February 23rd, 2009   M. Gallery 27 Comments

Many thanks to Franziska for sending me exclusive scans from Vanity Fair Germany! What a nice surprise to find the scans in my mailbox! :)

The interview is the same that was published by Vanity Fair Italy last January.

February 20th, 2009   M. Rumours 6 Comments

Eva’s management say that they’ve heard about the project, but there’s no discussion at the moment about Eva.

February 19th, 2009   M. Movies 3 Comments

Still have no idea what Gerald McMorrow’s “Franklyn” is really about? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The whole Preest/masked vigilante plot in a future London makes it sound like something along the lines of “V For Vendetta”, but then there’s a whole other angle set in contemporary London, and involves a jilted groom, a suicidal artist, and a priest in search of his missing son. Very confusing. The only thing I can be sure of is that it should look really, really good. And on a budget, no less.

ScreenDaily.com has seen the movie, and says this about it:

Set partially in a futuristic place called Meanwhile City, where the feeling is baroque Bladerunner, and also in present-day London, Franklyn’s biggest stumbling block is that it waits too long to connect the plotlines and pushes the viewer perhaps too hard for forbearance on the way there. For a sci-fi crowd, the V For Vendetta or Dark City audience, this won’t pose too big a problem, but Franklyn’s commercial prospects are cult-level, at least theatrically. Having Ryan Philippe in the lead role would perhaps augur better if he wasn’t shrouded in a hood for most of the proceedings, a very strange choice indeed.

There are no Stateside release dates for the film as of yet.

Starring Eva Green, Ryan Philippe, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill, Art Malik, and Susannah York. Director Gerald McMorrow makes his feature film debut.

Source: SciFiCool.com

February 18th, 2009   M. Movies 5 Comments

@ Empire

Thanks to evafan for the heads-up!

I’ll be adding screencaps soon. 😉

February 17th, 2009   M. Movies 3 Comments

Brit flick Franklyn is his first post-divorce movie, and filming in Britain on the low-budget independent picture allowed him to escape from the Hollywood microscope, while staying in touch with his son and daughter via webcam.

He stars alongside Bond girl Eva Green in a Twilight Zone-style thriller, where he plays a masked detective on the run in a mysterious futuristic world. Originally the role was supposed to be filled by Ewan McGregor.

“It’s really like nothing else you’ve ever seen,” he says. “That’s the kind of stuff I try to find. It’s really original. The closest description I can come up with is Batman meets Magnolia.”

February 12th, 2009   M. Gallery, Interview 19 Comments

Today I bring you scans from the January 24th 2009 issue of Madame Figaro. This issue was a Travels Special. And Eva was interviewed and photographed especially for it in China!

February 11th, 2009   M. Movies 15 Comments

Even the makers of Franklyn, the “British Blade Runner”, struggle to tell our correspondent what it’s about

Kevin Maher

It’s late at night on the cobbled winter streets of East London, and the cast and crew of the ambitious new Britflick Franklyn are struggling with semantics. “It’s a somewhat arty philosophical science fiction romance thriller,” says the film’s 29-year-old star Sam Riley, hands deep in raincoat pockets, tongue only half in cheek, as he describes his first film since playing Joy Division’s Ian Curtis in the award-winning Control. But Franklyn, whose filming is due to culminate this very night in a side street shoot-out and rain-soaked reconciliation, is proving impossibly difficult to explain, to distil or to quantify.

February 9th, 2009   M. Movies 23 Comments

— Thanks to Miss Green’s management for keeping us posted on the veracity or not of her projects: “Variety do jump the gun a bit sometimes! Eva hasn’t technically signed as yet, it’s nearly there and she has agreed to star in principal. It’s very close, due to start shooting next week!” They’ve also kindly sent me the “Womb” Press Release that you can read here. And let me confirm this once and for all, “Franklyn” comes out on Feb 27th in the UK. —

Eva Green has signed to star in the futuristic drama “Womb,” Hungarian helmer Benedek Fliegauf’s first English-language film.

Produced by Roman Paul and Gerhard Meixner of Berlin-based Razor Film (“Waltz With Bashir”) and Andras Muhi of Inforg Studio Budapest, pic tells the story of a grieving widow, played by Green, who decides to clone her late husband. Matt Smith (who has been tapped to replace David Tennant in the BBC’s “Dr. Who”) co-stars.

Cedomir Kolar and Marc Baschet of Paris-based ASAP Films, ZDF/ Arte and Arte Cinema are co-producing the film.

Fliegauf, who won a Golden Leopard in Locarno in 2007 for his experimental pic “Milky Way,” will begin production on the film in March on the North Sea coast.

“‘Womb’ is one of the most touching and impressive love stories we have read in recent times,” said Michael Weber, managing director of the Match Factory, which is handling international sales on the pic.

Source: Variety

February 7th, 2009   M. Gallery, Interview 14 Comments

Some new old scans for our “Return to the Past” series. 😉

Marlène Jobert was due in 80 days when she gave this interview to Paris Match.

February 5th, 2009   M. Gallery, Interview 46 Comments

Thanks to the wonderful Lorna for the scans!!! 😀

PS: The two missing pages are new in the gallery.

February 4th, 2009   M. Gallery 15 Comments

Before I continue with the “Return to the Past” series, here’s a gorgeous scan of a grow-up Eva from the time of the “Kingdom of Heaven” promotion.

February 2nd, 2009   M. Interview 8 Comments

French actress Eva Green has blown open the Gallic myth that English men lack that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

The Bond girl, who lives alone in her adopted home town of London, said she’s more than willing to give Blighty’s finest a chance.

‘The cliché of the Englishman – quite uptight, the head not quite connected to the body – I’ve found generally to be untrue,’ the 28-year-old said.

But she added her steamy scene with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale didn’t really float her boat.

‘We tried our best to make it look convincing but it’s a long way away from real kissing,’ she told GQ magazine.

Source: Metro (new photo there)

February 2nd, 2009   M. Gallery 4 Comments

More exclusive scans from the past!

February 1980: Marlène Jobert had just found out that she was expecting twins and she was very excited about it! She said it was amazing to be pregnant with twins at 37. She said that very often only children always had problems but at the same time if she didn’t get pregnant with twins, she probably wouldn’t get pregnant a second time. She took a while before deciding to be a mother. Her fiance, Walter Green, wanted a child but she hesitated. And then, she went for it. She decided to “dive”. The former French actress said she was in the fresh water of serenity. She said her ideal would be to have a boy and a girl. She jokingly said she’d name them “Tristan and Isolde” or “Paul and Virginie”. But in fact she wasn’t worried about the gender of her babies. She already knew they were going to be non-identical though. Twins were quite common in the Jobert family! Marlène has non-identical twin sisters: Michèle and Christiane (they’re photographed together). And her maternal grandfather also had a twin brother! We can also see a very young Elsa with her aunt.

January 31st, 2009   M. Media 7 Comments

The calendar wallpaper for the upcoming month is available in the Fan Art section. A big thank you goes out to mata as usual! :)

January 29th, 2009   M. Gallery 10 Comments

Thanks to our very own Tango_down, we now have an exclusive scan from the recent Elle France article featuring “A Day with Eva Green”. :)

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