January 13th, 2009   M. Gallery, Interview 15 Comments

Many thanks to the sweet Francesca and Olga for sending in scans from Vanity Fair Italy and Russian clippings from when Eva last went to Moscow.

Thank you!!! :)

EDIT: Francesca sent me today the missing page from Vanity Fair Italy with a brand new Eva interview. Be sure to check it out because it’s a very good one!

Highlights: (George, I translated it myself.)
– Eva mentions this crazy store in New York called Evolution where they sell skeletons, fossils and insects. She says that she bought some of her favourite things there: framed butterflies and insects of all different kinds. “They’re very beautiful.”
– She considers her most precious thing to be her London apartment. It’s not about the price itself. She filled it with Chinese and Indian furniture. She admits that maybe she exaggerated a bit, because she’s been told that one has the impression to be inside a temple, but she likes it that way. She says she’s not rich to afford big luxuries, but that she likes to buy things for her apartment. She also likes to go to Chinese restaurants. She confesses she’s not the best cook around, so when she invites friends for dinner, it makes taking them out to a restaurant and paying for their meals.
– She doesn’t feel like her career slowed down after Casino Royale. On the opposite. She considers the Bond experience a blessing. She says that she’s “difficult”, that she doesn’t do films just for the sake of doing films. So she wanted to wait a bit until she received two great scripts: Franklyn and Cracks.
– When asked if she doesn’t think that everything would be easier if she didn’t start in a Bertolucci film, she answers that she didn’t choose to debut with Bertolucci. She didn’t even believe when she was told she got the part of Isabelle.
– When asked what she’d do if she was told that the highlight of her career is already in the past, she says that she’d probably kill herself. Or that maybe she’d go live in a place full of animals, like her twin sister did with her horses in Normandy. “You know, she married an Antinori, very chic (she winks).” But if she could choose the animals, she’d choose monkeys instead. “But, anyway, we can’t predict the future, and it’s better that way.”
– When asked if it’s true that she calls her dog Griffin “her husband”, she answers that it’d be sad if it were true. She says that she made a joke during an interview and that they took her too seriously.
– Vanity Fair tells her that one doesn’t expect a “dark lady” to be ironic. Eva replies that this “dark lady thing” was created by the press only because she likes to wear black makeup around her eyes. She says that she has a bright side and a dark side, like everyone else. She’s aware that the fact that she played complex characters didn’t help. But, when going to this specific interview, she saw Tropic Thunder on the plane, with Ben Stiller, and she thought that she’d like very much to do a film like that. She received some offers, but there’s a lot of competition among actresses. One has do do lots of auditions and in the end nothing happens. “It’s not like in the past when a director thought about his film building the character around the actress that he wanted to work with.”
– Then they ask about her boyfriend, the actor Marton Csokas, and how they deal with the distance, considering that he lives in Australia. Eva replies that they’ve been together for 3 years and that their relationship was a long-distance one for a while, but that they live together in London now. The advantage of a long-distance relationship, according to her, is that they didn’t know what routine was. But that the downside is that after a while, you start to feel bad because the other one isn’t around.
– Vanity Fair says that the distance isn’t good for the jealousy. Eva answers that she’s not particularly jealous. She has that healthy fear of losing someone she loves that everyone else does, but she manages to keep it under control without it becoming an obsession.

January 10th, 2009   M. Movies 13 Comments

HanWay Films have exposed the international trailer of ‘Franklyn’, the thriller fantasy about four strangers whose lives are intertwined by fate, romance and tragedy.

Source: Aceshowbiz

January 9th, 2009   M. Gallery, Movies 13 Comments

Thanks to Eva’s management, I can now confirm “Franklyn” will be released in the UK on 20th February. So, yes, the release date was postponed. I will let you know if I hear of any other European release dates. So in case you were planning to travel to London to watch the film, please reschedule your trip!

There are no projects as yet confirmed for this year.

PS: Evgeney, once again I have to tell you, we are not Eva Green!

Last but not least, here’s a new shot from “Franklyn” featuring the lovely Sam Riley and Eva Green:

January 7th, 2009   M. Gallery 46 Comments

January 3rd, 2009   M. Movies 19 Comments

“Franklyn” opens in the UK on January 30, 2009 and Sam Riley is already promoting it.

Here is interviewed in this Sunday’s Daily Mail and talks about “Franklyn” and working with Eva Green. There’s also a new still from it, which shows Sam with James Faulkner:

After the red carpets of New York, Cannes and Hollywood, he moved to Berlin to be with his girlfriend, the German actress Alexandra Maria Lara. He turned down several leads and waited months before signing up for sci-fi film Franklyn.

‘After Control I was offered a lot of lead roles as more suicidal young men,’ he says. ‘The answer was always, “No”.

‘I did Franklyn for the simple reason that it was good. A great story, a great script and something completely different, it has this incredible unexpected twist that merges two completely different worlds together. I loved it.’

The film is an otherworldly thriller romance.

‘There isn’t any film out there like Franklyn,’ says Riley. ‘I love the idea that you don’t know what’s real or not, and the whole idea that the film doesn’t have any of the usual love scenes – a relationship that’s just incredibly romantic was so different.’

