Daughter of French actress Marlène Jobert.

Her mother doesn’t act anymore. She writes children’s books.

Her favorite tale written by her mom is a funny one about a bad kid who likes to bite dogs. “The more surreal the better.”

She has a non-identical twin sister named Joy.

Joy is four minutes younger. Eva has this name because she was born first, in a reference to Eve, the world’s first woman.

Joy is very blonde with brown eyes.

Eva likes to say that Joy is more terrestrial and she is more lunar.

Fraternal twin sister studied business. Her dream is to breed horses. She’s not jealous of not being an actress. She married an Italian count in September 2006 and they live together in Normandy, France.

Daughter of Walter Green.

Father is a Swedish dentist. He isn’t in the movie business, but acted in a film called Au hasard Balthazar in 1966. It was his first and only on-screen experience.

Her father is Swedish but grew up in France … so she speaks no Swedish, only a few words..

Niece of actress Marika Green.

Cousin of French singer/actress Elsa Lunghini.

Cousin of Paris born and Montreal raised singer/actress Joséphine Jobert.

Eva grew up in a comfortable background – “bourgeois but quite relaxed” – in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

“From my father I inherited a certain distant, cold touch, but only at a first view. I’m as cerebral as him. I don’t like to talk about myself, it’s very hard for me to describe myself. From my mother, I think I inherited her sensibility, her protective halo, her capacity of being very maternal with people.”

Before debuting on the big screen in The Dreamers, Eva was in two professional plays: Jalousie en Trois Fax and Turcaret.

In fact, before her big debut in The Dreamers, Eva had a small cameo in Michael Haneke’s La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher) as Walter Klemmer (Benoît Magimel)’s girlfriend. She didn’t have any lines and it’s a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” part.

Jalousie en Trois Fax earned her a nomination for Les Molières (France’s most important theatre award) for the category Révélation Théâtrale Féminine (Best Female Newcomer).

She forgot some of her lines in Turcaret. “I still have nightmares about it!”

The face of the Emporio Armani campaign.

Armani chose Eva to model for him after he saw her in The Dreamers. He said she has something that made him think of the classic Italian actresses.

Eva is also the star of the 2005/2006 Breil Jewels campaign. She starred in three TV spots directed by Mike Figgis, one of them with actor Ben Chaplin. She has also graced the pages of Italian magazines with several advertisements.

She also modelled for Lancôme’s new feminine fragrance, “Attraction”.

She turned down a role in Brian De Palma’s The Black Dahlia with Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson, because she didn’t want to be typecast as a femme fatale after her very naked performance as Isabelle in The Dreamers. The role went to Hilary Swank.

According to herself, her last name isn’t derived from an English name and is pronounced “grain” or “Greyne”.

Eva’s last name doesn’t mean green, which is grön in Swedish. Instead, her name comes from the Swedish word gren (by Trever at dresshead inc), which means (tree) branch.

Attended the American school in Paris when she was about 17.

Eva was a very good student, but she worked during the weekends, so she never went out and enjoyed life when she was a teenager. She wanted good grades. “It was an obsession. I was going mad, mad, mad.”

Recently bought a small apartment in Primrose Hill, London, and shares her time between England and Paris.

Eva is very shy and reserved in real life.

Eva says she’s most shy when she’s on a red carpet and on TV.

She is however less why than she used to be.

Eva wanted to become an actress because she is a very shy person: “This was a way of getting rid of all my demons.”

She doesn’t like sexy outfits.

She doesn’t like shopping.

When her mother first found out that Eva wanted to be an actress, she was very scared for her. “She knows that I’m very sensitive and very insecure and it’s really a hard job, you’ve got to show yourself all the time, you can’t take nothing for granted. It’s very ephemeral – the most difficult thing is to last.” But now she’s fine.

Eva thinks that one of the reasons why she wanted to become an actress is because she wanted to hide herself. “I’m very shy and this job seemed to be the only way I could express myself. I wanted to become someone else in order to not be myself, living somewhere else, in another world, another existence.”

