Eva’s Beauty Bag

Eva shared some of her beauty favorites in various interviews…

  • For her face, she uses a toning lotion by Mary Cohr, and an ultra-moisturizing cream, such as Hydranorme by La Roche-Posay during the winter because her skin is very dry, or Hydramax by Chanel during the summer.

  • She uses shea butter (karite) on her hair, that is always dyed (she’s naturally a dark blonde), quite often, and Rosebud Salve on her lips, an American balm that should be applied with the fingers.

  • Her haircare product is the Italian Crema-Terax. “My favorite product and the only one that successfully unravels my hair after washing.”

  • The beauty products she can never leave at home on her trips are the body lotion Lipikar by La Roche-Posay (“That’s a very rich care, which works wonders for dry skin. It gets supersmooth and supple.”) and Touche Eclat by Yves Saint-Laurent (“It makes any sign of tire disappear.”)

  • Under the sun, she always puts on her fragile skin total sun block SPF 100. “I’m more of a light-toned type. That’s why I use a daycream with sun protection even in winter. And in the summer I avoid the sun as best as possible.”
  • When she wears make-up, she doesn’t put any foundation on, just an unifying base by Benefit, and a liquid blush by the same brand, that lasts all day long.
  • On special days, she likes to have a very red mouth. For that, she’s a fan of Stéphane Marais’ products, because he has colors that can’t be found anywhere else, including orangish red (“To me, no one else makes any more beautiful colors.”). Or she goes for smokey eyes, and she wears black eye shadow by Sisley, which is a little greasy. She also likes the mascara by Shiseido.

    “I completely renounce foundation, rouge and powder. But I love to look like a glamorous geisha. I already have the light teint. I just have to put really glaring red color on my lips and make smokey eyes. I use a lot of black eyeliner pencil for that and dark eyeshadow. The geisha-look only really works when a visagist puts the make-up on me. Because I myself am not very good especially with the drawing of the line with an eyeliner.”

  • Her beauty bag always contains: Guerlain Terracotta powder, a lipstick by Stephane Marais (that she saves because the brand doesn’t exist anymore) and Touche Eclat.
  • One of her favorite things is Chanel No 5 After Bath Pressed Powder following a long soak.

  • The last product that amazed her is Baume de Rose by Terry, a rose-based lip and nail balm.
  • In what concerns perfumes, she is faithful to the scents by Santa Maria Novella. According to her moods, she chooses between Melo Grano (that smells a bit like incense), Musk, or Freesia (very girly). She says that Melo Grano is the scent that resembles her the most.

  • At night, she moisturizes herself from head to toe again, with an oil that smells of orange flower. It’s calming and she likes to smell good before going to bed.
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