Eva’s Beauty Secrets
  • Eva doesn’t make any efforts to look stunning when she doesn’t have anything special to do. “No make-up, jeans, a T-Shirt or a pullover and my good old boots. Maybe a touch of gloss.”
  • She drinks a herbal juice called Green Magma one hour before her breakfast. It makes her feel more energetic. It’s a thing she started doing at the end of 2005.
  • When she has a date and wants to be seductive, she pays attention to her long and thin hair. She makes braids and undoes them one hour later, to make her hair look wilder. Then, she puts some make-up on. She accentuates either her eyes or her lips, but never the two of them at the same time. She dresses demurely. Especially not too much skin, because it looks “too obvious.”
  • Eva runs with her dog every day around Parc Monceau in Paris. And once or twice a week, a personal trainer goes to her apartment. They work on Eva’s posture and do some stretching exercises. “I recenter myself.”
  • Eva sleeps eight hours every night. She wakes up at 7:30 am, otherwise she feels guilty. “Sleeping until late is not for me, maybe sometimes on holidays.”
  • Eva’s mother always put on beauty masks and creams, including eye cream. She set the example.
  • She tries to drink liters of water every day and when she’s tired, she makes magnesium treatments, or hot stone massages (she thinks it’s extraordinary to relax).
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