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Photographer: Sébastien Micke
Shot on location at the La Terrasse Club by Albane in Cannes, France on May 27, 2017

D’après une histoire vraie (Based on a True Story) will open in French cinemas on November 1.
– Magazine & Newspaper Scans > 2017 > Paris Match – June 1-7, 2017

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EvaGreenWeb, its staff and the fans from around the world would like to wish Eva and her twin sister Joy a very happy and wonderful 37th birthday !! We wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, wisdom and the warmth of sunshine !

Feel free to leave your own birthday greetings (in English or French) for them on the comments section. You may mention your country. Kindly limit your message to 3 lines in consideration to other fans. For fans who wish to share their fan arts, kindly upload your fan arts to a third party hosting site and provide the link with your greetings. Thank you.

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Eva and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children got Teen Choice Awards nominations and it’s up to you to make them win!

For fans who reside in the 50 US states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, VOTE HERE.

For fans who lives outside the mentioned territories, you can cast your vote on Twitter by tweeting the following as much as you can until August 13:

My #ChoiceFantasyMovieActress is #EvaGreen!

My #ChoiceFantasyMovie is @PeregrinesMovie!

The 2017 Teen Choice Awards two hour LIVE event will air Sunday, Aug. 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), on FOX.

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The film will open in France on November 1st. International release dates to be announced.

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Eva had a busy day in Cannes yesterday. Her Saturday started with a 10:30am photocall session for D’ Après une histoire vraie (Based on a True Story), followed by a quick interview and an almost hour long press conference at 11:45am. She wrapped her day with a glamorous appearance at the red carpet with director Roman Polanski, co-stars Emmanuelle Seigner and Vincent Perez, composer Alexander Desplat and writers Delphine De Vigan and Olivier Assayas during the world premiere and Hors Compétition (Out of Competition) 6pm screening at the Grand Théâtre Lumière.

For the red carpet premiere, Eva was wearing Alexander McQueen’s silver sequin Shipwreck embroidery black tulle dress from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The dress features crashing waves made of embroidered silver sequins and a mixture of beads and finished with cascading bead and metallic fringes. Eva also wore heels from Rupert Sanderson and jewelry from Repossi (Serti Sur Vide earring and rings). She was styled by stylist Nicky Yates while her hair and make-up was done by Ken O’Rourke and Mary Wiles.

Based on a True Story will open on November 1st in France. International release dates to be announced.

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Eva Green has left the role of Virginia Woolf in Chanya Button’s Vita and Virginia. Miss Green will be replaced by actress Andrea Riseborough for the role of Virginia Woolf. Gemma Arterton will still play Vita Sackvile-West. Filming starts later in the summer.
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Roman Polanski’s Based on a True Story will screen Out of Competition by invitation only on May 27th (8:30 | 14:30 | 19:00) at the Grand Théâtre Lumière during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival. The film starring Eva Green and Emmanuelle Seigner will close the Hors Compétition category. D’après une histoire vraie has an official running time of 1 hour 50 minutes.

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It came to the attention of Eva that she has talented and imaginative fans who are also writers. Eva has manifested an interest in reading good complex intense intricate stories that feel unique and has a good, strong, complex female character with an elaborate back story who is not necessarily a femme fatale or someone she has played on screen or on stage before.

Eva Green Web will now start accepting literary works on behalf of her and her management. For more information on this project, kindly read through and strictly follow the guidelines and terms & conditions stated on this page.

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Here’s the first official still from Roman Polanski’s D’après une histoire vraie (Based on a True Story) starring Eva Green and Emmanuelle Seigner.

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Roman Polanski’s psychological thriller Based on a True Story (D’apres une histoire vraie) starring Eva Green, Emmanuelle Seigner and Vincent Perez has been selected to be part of the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival! The film, co-written by French director Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria, Personal Shopper) with Mr. Polanski will be screened Out of Competition.

Based on a True Story tells the story of the toxic relationship between a writer (Emmanuelle), whose life and mind are endangered by an obsessive admirer (Eva) as she goes through a tough period after the release of her latest book. The film is an adaptation of Delphine de Vigan’s critically acclaimed novel (winner of Prix Renaudot and Goncourt des Lyceens) of the same name.

Mars Distribution will release the film in France with Sony Pictures Classics obtaining its North American distribution, while Lionsgate will release it internationally. The annual Cannes Film Festival runs from May 17 to May 28, 2017.

