that there are still famous people that exist that doesn’t put on airs just because they became famous around the world.”

Angie Harmon (actress) on Eva Green

“Eva Green is the biggest bad ass on the planet. She is totally my girl crush.”

Kristin Bauer (actress) on Eva Green

“Eva Green is so amazing. If she doesn’t win all the Emmys, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Chrissie Hynde (singer) on Eva Green

“Eva Green is a goddess.”

Dakota Johnson (actress) on Eva Green

“I think I saw maybe one episode of that (Penny Dreadful) just because I am a longtime lover of Eva Green.”



Bernardo Bertolucci (director) on Eva Green

“So beautiful, it’s indecent.”


Michael Pitt (co-star) on what Eva Green is like in person

“You and every other man wants to know that.”



Daniel Craig (co-star) on Eva Green

“I know there was a lot in the press about who was going to do this and whatever. When she came in there was no decision for me. She brings to it something special. She’s got a mystery about her, anyway, Eva and the character had to have a mystery. She’s beautiful and well, she can act. That’s the really important thing. It needed to be someone who I would think he could fall in love with, and Eva does such a fantastic job. I mean, she’s the heartbeat of this movie. And that was crucial that we got that love story going because then everything else sort of slots into place around it. She was great and we had a lot of fun together.”


WOMB (2010)

Benedek Fliegauf (director) on Eva Green

“Working with Eva Green was a beautiful process for me because she is one of the most focused person that I’ve ever met. If you meet with her in the ordinary life, she wears a very elegant and graceful social mask. And it’s not easy to see through on that mask because she’s very good… You know, she’s acting very well. And then…but in that moment, when we started to speak about the character, she took off this mask and she started to speak in a very very focused way. About the character in an almost, almost, almost obsessive way. That means, she wasn’t able to stop asking me about the character.”



Ewan McGregor (co-star) on working with Eva Green in Perfect Sense

“We really threw ourselves on the scenes and she’s a natural and like the best actress. You feel like you were really in the shoes of your character in that situation. I never got the sense that we are playing….some actresses play for their close-up and when the camera’s on you, you see them just walking through and that’s not something that we ever did. We were living those scenes together and that’s the best kind of acting I think.”



Ermahn Ospina (make-up artist) on Eva Green

“Eva transformed into her seductive, fearless character. She was magnificent and it was a great pleasure to watch her work.”


Christopher Meloni (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“Eva, she’s beyond cool. She is the bomb. She was such a pleasure to work with. She just really connects to the decisions we’ve made and commits to them. So great, so much fun.”



Gregg Araki (director) on casting and working with Eva Green

“I thought Eva did such an amazing job of capturing that sadness. I worship Eva Green; I think she’s amazing.”

“Eva, I’ve loved Eva Green forever. I’ve loved her since The Dreamers. She’s so unique, there’s really nobody like her, I was just so thrilled to work with her. Another thing about Eva is that she — I mean, I love her as a person, she is just a great person, a great artist — but on set she is like Greta Garbo, she has this sort of magical aura about her.”

“You’ve never seen Eva Green like this before. It will blow your mind. The funny thing about Eva Green is—it’s weird—because she’s playing 40ish for this movie and Eva is only 32 when we made this movie. And Shiloh is like 27 and he plays Shai’s teenage boyfriend. I don’t want to give it away, but there’s a weird flirtation between the Shiloh and Eva in the movie. And in real life they are four years apart. But in the movie, so creepy. Because Eva is literally like so insanely amazing. I mean the thing about the movie is that you see the mother when she is young and beautiful and that is what Eva Green looks like and then you see her when she is a little older and living this miserable life and feeling super trapped. And Eva just became this other person and it was the craziest thing. To see it on set was insane.” (on Eva Green’s transformation and portrayal of Eve Connors)

“Eva is the most stunning being you’ve ever seen in your life. When she showed up on set as the sad, tragic, older Eva, I was really startled by it. Her whole body language, her posture, her voice — she just became someone this other person.” (on Eva Green’s transformation and portrayal of Eve Connors)


Shailene Woodley (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“Eva came in and shot all of her stuff in a week and a half. It was a very quick process. It was so wonderful to work with her, to watch this beautiful woman, transformed. She really committed to that character. To watch an actor commit to such a strong character choice is so interesting for me to learn from.”


Christopher Meloni (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“That was awesome. You know, it was like trying to hug a radioactive porcupine. Her character was so volatile and unpredictable, that was just so much fun to be a part of. And Eva Green just as a fellow professional was just you couldn’t ask for a better person to be dancing with. She was lovely.”