It seems strangely unbelievable that after Control Riley would shun Hollywood. But Riley clearly likes to do the unexpected.


The buzz for Franklyn, which stars Eva Green and Ryan Phillippe, has already started.

‘It was massively important for me to play a second lead,’ says Riley. ‘I’m new, I’m learning. It’s the way you do it if you want to do it right. Eva was amazing to work with, she has this incredible energy and confidence.

‘But the biggest thing for me was to watch these two guys on set. Franklyn was massive learning curve for me. It’s not a film you can explain, you just have to see it. The look of it is unbelievable.’

Sam Riley in Franklyn

December 30th, 2008   M. General 8 Comments

In the September 2008 issue of InStyle Spain, María Valverde (official website can be viewed here) talks very briefly about “Cracks”:

“She talks excitedly about ‘Cracks’, Jordan Scott’s first long feature film. She was the only Spaniard in the cast, the filming took place in English — in England and in Ireland — and the gorgeous Eva Green was among her co-stars. ‘It was my first experience that’s close to Hollywood’, she says. ‘Because of the technical means, the silence, the way of filming… Spectacular!'”

December 29th, 2008   M. General 15 Comments

Dear loyal Eva Green Web visitors and Eva Green fans:

May all the dreams in your eyes, all the desires in your heart and all the hopes in your life blend together, to give you the most spectacular New Year ever.

Happy 2009!!!

Last but not least, the January 2009 Calendar Wallpaper is already in the Fanart Gallery. Credit goes out as usual to the lovely and amazing mata!

December 26th, 2008   M. Gallery 15 Comments

We want to say a big thank you to Marlène for sending in a scan from the Reporters Sans Frontières Book. This book is a compilation of portraits of 100 stars for the freedom of the press. While Eva’s photo isn’t new and was taken in 2004, we definitely appreciate Marlène‘s kind contribution! :) And new or old Eva photos and articles are always welcome. 😉

December 21st, 2008   M. Gallery 16 Comments

I’m back bringing you a gorgeous and fun photoshoot taken the night of the BIFAs. Eva isn’t vampy in it, but goofy and funny. And the session has a Christmas vibe to it, right? So it’s very appropriate for this time of the year. 😛

Our lovely mata and I are thinking about using it as the next gallery header… 😉

December 20th, 2008   M. Gallery 17 Comments

I’m slowly getting back to “normal life”, but Holidays Season is never like normal life, right? So please bear with me! I have to read plenty of emails and try to get back on track! Thanks for the emails, support, contributions! :)

So… did you miss me much? 😉

In the meantime I’ve added a scan from Madame Figaro Russia scanned by deydi and sent in by Elmira.

December 15th, 2008   M. Interview 13 Comments

Franziska was lovely enough to send us a link to a Swiss article in which Eva says that she loves Switzerland and wants to buy a farm there after she retires from acting. Unfortunately Franziska is too busy to provide a full translation. But Maria from Magnifique Marion Cotillard was a sweetheart and translated it for us!!! Thank you Maria!! :)

PS: If anyone has the Reporters Sans Frontières book please send in a scan to share with other fans! :)

In Casino Royale she was still in love with James Bond. Now however actress Eva Green has fallen hard for Switzerland.

Elegant wardrobe, carefully (elaboratively?) coiffed hair, deep black mascara: the woman who is sinking into a dark leather sofa of a Genevian jeweller establishment comes across as mysterious and very very sensual.

December 12th, 2008   M. Interview 33 Comments

Eva was present at the official opening of the Montblanc store in Geneva.

She’s also preparing for an important audition next Monday in London!

Exclusive interview and new photo here.

December 4th, 2008   M. General 25 Comments

Mina sent an email to let us know that there’s a pic of Eva in the Reporters Sans Frontières Book.

December 1st, 2008   M. General 39 Comments

My dear friends and visitors. Do not worry because your emails are probably in my mailbox. :) I’m still on my break and only updated yesterday because it was a brand new event so I wanted to provide a full coverage. 😉 Thank you for the emails, collaborations, visits, comments and continued support! :) The EGW “family” rocks! 😉

December 1st, 2008   M. Interview 31 Comments

Eva was featured in the supplement La Tribune & Moi of the French newspaper La Tribune from last November 28th.

Here’s the interview in French:

— Eva Green une perfectionniste au parfum —

James Bond Girl dans Casino Royale, Cendrillon gothique sous la houlette de Wong Kar Wai pour Dior, Eva Green ne fantasme pas sur Hollywood. Du haut de ses 28 printemps et de ses huit films, installée à Londres, Paris lui manque. Et Despleschin la fait rêver.

Pour beaucoup de Français vous incarnez la réussite.
J’ai eu beaucoup de chance. Ce métier est assez instable. On dépend tellement du regard et du désir de l’autre, que je m’attends toujours à ce que cela s’arrête. C’est un peu les montagnes russes. Je suis d’une nature perfectionniste, insatisfaite, je me dis que je peux toujours faire mieux.

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