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Read our EXCLUSIVE interview with Power:On founder Tristan Kochoyan below and learn more about this noble initiative!
You are the founder of Power:On, a startup on a mission to bring electricity to the remotest villages in Africa. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Ahah not sure how to answer that question, what do you want to know? I’m 30, born and raised in Paris, France… I like to solve difficult problems, do big things, and a lot of people think I am crazy for doing this. However this feels right because I always wanted to work on something that would help other people get a better life. It’s kind of a personal philosophy, I believe in giving back. I even wrote a Manifesto.
There are many kinds of philanthropy and a lot of philanthropists who has focused their humanitarian work in Africa and elsewhere have concentrated on solving food, water, shelter, education and healthcare initiatives. What made you choose electricity as your project?
When I first came to Benin, I was working in an NGO focused on education and microcredit. This is how I met Louise, I hired her as our employee. I only learnt about the electricity access crisis later, during an internship in a consulting firm in Paris. I felt this was a very big and interesting problem. 1.3 billion people in the world live without electricity. In 2017, this is insane. It’s not just about comfort. Living without electricity has extremely severe consequences, and it’s the root of countless issues that hinder social and economic development. Let’s take a very simple example. When you don’t have electricity, you have to use coal, kerosene lamps, candles to get light. The toxic fumes these fuels emit kill 76,000 people… per WEEK! That’s more than AIDS and malaria combined. This is not just about comfort, it’s life and death. I’m not even talking about the effect on education, poverty, etc. The home page of Power:On’s website is titled “Why Electricity” so you can learn more about that there. I also wrote an editorial to give a broader perspective on this issue.

Read More

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Eva Green has teamed up with Power: On to help bring electricity to the poorest villages in Africa. Over 1.3 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity. In Africa alone, 630 million people do not have access to this essential basic human need. Because of how technology has shaped the world, access to electricity has the power to change everything in one’s everyday life and future. Be one of the changemakers and add your voice and support for change, accessibility and equality.

Eva has narrated a special short film documentary directed by Antoine Bretillard which will be shown in advance on Monday 8pm Paris time, for early supporters of this noble initiative. If you wish to watch the short film and be one of the pioneer supporters of Power On, visit en.turnthepoweron.co and register with your email address.

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Eva surprised the wonderful kids of @allambieorphanage with goodies from Penny Dreadful and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children ! The kids loved it so much that they posed for photos. Thanks to Miss Suzanne Thi Hien Hook, Allambie Orphanage’s founder, for sharing the photos.

The Allambie Orphanage Vietnam, a UK registered charity, was set up in 2010 with the sole purpose to house, support and educate disadvantaged orphaned children within Vietnam. Its founder Suzanne Thi Hien Hook, a mixed raced (African American and Vietnamese) orphan herself, was abandoned by her mother and subsequently spent the first three years of her life in an orphanage in Saigon where she was mistreated not only because of her cultural heritage but also due to her abandonment.

In 2009, Suzanne visited an orphanage and connected with a child who was abandoned by her parents at the age of 7 years old. This young girl was in a large institute where she had been physically, sexually, emotionally abused and was denied the opportunity to go to school. The young girl’s dream was to go to school and become a tour guide. Shortly after returning to the UK, Suzanne made a life changing decision and in the span of six months, Suzanne sold all her worldly belongings, including her much loved shoe collection, and jumped on a plane with just a suitcase, laptop, and a vision to open up a safe house filled with love. This house is now known as the Allambie Orphanage. Suzanne rescued the young girl from the poor care conditions she was in. Five years on, this young girl is healthy, happy and will be graduating from tourism management college. She has a family, love, care, support and continues to prosper. With the help of Allambie, she has achieved her dream. Over the last five years, Suzanne has single handedly built an orphanage that’s supporting and caring for 9 children who continue to prosper and enjoy and achieve in life.

Eva has been a great supporter of The Allambie Orphanage for years and if you would like more information on how you could make a difference and help Suzanne continue in making her home a place of love and opportunities, please visit www.allambie.co.uk.

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Today is EvaGreenWeb’s 13th year anniversary and Eva surprised us with a recorded greeting, a lovely message and an adorable funny selfie !!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our family sites, affiliates, content contributors and staffers through the years. Your loyalty, support and contributions for the betterment of this website and its affiliates is deeply appreciated and valued.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all our visitors and followers who continue to trust and follow us. Your unfaltering passion and unabashed candor makes the Eva Green fandom a fun, open and giving community.

A big thank you also goes to Miss Green’s management for always being gracious to us.

Lastly, to Eva and Joy, thank you for your kindness, friendship and fun surprises ! You two are the sweetest, most affectionate, considerate and sincere women to get to know and look up to. You make everything worth it. Keep being you.

With love and sincerity,
M, Stef, G, Eden and Jackie