She smokes.

Despite admitting that she is lazy and doesn’t exercize, Eva does exercize a little! When she’s not filming, Eva runs with her dog every day around Parc Monceau in Paris. And once or twice a week, a personal trainer goes to her apartment. They work on Eva’s posture and do some stretching exercises. “I recenter myself.”

Eva is quite obsessed with music.

In addition to acting, she would like to compose music for films, soundtracks. She took piano lessons for several years and she remains sensitive about that universe.

She has a piano in her London flat.

When Eva prepares for roles, she listens to soundtracks or classical music. But “it has to be dramatic, because I’m a crazy person.”

She likes to listen to classical music.

She likes the music of Ani DiFranco, Mahler and Chopin.

Described by Bertolucci as “so beautiful, it’s indecent.”

Lars von Trier, David Lynch and David Fincher are some of her favorite directors because they make “dark movies”.

Although Eva likes von Trier’s films, she doesn’t think she’s strong enough to work with him at the moment. Maybe in a few years.

She would like to work with Tim Burton, Stephen Daldry, Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze.

She likes directors who have a world of their own.

Eva would like to kill someone in her next movie. She would like to perform a serial-killer.

She would also like to do a comedy, but “only if it’s a really good script.”

And she would like to play a crazy woman.

Of the older leading French actresses, Eva loves Jeanne Moreau. “She’s very ambiguous”. She loves Cate Blanchett. The Australian actress is her idol: “She’s very subtle, yet boiling away inside. And I admire the fact that she’s very private. You need to have that mystery.” Juliette Binoche, Helena Bonham Carter, Marion Cotillard and Julianne Moore are some of her favorite actresses too. She also likes Isabelle Huppert for her strength and Samantha Morton because “she expresses everything with her big eyes.”

Edward Norton is her favorite actor.

Her cult movie is Ingmar Bergman’s Cries And Whispers (1972). Synopsis: Swedish film which tells the story of two sisters who watch over their third sister’s deathbed, both afraid she might die, but hoping she does. Ingmar Bergman’s acclaimed drama, which deals with the fractured relationships between three sisters, is set in a vast turn-of-the-century manor house where unidentified voices are continually whispering and mingle with a dying woman’s cries of pain. Karin and Maria (played by Ingrid Thulin and Liv Ullmann, respectively) have come to stay with their sister Agnes (Harriet Andersson), who is suffering from cancer, during the final stretch of her illness. Attending to Agnes is her faithful maid Anna (Kari Sylwan), who, in spite of her apparent social inferiority, is the only one who remains steadfast and dauntless until the very end–the two other women, plagued by guilt, loneliness, and jealousy of one another, are unable to offer assistance or even sympathy in their sister’s hour of need.

Her favorite movie heroine is Adèle H. performed by Isabelle Adjani. PS: L’Histoire d’Adèle H. aka The Story of Adele H. (1975) is a French film by François Truffaut. Synopsis: Halifax, 1863. A young woman, Miss Lewly, comes to Halifax to search for Lt Pinson, whom she is madly in love with. Actually, she is Adèle Hugo, the second daughter of the great French poet Victor Hugo. The Lt Pinson does not answer to her love and made her understand it is hopeless. But Adèle is obsessed by him and keeps chasing and harassing him. This film about passionnate and obsessive love, and self-destruction, has been written from real Adèle Hugo’s diary.

Eva prefers that people tell her she’s a good actress rather than she is beautiful.

Wheb someone says, “Oh my God, she is so beautiful,” Eva feels like the person is only talking about the exterior, “like it’s not real.”

Eva’s dream is to star in a new version of My Fair Lady (1964). She took singing lessons.

She has a dog: Griffin, a Scottish border terrier.

She admits to being very picky when it comes to accepting new roles.

She says her work method is very cerebral. “I like to know everything about the character I’m going to play. I try to get in contact with her conscience, with her way of being and behaving herself, then I add some of my own life experiences.”

