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Films starring Keira Knightley, George Clooney, Carey Mulligan, Colin Firth and Hilary Swank will be featured at this year’s London Film Festival.

The 54th BFI London Film Festival will screen 197 feature films and 112 shorts and will showcase 11 world premieres during its 16-day run.

Events will include the European premiere of Sir David Jason’s directorial film debut, All The Way Up, about a businessman whose life changes when he meets a hotel bell-boy.

The veteran Only Fools And Horses star agreed to forgo a salary to work on the film after being impressed with the script.

Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go, an adaptation of the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro starring Knightley, Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, is opening the event with an appearance by its stars on the red carpet, while Danny Boyle’s mountain climbing drama 127 Hours will close the festival, as previously announced.

Galas and special screenings include The King’s Speech, starring Firth as King George VI alongside Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter; Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, featuring Natalie Portman, and Mike Leigh’s comedy drama Another Year.

Freida Pinto appears in the Julian Schnabel film Miral while Swank plays a single mother who puts herself through law school in Conviction, both being shown at the festival.

Other films include The American, a thriller starring George Clooney, and Womb, a love story with “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith and French actress Eva Green.

The 54th BFI London Film Festival, in partnership with American Express, runs from October 13 to 28.

Source: The Press Association

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  • Envy (France) – March 18-24, 2010 –> thanks to kev
  • InStyle (UK) – August 2010 –> thanks to Lorna and Elmira

    I’ll be adding more scans from 2010 in the next couple of days. 😉

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    It proved an enchanting evening for soprano Celine Byrne as she strolled on to the stage with one of the world’s most famous tenors.

    The Naas-born singer shared the bill with Catalan tenor Jose Carreras as the 17th century gardens of Kilruddery House in Bray, Co Wicklow, played host to a rapt audience of more than 5,000 people.


    BAFTA-winning French actress Eva Green, currently filming Camelot in Wicklow and who starred in Bond film Casino Royale, turned a few heads as she was escorted to her seat. As dusk fell on the Sugarloaf the first strings of the orchestra began to swell.


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    Hello all! After being extremely busy with offline life (in fact, I still am), then taking a well deserved break, I’m back from my “hiatus”. I’ll be uploading some Womb stills very soon as well as new and old scans that have been sitting on my hard disk.

    I’d also like you to give a warm welcome to my friend Roberta who’ll be joining me here at Eva Green Web. In fact, she’s not new to the site. She co-ran EGW with me when it first went online, but had to leave due to personal reasons. She remained a very good friend,  a fan of Eva and a frequent visitor. So, please, welcome her back after 4 years and make her feel at home here!

    We’ll be revamping the site, working on a new layout, working on the contents, and adding new DVD and Blu-ray screencaps. Of course, it won’t happen overnight. So please be patient.

    Thank you for the continued support and visits to this website. If you happened to email me recently, don’t think I’m ignoring you. I simply didn’t have the time to read all my emails yet. I’ll get there, eventually.

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    Eva Green was spotted walking to her trailer wearing a veil, chatting to executive producer, Morgan O’Sullivan.

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    Taking a very well deserved break.

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    In a ‘Web Exclusive’ Vanity Fair magazine listed The Top 10 Most Stunning French Actresses – among them Eva Green, of course.

    Name: Eva Green.
    Age: 29.
    At her most stunning … in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers (2003), loafing around a fabulous Parisian apartment naked, embroiled in an incestuous threesome as the May 68 riots rage in the streets below. Ah, Paris…

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    Camelot was never this raunchy! King Arthur’s a swordsman par excellence — with the ladies, that is — in the new ten-part TV series Camelot.

    The show, from the makers of The Tudors, starts shooting next month on location in Ireland, with Eva Green as sorceress Morgana la Fay, Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere.

    Joseph Fiennes is in the early stages of negotiations to play Merlin.

    The producers claim that the drama is based on Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur.

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    Big thanks to Lorna and Elmira! 😀

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    Big thanks to Lorna! 😀

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    Sensuelle, ténébreuse, mystérieuse, sublime, Eva Green ne laisse pas indiférent… Bien au contraire.

    Et le magazine Envy ne s’est pas trompé en allant interviewer la belle à Londres, où elle y mène désormais sa “vie de femme”. Dans les colonnes du journal, elle se dévoile et révèle quelques traits de sa personnalité qui concourent à lui donner une image troublante…

    Même si son visage et son regard perçant ne passe pas inaperçus et charment la plupart des hommes, elle jure pourtant que personne ne la reconnaît dans la rue. Et même sa célébrité ne lui sert pas à obtenir de passe-droit : “J’ai même essayé de me faire surclasser pour voyager : ça ne marche pas !” En cause ? Sa vie “ni fashion ni tumultueuse”…

    Adepte du cinéma indépendant, elle reconnait cependant qu’il faut “faire quelques films à gros budgets qui rapportent de l’argent comme le James Bond, Casino Royale” dans lequel elle séduisait un Daniel Craig de marbre. Pourtant, la fille de Marlène Jobert cache une timidité qui lui fait perdre ses moyens lors des castings. Une épreuve nécessaire pour exercer ce métier d’actrice un peu particulier, qui lui a permis de tourner avec Ewan McGregor : “Il faut être un peu malade pour le faire, parce qu’on est sans cesse remise en question. Et ça, ça fait souffrir”. Mais Eva Green aime souffrir… et il lui “faut sortir de ce cercle vicieux” confesse-t-elle.

    Auquel cas, elle pourrait “finir à l’asile” : “J’ai beaucoup d’assurance et à d’autres (moments), je panique et fais des crises d’insécurité. C’est extrême et je n’arrive pas à concilier ces deux personnes”. Des révélations intimes qui peuvent surprendre alors qu’elle confiait il y a peu de temps vouloir rester mystérieuse…

    Et l’une de ces deux personnes voue notamment une passion sans bornes à la taxidermie ! Eva Green est subjuguée par les insectes épinglés et sous verre. Récemment, elle s’est rendue chez Deyrolle, mythique maison de taxidermie parisienne depuis 1831 où elle y a acquis une chouette ! “Ma mère est horrifiée chaque fois que j’y vais. Ca fait très famille Adams, non?”

    Eva Green en Mercredi, ça vous dit ?