New fan art, photoshoots, scans & more

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Fan Art > Drawings > Created by Deabru
Fan Art > Drawings > Created by Heath
Fan Art > Wallpapers > Created by Katie
Modeling > Dior > Midnight Poison > On the Set – 2007, thanks to Kev
Photoshoots > Gala (2007)/Hola (2008), thanks to Kev
Photoshoots > Ciné Live (2009), thanks to Fernanda
Photoshoots > Dazed & Confused (2011) (x1 new), thanks to Kev
Photoshoots > L’Officiel (2011) (x4 new), thanks to Kev
Magazines > Camelot Clippings – TV Magazine (France), thanks to Kev
Magazines > The Sun – January 9, 2012, thanks to Lorna
Magazines > Le Nouvel Observateur – March 31-April 6, 2012, thanks to Kev
Magazines > L’express Styles – March 28, 2012, thanks to Kev
Public Appearances > Montblanc De La Culture Arts Patronage Awards – December 1, 2011 (x3 replaced in HQ & x2 new)

Vanity Fair (USA) – April 2012

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Vanity Fair (USA) – April 2012

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are currently being featured in several magazines around the world. Not only don’t we have access to all of them, nor can we afford to buy all of them off Ebay, but we’re doing our very best. We’re trying to focus on magazines that include new photos & stills, interviews, articles, interesting tidbits about Eva Green and her character Angelique Bouchard. If you can help us with scans, please contact us.

GQ (UK) – May 2012

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GQ (UK) – May 2012, thanks to the wonderful Lorna

New Dark Shadows Promotional Shot

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Promotional Shots

Empire (UK) – May 2012

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Empire (UK) – May 2012, thanks to the wonderful Lorna

Dakota Blue Richards on Eva

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Her real enthusiasm is for French actress Eva Green, who played Serafina Pekkala, the flying witch queen, in the film. “She’s someone I look up to. I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she’s just so calm and collected and kind. And yet humble, and I think those are such endearing qualities, and yet at the same time she’s so talented.

“At the red carpet events, she’d pose for pictures and look such a movie star and then she’d turn round and … [Richards mimes sticking out her tongue]. I just loved it. It was like: completely be in that moment and be that person they want from you, and yet know at the same time that it’s all just silly.”

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‘Dark Shadows’ reinterprets a favorite show from its director’s and star’s youths

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There’s a night and day difference between the soundstages of Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” and his previous movie, “Alice in Wonderland,” and, no surprise, this is a filmmaker far more comfortable in the darkness.

The digital ambitions of “Alice” required numbing weeks of work in a green-screen chamber, and by the end of it Burton was desperate to get back to his roots — building a cinematic house and then haunting it with his unique brand of cemetery cabaret.

For “Dark Shadows,” an eccentric vampire romance starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green, he’s staged a minor one-man rebellion against CG imagery; the story has some digital effects, but where the script called for a Maine fishing town’s waterfront, circa 1972, Burton persuaded Warner Bros. and the film’s producers to build it on the back lot of England’s storied Pinewood Studios instead of on a computer screen.

“It’s so nice to come to work here — not everything is green,” Burton said last summer as he roamed the gothic, crushed-velvet trappings of the mansion that is home to Depp’s aristocratic bloodsucker, Barnabas Collins. “It’s a soap opera — or started as one — and that really means working with the actors. And the sets help everyone. And it’s just more fun.”

“Dark Shadows,” which arrives May 11, is a curious creature and an ongoing mystery. A trailer recently premiered to mixed reactions; its winking tone possibly suggested that the film is an elaborate goof on the overwrought “Twilight” movies, but actually, like so many Burton projects, this one is a fractured valentine to the pop-culture obsessions of his youth.
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Dark Shadows TV Spots

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New Dark Shadows Posters

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Warner Bros. sets release date for 300: Battle of Artemisia

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Warner Bros. has updated their release calendar, announcing 300: Battle of Artemisia (which is rumored to soon receive a new title) for August 2, 2013.

A sequel to Zack Snyder’s 300, in turn based on the graphic work by Frank Miller, will be directed by Noam Murro and is slated to star Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton and Jamie Blackley. The film is expected to tell, in part, the story of Greek General Themistocles, who lead Athens against Persian invaders in a battle that played out simultaneously with the Battle of Thermopylae (depicted in the first film).

Green plays the title role of Artemisia while Stapleton has been cast in the lead role. Blackley plays Calisto, who is inspired by his father to lead a band of soldiers to war.

The release date puts the film up against Columbia Pictures’ Smurfs 2 and Dean Parisot’s comic book sequel, RED 2.


Total Film (UK) – May 2012

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Total Film (UK) – May 2012

Are you an aspiring writer?

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I received an email from Ms. Elisa Favreau from StudioCanal today and this might be really interesting to many of you.

Are you an aspiring writer? This might be your chance! StudioCanal is looking for a brand new novel written by an unknown, unpublished writer. If you wrote an original, unique, interesting, captivating, well-written novel that’s not available on the interwebs or in print, keep reading. Plagiarism won’t be accepted! The novel must be original and you musn’t be a published writer. StudioCanal wants to encourage new writers. They want to adapt and eventually co-produce the best novel in partnerships with small independent production companies from the UK and Italy. Nobody is looking for the new Twilight!

If you think you have a chance, please submit your full name, place of birth, city of residence, resume, synopsis of your novel (they’ll probably receive many submissions that they’ll need to read a synopsis before reading the entire novel), your major inspirations behind the novel, favourite books and authors, what made you want to be a writer, and, finally, a pdf file containing your novel. By submitting your novel, you give you on rights to it, meaning that they’ll belong to the database of StudioCanal now. You may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. Languages accepted are English, French and Italian.

You must be older than 18.

Your deadline is up until June 1st, but, in case this is a success, the deadline can be extended.

The email you have to use is Elisa Favreau favreau.elisa [REMOVETHIS] @ [REMOVETHIS]

All legal stuff, payment and detailed info will be then discussed via them. I’m just passing the news forward.

Eva Green talks Dark Shadows with Total Film

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Dark Shadows released a trailer to near-unanimous applause yesterday, and if it has left you hungry to know more about Tim Burton’s latest, look no further than the new issue of Total Film magazine.

We went on set of the gothic soap opera, and you can read a full report in the new issue.

To tide you over though, here are some tidbits from our chat with Eva Green who makes her Burton debut as Angelique, one of the most seductive screen witches in some time.

On her character, Green told us: “Tim never real treated her like a ‘baddie’ baddie. She’s kind of a damaged character. I think I could identify with her because all the bad things she does comes from the incredible love she has for Barnabas, who broke her heart.

“She’s a great character: very sarcastic, very irreverent, a great, dark sense of humour. I called her a ‘ballsy Barbie’.”

And when we asked about working with Johnny Depp, Green said: “He’s a gentleman. He’s intense in a nice way – he has very intense eyes in this film. They see right through you.

“He’s not afraid of taking risks, you know… He’s not afraid about going over the top.”


More Dark Shadows images

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Promotional Shots
Promotional Stills
On the Set
Trailer Preview

Dark Shadows Trailer

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This looks like it’ll be a blast! I can’t wait for it to be released. Happy viewing!