Eva auditioned for a role in Roman Coppola’s Barbarella-style fantasy, CQ. “I was in a leather outfit with a blonde wig and I was jumping everywhere with a gun. I’ve never felt so ridiculous. I was terrible, I wasn’t picked.” Much to her surprise, the same casting director who had rejected her then called her back a year later to do a reading for the Bertolucci film. She was asked about politics, literature, and, more germanely, “whether I’d get naked for a film.” She did readings with Louis Garrel, met Bertolucci, and then went off to London for screen tests with Jake Gyllenhaal, who was originally cast as Matthew, but pulled out because he objected to the full frontal nudity. Green never had any such doubts. “It’s justified,” she says of the nudity. “It’s not gratuitous. It’s very pure – and not sick…. We are like animals, pure animals – young puppies that are free”.

She buys a lot of cookbooks.

Her favorite color is black. “It’s curious that because of that, of my fair skin and my dark hair, people only saw me in vampire films.”

If she weren’t an actress, she would like to be a cook. She likes to eat and she’s a good cook. In all the cities she goes to, she pays attention to the good restaurants, and where to buy wine.

She has a thing for black truffles.

Her first Hollywood crush was Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet. “I am a little embarrassed, but yes, I was a fan.”

Eva doesn’t like to talk about her private life, especially her love life. Her last known boyfriend is Kiwi actor Marton Csokas. They split around 2009-2010. They met while shooting Kingdom Of Heaven, in which he played Sibylla’s husband, Guy de Lusignan. But don’t expect Eva to give out many details about their relationship! The only thing that she has clearly stated during some interviews is that she indeed had a boyfriend, that he was an actor too, that he’s older than she is and that he’s a great guy, not the kind who asks “Have you really done that with him?”. She says he shares her projects and her hopes. They support each other. Previous to Csokas, Eva’s last reported boyfriend was French actor Yann Claassen, who was 10 years her senior and whom she dated for over 4 years.

When Eva was growing up, she wanted to be an Egyptologist. It started with a visit to the Louvre. For two or three years she even tried to learn hieroglyphics. She never wanted to admit to herself that she wanted to be an actress.

When Eva was about 16, she kind of “disguised” herself to go to school. “As a hindu, as a geisha, or as Nina Hagen. I matched my lips to my eyelids, which looked quite awful when I chose fluorescent green or purple! Because I dyed my hair raven-black, that I dressed in purple velvet with a boa, I scared people! When I look at the pictures from that time of my life, I say to myself that I would never have the courage to go out dressed like that nowadays, but well, it had something creative and theatrical to it.”

Eva’s natural hair color is a dark blond. She always dyes it.

She feels she’s more like herself as a brunette. She has the impression it expresses her “violence” better.

She is myopic.

Which talents would she like to have: “Eloquence and guts”.

Which words would she use to describe her the best: “Volunteer, obsessional, vulnerable, perfectionist. And double in a way that I surprise myself. I am wise, calm, strong on the outside, on one side, but agitated, silly and childish, on the other side.”

People say Eva’s a perfectionist, but she says she knows that perfection doesn’t exist.

Her first three films were all period films.

Her favorite photographer is Ellen von Unwerth, because, with her, models play a character, always glamorous and sensual, with lots of make-up. It’s like a game to pose for her.

She likes film noirs, in which women were femmes falates: Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich. “They had an aura, a mystery.”

Ridley Scott told her that she has an old soul and that she is going to be a great actress.

If she had a favorite type of men, it would be more like Liam Neeson instead of Orlando Bloom! Or Jeff Bridges.

Eva thinks a perfect man is the one who is able to understand and listen to a woman.

The first thing she’s attracted to in a man is his voice.

Her mother went to Morocco with her for the shooting of Kingdom Of Heaven,. She wrote her tales in the bedroom and Eva met her at night. She helped Eva to repeat her lines. She’s present, but not omnipresent.

Her mother went to the Bahamas and Prague with her for the shooting of Casino Royale too.

Eva is 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) tall according to

Eva often wears two unique rings. One is a silver skull and the other is a rather Egyptian-looking blue stone that is a fossilized beetle actually. She finds they calm her nerves, especially during interviews.