Mads Mikkelsen (co-star) on working with Eva Green and still not exchanging dialogue on their scenes

“You could say that we had an almost brotherly relationship. But Eva is a beautiful woman and a fantastic actress with whom I enjoyed reworking.”


Sean Cameron Michael (co-star) on Eva Green

“I would have loved to share the screen with Eva. She has such a great body of work to her credit and an on-screen presence unlike any other. She did some difficult and impressive work on our film. Presently, I am a major fan of the Penny Dreadful series and she’s just astounding in that, baring her soul and giving her everything to the part. I would love to be on the show and get the opportunity to work with her and the rest of her talented cast and crew.”


PENNY DREADFUL (2014—2016)

John Logan (creator, executive producer and writer) on working with Eva Green

“Eva Green herself, she’s an Alpine mountaineer. She’s only happy in the high altitudes. So I have to challenge her and I have to challenge myself to climb higher. Every single line, every single episode, and every single season…”

“Everything Eva does exceeds my expectation. We spend a lot of time together, Eva and I, and we talk about things in great detail. Some of the more difficult scenes we just read together. So we build the performance as a duo. Then everytime I go on the set she exceeds anything I imagine.”

“But there was one thing I needed and that was a muse. It’s a clichéd expression but as a man who’s been a dramatist since I was 18, I knew I need a touchstone and I knew who I wanted that touchstone to be and that was Eva Green. I find in her inspiration, courage and ferocity to explore the dark and the light. This show is about the dark and the light so I will introduce you now to my personal light, Eva Green.” (John Logan’s speech introducing Eva Green to the international press corps who visited the Penny Dreadful set, February 13, 2015)

“To me, Penny Dreadful is a dance with Eva Green.” (John Logan on how he sees Penny Dreadful)

“As soon as I get on set, I speak to Eva, and we go over all the scenes in detail.”


Chris King (co-executive producer) on working with Eva Green

“Vanessa, played by Eva Green, has been possessed, hunted by witches, and battled her own demons. Yet Eva is always prepared and ready to work and has the biggest smile even after the most difficult sequence. In Season 3, we have truly pushed her beyond anything she’s done before, but she steps up and delivers every day.”


John Conroy (director of photography) on Eva Green

“Eva is one of the hardest working, most talented & committed actors I’ve ever seen. Not much more to say other than that. She’s a lovely, generous person too.”


Sarita Allison (key prosthetic make-up artist) on working with Eva Green

“Eva Green is a true professional. She works so hard and is dedicated to her part. On set she is quiet, focused and a joy to work with.”


Coky Giedroyc (director) on directing Eva Green in Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Closer Than Sisters’

“She’s such an amazing actress. Amazing. She’s so up for it and she’s so willing to go to these places. She’s quite quiet and private as a person and that’s actually her way of protecting herself and regaining her strength. Then she’ll come in and she’ll just do anything -as long as she trusts you. We talked to it all through and I explained everything. I always explain everything to the actors so that they know where they are and what the boundaries are. And then, frankly, she did a ton of that stuff herself. It wasn’t stunt people at all. She was there, being hosed with freezing cold water again and again and again.”


Paco Cabezas (director) on working with Eva Green

“To me, what Eva does is beyond human. It’s amazing how she gives herself to the character, almost losing herself. Nobody knows Vanessa Ives better than she does. Maybe John. And in the end, my work is to be there for her, to tell her ‘You’re safe’, ‘That was great, why don’t we try something a bit different here’. In the end, it’s a matter of trust and love. I remember in theater school, I had a teacher who used to scream at actors to make them cry on stage and I hated that. I always work through trust. I remember one anecdote of Marlon Brando working with Arthur Penn, on the first day Brando does his first take and Penn goes to him and says ‘What are you doing? You’re only doing half of what you can do’ and Brando said ‘Oh, you noticed? Yeah, I normally do 50% of what I can do cause normally directors won’t notice but since you did I will give you a 100%’. Eva was giving 200% everyday no matter what, but I think she appreciated my sensitivity and trusted me as a director.”

“Of course Eva is one of the sexiest actresses alive and I’m a nerd so one of the first times that we were together in the same room, it’s hard not to get hypnotized by her beauty, so as a nerd I probably blocked and started talking about my apartment in Madrid and how the painters did something horrible to the walls called ‘gotelé’. I don’t think there’s an English translation to that word, but it’s something close to what Edward Hopper used to do in his paintings. The wall ends up full of drops of paint and it’s pretty ugly, so yes, that was my classy-enchanting-James-Bond talk with Eva: horrible wall paintings.”

“There’s one movie of hers that I love and that I think is underrated called ‘Perfect Sense’. Her performance along with Ewan’s is heartbreaking.”


