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Congratulations to the winners of our first Penny Dreadful Twitter contest! @Giulia_Hepburn and @andrwscott won Vanessa Ives posters and @UghhhAri won a Dr. Victor Frankenstein poster.

We are finalizing the details of this weekend’s upcoming contest and will be posting them here for you soon. As mentioned in our first contest post, our second contest will also be Twitter-only. Please keep in mind that we will have future giveaways that everyone (site visitors, tumblr, Facebook and Twitter users) can enter and have chances to win.

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A big thank you to Sebastian, Annie, Claudia, Nicole and MissBilliePiper for the new additions. Enjoy!

Gallery link:
Sky Atlantic “Penny Dreadful” Photocall (London) – May 12, 2014

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Gallery link:
– Magazines & Newspapers > 2014 > Magazines & Newspapers > 2014 > TV Guide Magazine (USA) – May 5, 2014

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to promote RORY KINNEAR FAN, a fansite dedicated to British actor Rory Kinnear. He made his first appearance in episode 2 of Penny Dreadful, playing The Creature, and has recently won a Laurence Olivier Award for his on-stage work.

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Gallery link:
– Magazines & Newspapers > 2014 > TV And Satellite Week (UK) – May 17-24, 2014

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HD screencaps of Eva in episode 1.01 of Penny Dreadful entitled ‘Night Work’ have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions!

Gallery link:
1.01 Night Work

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Episode 2: Séance Sneak Peeks

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Some of these featurettes and trailers contain SPOILERS so watch at your own risk. You are welcome to post your comments on the pilot episode “Night Work” but please keep in mind that not everyone has seen it so please do not post any spoilers because they ruin the fun for everyone. You can, however, be subtle and allude to certain scenes, dialogue and characters but we ask you to not be specific.



Rest of Featurettes

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Thanks to @sho_penny, @SHO_PR and @MrShannonLanier for some of the new photos. We’ll be adding more as they become available. Enjoy!

EDIT: We’ve replaced many of the photos posted earlier today with higher quality versions and also added 97 brand new photos from the event. Many thanks to our good friend Nicole for many of the new additions!

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“Penny Dreadful” World Premiere – May 6, 2014

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We have all been invited to take part in the live tweeting that will be taking place tonight during the Penny Dreadful premiere! It’s only a few hours away, so be sure to hop on Twitter and submit your questions. Please be sure to use this format:

@sho_penny For [Insert Cast Member Name]: [Insert your question] #PennyDreadful

We will be tweeting live from the Penny Dreadful World Premiere this evening and want you to join in on the excitement! We’ll be gathering questions all day long to ask the cast/crew, so tweet any you have using #PennyDreadful. Then, follow along with @SHO_Penny on Twitter tonight to see if yours is answered!

We will also be re-posting the Pilot Sampling around 8:15PM and will be encouraging fans to watch along in real-time, as if they’re at the actual screening. More details below. Looking forward to chatting tonight!


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Gallery link:
– Magazines & Newspapers > 2014 > Empire (UK) – April 2014

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Gallery link:
– Magazines & Newspapers > 2014 > SFX (UK) – July 2014