The place that is her Kingdom Of Heaven is Brittany in France. “It looks a bit like New Zealand. It can be quite cold. I love this place. It’s out of reality actually. Not too many people there.”

She loves walking in Paris, going to the movies and thinking of the movies, going to museums.

Eva collects sacred images. She bought some wonderful stuff in Hungary.

Her glamour icon is Cate Blanchett. She’s a true fan. “She’s my idol since Elizabeth. She has the aura of the ladies from the 1940s. Strong and fragile at the same time. When I see her perform, I get complexed.”

When does Eva feel the sexiest: “When I’m desired by the man I love, and during the first instants of a relationship.”

In February 2006, the last film she had seen that she liked was The Constant Gardener because “that’s a film that makes you think.” And also Walk The Line.

Of all the new “It-girls”, the one she likes the most is Bryce-Dallas Howard. “We can feel that she has a theatrical side to her. She’s a very unique girl. And, then, she has this mysterious thing…”

A sexy guy: “Joaquin Phoenix. He’s dark, tortured, rock’n’roll. Everything I like. But, then, in real life, he’s a nice and shy man. I’ve met him briefly just once.”

Her favorite designer is Jean-Paul Gaultier because he is “a bit gothic, ethnic, folk, and a bit crazy too.”

Her luck and bad luck clothes: “I’m a little superstitious. For castings, I use a black T-Shirt with long sleeves and a V-neck that brings me luck. And there’s also a black top, in crepe, that brings me bad luck. I wore it twice, two failures…”

Her favorite cities, besides Paris, are London and Berlin. She’s been living in London’s Primrose Hill for two years now (2006). “It’s very small, there’s only like one street with a park, like a small town. I also love Berlin. People are very nice and simple over there, and the guys are tall and handsome.” But Paris still comes first in her heart.

When Eva is in Paris, she likes to go to Porte de Clignancourt to look for old furniture, paintings.

Her favorite moment during the day is around 6 pm. “I have more time for myself. People stop calling me because of work… And, then, I go to bed early. I’m not a night bird at all.”

In her refrigerator, there’s always a bottle of red wine and cheese.

Eva says the worst thing a man can do while trying to seduce her is to make her drink. She likes wine with moderation, but, otherwise, she gets sick quite easily.

Eva doesn’t like the kind of trousers that let one see the belly. She thinks that it looks vulgar, even when the girl has a great body.

What kind of attitude isn’t glamour, according to Eva: “A girl who says five bad words in one single sentence.”

Eva says she is many things. She can be quite mad, and young, but she’s not the kind of person who goes out to nightclubs and goes crazy. She is more lying on her bed and listening to classical music to relax.

She’s often in black. But does she usually wear colours too? Eva thinks black is just easier. “You don’t have to bother because everything matches and you look thinner.” So, for her, it’s usually red and black.

Eva is a DVD fan. She loves all the bonus stuff. “I watch the interviews and love to see how the actors behave in real life, making jokes and things.”

She is scared of heights.

Eva admits she has a tendency to get “obsessive” about her parts. When shooting began in Prague for Casino Royale, she says she stressed out about not measuring up. “I want to get it right and I’ll repeat a phrase again and again. It has to sound perfect.”

Eva isn’t someone who saw all the Bond films, but she remembers seeing some on TV on Sunday nights when she was growing up. “It was pure fun. Very pleasant to see.” It was a family thing.

Her favorite Bond was Sean Connery before she met Daniel Craig – which Green describes as “so unusual for Bond, so dark and intense.”

Her favorite Bond girl is Pussy Galore (played by Honor Blackman) from Goldfinger (1964). “I love that name, I’ve seen her movie. It’s quite crazy and lesbian!”

At first, Eva didn’t want to audition for the part of Vesper Lynd because she didn’t want to play a bimbo. But after she read the script, Eva said that it would have been stupid not to want that part and that the script is one of the best she’s ever read. What she likes the most about it is the love story between Vesper and Bond and how her character is complex and mysterious.