Timothy Dalton (co-star) on whether he would like Eva to be his Bond Girl if he were to play James Bond again

“I would like to have Eva Green in everything I do.”


Josh Hartnett (co-star) on his working dynamic with Eva Green

“Well, Eva’s, she’s very practiced. She comes with a plan, and she does what she wants to do. I’m much more the opposite. I am the opposite. I take a lot of time trying to figure out what I think the character would be going through, and then I throw it out immediately as soon as we start filming. And so I want to experiment. But she has these specific things that she wants to do. So coming at it from these opposite approaches has yielded some pretty interesting scenes, I think. She probably hates it because I’m throwing things at her all the time that she didn’t expect.”


Christian Camargo (co-star) on why he signed up to do Penny Dreadful

“Well at first I didn’t know where it was going, but I love Eva Green and was told that this was a sort of love interest for her. I’d known John Logan briefly through Kathryn Bigelow during Hurt Locker and we had a little catching up. Then he said, ‘So, do you like the show?’ and I said, ‘Of course. And I love Eva Green.’ He’s, like, ‘Okay, there’s probably one thing you should know: This guy also goes by another name.’ ‘What’s that?’ ‘Dracula.’ I said, ‘What time is my flight?’ It was that quick. To go from the material that I was given where my character is this sort of overly-obsessive museum director, which is a fun character, to an ageless Dracula that you don’t want to mess around with was fascinating. He’s the darkness that goes throughout the whole three seasons. He’s challenging and wonderfully fun to do.”


Reeve Carney (co-star) on working with Eva Green on the séance scene in Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 2

“Watching Eva do that, over and over and over again, all the way, every single time, she never backed off, at all. It was 100%, the whole time.”

“At first, Eva can be quite intimidating. She’s a very quiet and professional person who’s very sweet. At one point, I lost one of my personal rings, and she made it her mission to find my ring. She tried to get everybody on board with helping to find my ring. It was really, really sweet and unexpected. They’re all really good people. It’s a pleasure to work with everybody.” (on Eva Green and the rest of the Penny Dreadful cast)


Robert Nairne (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“Such a privilege! What a beautiful, powerful actor. She is utterly breathtaking in sequences like those in ‘Possession’. And still on set she was wonderfully friendly, open and always full of fun!”


Nicole O’Neill (co-star) on Eva Green

“Eva is just simply amazing! I was incredibly excited to meet her in general being a fan myself, let alone actually getting to share the screen with her! She is truly a wonder to work with, very down to earth, and hardworking with absolutely no diva like ways you could expect from any top Hollywood actress! I felt so fortunate when reading the script for Episode1 that it was my witch that was mainly gunning for Vanessa in the carriage attack sequence. Our rehearsal together for this scene went so smoothly! I had already done a few days training as I was essential swinging around the sides of a stunt carriage, balancing on a thin wooden platform above the ground. Not to mention the added challenge of nudity and restricted vision from the ‘Nightcomer’ contact lenses. She was very sympathetic to my situation but we didn’t let this hold us back. We WENT FOR IT so to speak! I knew she was a great action actress but I was blown away by how tough she was! Like me, she likes to make the stunts as real as possible, of course within means. I believe this is why when finally got my script through for Episode 4 (Mr. Logan keeps the scripts under wraps until he feels it necessary for his actors to read them) that yet again my prey was Ms. Ives! I have to say it was hard to overcome the fact that she really did want me to pull her hair pretty hard and throw her to the ground… afterall, it’s only EVA GREEN I am dealing with, no pressure!”

“She first came to my attention in ‘Casino Royale’. I thought she was magnetic and loved her deep husky voice. After which one late evening, I got glued to watching “The Dreamers” on TV. I loved it! I am quite a fan of the more unusual films. What a role for a young woman to take. Very brave, very brilliant! I think Eva makes great career decisions and I love how she doesn’t want to be the figure of beauty but to choose the grittier, darker characters. I really admire that and I hope I can do the same!”


Sebastian Croft (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“Eva Green is such an incredible professional. It was a huge honor to work with her. She was very focused on set and made it very easy for me in my scenes with her. Her work is awesome. I am a big admirer. How could anyone not be? Casino Royale is one of my all-time favourite films. I was literally in awe!”



Ella Purnell (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“Eva, I learnt a lot off her — I always look up to strong female actors, ones that stand up for their beliefs, and she very much represents that.”


Raffiella Chapman (co-star) on working with Eva Green

“It was amazing to watch Eva develop her bird-like performance right in front of my eyes. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work so closely with someone so talented.”


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