Eva’s Beauty Bag

Eva shared some of her beauty product favorites in various interviews…

Her hair is a big part of how Eva maneuvers between her characters and being someone who has consistently dyed her hair dark since the age of 15, Eva has to put extra care on her hair. Here are some of the products that she uses.



“My hair is thin, fragile and tortured every day. My hairdresser always uses L’Oréal Professionnel hair products. I tried their deep moisturising Pro Fiber treatment, which is magical, and their new Wet Domination by Tecni.ART styling range. I also love oils, both for the body and the hair. I use L’Oréal’s Mythic Oil twice a month — leaving it on overnight and shampooing the next morning.”

“I wash my hair quickly. L’Oréal Absolut Repair has amazing conditioner and shampoo; it makes your hair thicker and shiny. I’m not just saying that because I’m a L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador! I dyed my hair for the first time when I was 15 and it stayed. I like dark because it makes my skin pop and it’s more me.”

“My hair is constantly being styled, heated and colored. This is why I use the Absolut Repair Lipidium shampoo and conditioner from the Serie Expert line and apply Mythic Oil before blowdrying my hair. The health of my hair is really important to me. My look can change from film to film, but my mane has to be in perfect condition. I also like the new products Wet Domination: Extreme Splash for straight hair and Shower Shine for a wet-hair look. I love dramatic looks!”
Apart from L’Oréal Professionel products, Eva swears by the following products……

“My scalp is actually becoming quite sensitive. I just discovered that brand Moogoo, it’s for very sensitive scalp. It’s kind of organic, very simple. It’s nice. Otherwise Shu Uemura do amazing shampoos. They do an oil as well that can be put on your hair for 24 hours. It kind of feeds—nourishes—your hair. It makes it very shiny. It’s very good!”

“My hair is a nightmare. Naturally it’s very dry and thin, but these products work miracles to hydrate and boost volume.”

“A stylist taught me that olive oil is a great leave-in conditioner. Just a little bit on the ends repairs my damaged tips instantly.”

“Hairdresser Maxime Macé taught me to apply a little bit of Nivea Cream on the lengths, like a serum.”

Eva also uses Shea Butter (Karité) on her hair to further nourish it.

“My favorite product and the only one that successfully unravels my hair after washing.”
For her face, here are some products that Eva regularly uses…

When she wears make-up, she doesn’t put any foundation on, just an unifying base by Benefit, and a liquid blush by the same brand, that lasts all day long.

“I’m very low-maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine. This foundation feels weightless — plus it’s really easy to apply with your fingers.”
“I completely renounce foundation, rouge and powder. But I love to look like a glamorous geisha. I already have the light tint. I just have to put really glaring red color on my lips and make smokey eyes. I use a lot of black eyeliner pencil for that and dark eyeshadow. The geisha – look only really works when a visagist puts the make-up on me because I myself am not very good especially with the drawing of the line with an eyeliner.”


Her beauty bag always contains Guerlain Terracotta powder, a lipstick by Stéphane Marais (that she saves because the brand doesn’t exist anymore) and YSL Touche Éclat.
“I never part with Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent. It removes any signs of tiredness.”
Eva’s eyes are one of her best features and she accentuates them with the help of the following products…

“Nothing other than a little Diorshow Extase mascara by Dior. It’s my favourite because it’s very thick but it doesn’t clump.”

Or she goes for smokey eyes, and she wears black eye shadow by Sisley, which is a little greasy. She also likes the mascara by Shiseido.
For her trademark red lips, she uses the following lipstick products…

“For a date night, I love red lipsticks, like Mac’s Ruby Woo or Lady Danger
“I love wearing this glamorous shade on the red carpet, but otherwise in real life, I’m pretty low-key and stick with lip balm.”

“When I go out, I also like to wear a lipstick that stands out, like Rouge Pur Couture No 1 by Yves Saint Laurent or Lady Danger by M.A.C.

She’s also a fan of Stéphane Marais’ products because he has colors that can’t be found anywhere else, including orangish red.
“To me, no one else makes beautiful colors anymore.”
When she’s not on the red carpet, Eva just loves to dab some lip balm on her lips….

The Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, a very moisturizing Australian balm, as effective on the mouth as on little injuries.”

Rosebud Salve on her lips, an American balm that should be applied with the fingers.

Eva also finds Baume de Rose by Terry, a rose-based lip and nail balm, to be very amazing.
Eva’s known for her pale skin tone and here are some products that she regularly uses for her sensitive skin….

Eva’s skin is very fragile so she puts on a sunblock with SPF 50
“I’m more of a light-toned type. That’s why I use a daycream with sun protection even in winter. And in the summer, I avoid the sun as much as possible.”
“I’m a vampire. I use a lot of sun cream. Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense is very good. The less you go in the sun the better. I moisturize with Avène (cold cream). It’s a French brand that’s really good.”

“I have a very delicate skin, so I always use a complete sun block by La Roche-Posay or SkinCeuticals (mainly the Ce Ferulic and Emollience Cream), even during winter. It’s an essential gesture for the vampire that I am. And, of course, during the summer, I never stay out in the sun. Besides, I have a hard time staying at the beach.”

For her face, she uses a toning lotion by Mary Cohr and an ultra-moisturizing cream such as Hydranorme by La Roche-Posay during the winter because her skin is very dry or Hydramax by Chanel during the summer.
Other moisturizers that Eva swears by are…

Lipikar by La Roche-Posay.
“That’s a very rich care, it works wonders for dry skin. It gets super smooth and supple.”

“I like Jurlique. La Prairie is very good as well. Sisley too. It’s nice to change. And also [these are] all very normal products that you would buy at the pharmacy.”
“My skin is very dry so I drink a lot of water and use thick moisturizers. I like this one for long flights and as a base under makeup.”
When it comes to removing her make-up at the end of the day, she trusts….

“I very gently remove my makeup in the evenings. I like Cetaphil —you can buy it in Boots [a European pharmacy], it’s cheap, and it’s gentle.”

One of her favorite things is Chanel No. 5 After Bath Pressed Powder which she applies following a long soak.


When it comes to perfumes, Eva is faithful to the scents of Santa Maria Novella. She applies them according to her mood. She chooses between Melograno (which smells a bit like incense), Musk or Freesia (very girly). According to her, Melograno is the scent that resembles her the most.

“The last thing I do before stepping onto the red carpet is put on some perfume. I’ve been very faithful to this brand called Santa Maria Novella. They have a fragrance called Melograno that’s very simple, and very me.”
At night, she moisturizes herself from head to toe again, with an oil that smells of orange flower. It’s calming and she likes to smell good before going to bed.
When it comes to coloring her nails, Eva prefers deep colors….

“I like to wear some during summer, preferably deep colours, such as Midnight Cami by Essie Pro.”

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