After Casino Royale, Eva will co-star once again with Daniel Craig in The Golden Compass. But, this time, they won’t share any on-screen scenes.

She wore dresses from the Fall 2006 collection of Alexander McQueen at the London, Amsterdam and Beijing premieres of Casino Royale.

Her adolescence icon was Nina Hagen, especially for her way of wearing make-up. Eva has always liked to play with her looks, to disguise herself and to pretend to be different characters. So that makes total sense.

Her favorite food: pistou (a classic French sauce, made by pounding together basil, garlic, oil and sometimes cheese), pasta, foie gras, truffles.

Her first magazine cover ever (with her mother and her twin) was for Paris Match when she was only 2 months old.

In 2006, she lent her support to the latest Tickled Pink breast cancer awareness campaign.

Her London home was her first apartment. Eva admits she made a lot of mistakes while decorating it. At first, she bought huge pieces of furniture that one could use to decorate a castle! But then, she sold them and decided to rethink the decoration. Now, everything is fine. The walls are blue. There is Morroccan tapestry and Mexican religious paintings. She loves receiving guests and cooking, be it for her mom, her friends or her boyfriend.

Throughout her childhood Green left Paris to spend summer holidays as an exchange student in America, Britain and Ireland, polishing up her English.

Mme St Paul (from the Eva St Paul School) is still a mentor to Green; she still consults her for “reassurance” about all her roles. Her mom also helps her a lot. In fact, Eva thinks it’s very hard to work alone. She needs a point of view from the outside. She says that Mme St Paul and her mom complete each other. They give her confidence.

At her graduation ‘mock’ audition, she performed a part from Strindberg’s Miss Julie.

Eva currently lives in London, but when she goes to Paris, she sleeps in her teenage bedroom at her parents’ apartment.

Eva says she’s a “negative narcissistic”. She doesn’t have enough confidence in herself. She worries constantly about other people’s opinion.

She met Fernando Meirelles, the director of The Constant Garderner, but couldn’t take the part of Tessa Quayle due to a clash with Kingdom Of Heaven. Rachel Weisz won an Oscar in the role.

One of her trademarks are her beloved black boots.

Jacques Audiard and Olivier Assayas are two of the French directors she would like to work with.

She had the same nanny as French actress Laura Smet (daughter of actress Nathalie Baye and rocker/actor Johnny Hallyday) when she was little. Eva says that she can’t say they’re friends, but Laura is someone that she admires a lot. Eva thinks she’s strong, and that she handles the fact that she has two parents always in the media very well. She thinks Laura is talented and also a natural at what she does.

When Eva was younger, she was very shy. “I didn’t go out with boys. I wasn’t interested in dating. I felt like a spinster formatted to get good grades. I think I was infinitely too serious, too washed out. I had trouble finishing my sentences, expressing myself. I didn’t want people to look at me, because I lacked confidence in myself.” She thinks that playing characters allowed her to open herself to other people, to the world. She gained more confidence. Her feet are more grounded. She thinks it’s important to make choices. Career and life choices. Eva says that only the future will tell if the cinema saved her. However, she says she didn’t have much of a choice. Staying locked up limited too much her life. Being an actress helped her to feel better about things.

Her favorite Vesper Lynd outfit was a Gucci mac and black hat, “simple but elegant.”

Vesper’s purple dress in Casino Royale was designed by Roberto Cavalli. The black one was a creation by Versace.

She would love to play Lady Macbeth or Cleopatra on stage.

She required a stunt double in Casino Royale just to run upstairs. “I’m doing a lot of running in high heels. I did it once and almost broke a leg. The scene with me running away is a bit of me and a bit of my double.”

She and her twin sister weren’t allowed sugar until the age of 10. “I had sardines and vegetable snacks instead of biscuits, but I’m catching up now.”

Her favorite artists are Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

She listened to Tom Waits’s album Closing Time during the filming of Casino Royale.

Even though her father was born in Sweden, Eva had never been to his native country until she went there to promote Casino Royale in October 2006.

The scene that she had to act in her first audition with Daniel Craig for Casino Royale was the one in the train to Montenegro, when Vesper and Bond first meet. Then, they rehearsed the scene when Vesper refuses to give Bond more money for the poker tournament, at the balcony of Hotel Splendide.

On February 11th 2007, Eva won the Orange BAFTA Rising Star Award, which was voted by the public.

She was also the winner of the Empire award in the category Best Female Newcomer for Casino Royale.

Her dream is to live in a castle surrounded by dogs.

Eva is a very fine pianist, but didn’t write music for The Dreamers. That was a rumour that somehow has been repeated many times! She has composed sometime, but has no plans to score a movie.

She is the face of the Midnight Poison fragrance by Dior.

It’s Ridley Scott and his wife, a very good friend of John Galliano, who talked to him about Eva when she was filming Kingdom Of Heaven. When Eva finally met Galliano, she was expecting to see a “bullfighter” but she discovered a “very humble, reserved, sensitive, very English man.”

The filming of the Midnight Poison TV Spot directed by Wong Kar Wai took place at the Opéra Garnier in Paris for 4 nights (after midnight). “I play some kind of toxic plant, a blue rose, who can be both good and evil, like poison. It’s a very ethereal film, out of this world, with slow movements.”

What does she buy at duty free? She ends up spending a fortune on expensive make-up.

Her favourite city in the world is Berlin. She always has fun there.

Her favourite designers are the two Gs: Galliano and Gaultier.

Her two favourite restaurants are St John’s and Saki in Clerkenwell, both in London.

The most treasured item in her wardrobe is her black velvet Jean Paul Gaultier jacket.

Her favourite item of jewellry is a stunning men’s watch from Montblanc.

She collects Religious icons, but not necessarily expensive ones. She picks them up in markets. She found some in Portobello recently.

Her favourite party outfit is a red velvet Alexander McQueen that she wore for the premiere of Casino Royale.

Her favourite street market is Les Puces de Saint Ouen, Porte de Clignancourt, Paris. “There’s a jovial atmosphere, with people crowding round the stalls, hoping to find a bargain.”

She never travels without her contact lenses and a good book.

Eva doesn’t like seeing herself on the big screen. According to her, the problem is her voice. She has the impression that she’s acting, and that everyone can see it. She only sees her films once or twice, because she gets sick. In fact, she doesn’t know why it makes her so uncomfortable. Maybe because she thinks she’s not good enough.

The roles that she refuses are the ones that are a bit cliché. But, she says that we never know that will happen on screen! It’s very difficult to read a script. If the script is so so but the director is great, she signs immediately. But, she says that she doesn’t receive that many offers, or maybe it’s her agent who filters them first and she ignores it…

It’s a big advantage to have a mother who’s an actress (Marlène Jobert). Jobert understands that it’s a difficult job, that an actor depends on other people, that there’s a very masochist side to it. Her mother helps her by reading her dialogues with her. And it helps her mother with her English!

She talks less about her father because he’s more earthy than her mother. It’s more difficult to open up to him. He would have loved to see her inherit his dentist office, but it won’t be possible. However, he’s not upset or anything. He’s proud of his daughter.

She doesn’t know what she would have done if it didn’t work out for her as an actress. Maybe an English teacher?

She would have liked to live in the fourties. Of course there was the war and it was the downside of it. But she liked the glamourous side of the clothing. There was an elegance. She admits that she doesn’t make any real efforts in every day life. But, for special events, she likes to be extravagant, or to play a character. She isn’t a fashion victim. She likes Topshop. But when it comes to premieres, she loves Galliano’s Geisha collection.

She’s afraid of getting old and losing everyone that she loves. She’s afraid they’ll die.

She loves London because of all the green, the parks. She walks with her dog a lot. The restaurants are wonderful, better than in Paris. She’s crazy for food. She spends all her money with it. If she could, she’d eat foie gras at every meal.

Info collected and/or translated from several international articles and interviews. Written by, do not take without our permission.