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GK-tv presents first international screening of “Camelot” series in association with Starz Entertainment

PARIS, Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — 4-7 April 2011, Palais des Festivals, Cannes — After a highly successful launch at MIPCOM 2010, the second edition of the World Premiere TV Screenings aims big again with the international premiere of Irish-Canadian major co-production “Camelot” on the opening evening of MIPTV 2011, Monday 4 April, in Cannes, France.

GK-tv President Craig Cegielski brings the new, eagerly-awaited tale of the legendary King Arthur “Camelot” to Cannes for an exclusive international presentation at MIPTV’s 2011 World Premiere TV Screenings event.

“Camelot” stars Joseph Fiennes (Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love) and Eva Green (Kingdom of Heaven, Casino Royale) will light up the Cannes MIPTV Premiere. The first two episodes of the GK-tv and Starz Entertainment series will be screened in the Palais des Festival’s Grand Auditorium, followed by an exclusive Q&A with the cast. Immediately following that evening, the stars of “Camelot” will walk the red carpet at MIPTV’s Opening Cocktail Party at the Carlton Hotel.

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Big thanks to Sarika for the screen captures! 😀

The Perfect Sense > Trailer

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Thanks to everyone who helps me with links and such in the comments section and/or via email. 🙂

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The official Camelot website is now live!

Big thanks to Sarika for the screen captures! 😀

I’d also like to inform you that Roberta has left the site again. She has other priorities in her life, but I thank her for the time she devoted to this site and wish her good luck in everything she sets her heart on. She’s gone, but she’s not not forgotten. 🙂

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Camelot > Trailer
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Eva attended the ‘Camelot’ panel. 😀

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Added 377 Blu-ray captures of Eva in Franklyn:

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Thanks to Elmira Asainova and Chini, we have new scans from this month from both Vogue (India) and In Touch (Spain).

• Magazines > Vogue India – December 2010
• Magazines > In Touch Spain – December 15, 2010

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Eva Green and her mother, former actress and author Marlène Jobert, have recently posed together for the 30 years of Madame Figaro. What a gorgeous photoshoot! And what a great gene pool! 😀

• Family & Young Eva > 30 years of Madame Figaro (2010)

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Check out the very first still of Eva in The Perfect Sense, co-starring Ewan McGregor:

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French actress Eva Green captivated onlookers in Paris yesterday evening when she attended the opening of her aunt’s photo exhibition in Paris where she wore jewellery from Montblanc.

The former Bond-girl was seen at the exhibition, called Green, wearing three rings from Montblanc’s 4810 Classic collection, each in either red, white or yellow gold and set with diamonds and a pair of earrings from the Star collection, made in silver and onyx.

The subject of the exhibition, which was held at the Galerie Catherine Houard, was the actress’s aunt, Marika Green, who has put together a series of 100 photographs tracing the history of four generations of the family. The exhibition runs until December 25 in Paris and then will travel the world with stops in Vienna and Zurich.

• Public Appearances: Montblanc Green Exhibition

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Thanks to Tara, Astrea and Sarika for the heads-up. 🙂

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    Added 771 Blu-ray captures of Eva in Jordan Scott’s Cracks:

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    Al Pacino has set financial thriller “Arbitrage” as his next film. He’ll star opposite Eva Green and Susan Sarandon.

    Writer-director Nicholas Jarecki is set to start principal photography in Gotham next spring.

    Michael Ohoven (“Capote”) is producing and financing through his Infinity Media banner. Kevin Turen and Robert Salerno also are producers.

    Lisa Wilson’s Parlay Films, an affiliate of GK Films, is selling international rights and will debut the project at the American Film Market. ICM is repping North American rights.

    Laura Bickford (“Traffic”) and Brian Young (“The Runaways”) are exec producing the pic.

    “Arbitrage” stars Pacino as a hedge fund magnate who is in over his head and desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire to a major bank before his fraud is revealed. But an unexpected, bloody error forces him to turn to the most unlikely corner for help.


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    The new Starz original series Camelot, expected to air in the Spring of 2011, is an epic period drama with a talented cast that includes Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, Eva Green as Morgan, Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere. This 10-episode production takes a fresh approach to the powerful story of the legendary King Arthur, weaving it with the authenticity of the most classic medieval tale of all time.

    During a recent interview, series star Joseph Fiennes and writer/showrunner Chris Chibnall talked about bringing this epic story to life in a fresh way, setting things up so that they can continue telling the story for multiple seasons and how being on Starz allows them to explore all aspects of the characters and story.


    Chris, can you talk about how you assembled the rest of this cast?

    CHIBNALL: That’s really the great joy of the series. We’ve got Eva Green doing her first television series. We’ve got a wonderful Arthur in Jamie Campbell Bower, who is a really terrific actor. We’ve got Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere. We’ve got some great guest stars coming in. We’ve got Fitz Regan, Sinéad Cusack and Sebastian Koch, from The Lives of Others. When it comes down to it, this is a show with an amazing ensemble, and my job is to keep feeding them and let them do great stuff. The caliber of acting in this show is something I’m really proud of and shall try and take as much credit for as possible, even though it’s down to the actors.

    What is Merlin’s relationship with Morgana in this?

    FIENNES: They dance around the position of who’s going to be king of the hill, in terms of the negotiation and the attainment of power. We’ll see that dance play out historically. Morgana was the daughter of King Uther, who was the right-hand man. So, their relationship has history, and we’ll see exciting stuff develop between the two of them, and see who feels they should have that position of power.

    CHIBNALL: Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of contact between Merlin and Morgan, which is what we call her. There are going to be a lot of battles. It’s a story of a guy and his half-sister, who both have equal claims to the crown, throne and the realm. She’s denied because she’s a woman, so Merlin brings Arthur to the crown and she’s going to resent Merlin’s actions, which will play out through the season. They will have a lot to do with each other because putting Joe with Eva on screen is one of the great joys of this show.


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    Please have in mind that there’s no official word on it yet.

  • Benoît Jacquot is assembling an all-star cast for his adaptation of Chantal Thomas’ Les Adieux à la Reine (Farewell, My Queen). Just three names on the list so far, but they work well as survey of venerable French cinema actors: elder statesman Gerard Depardieu; in-demand young star in Lea Seydoux; and sometimes-I-forget-she’s-French crossover queen, Eva Green. I can smell the Cesars from here.

    From what I’ve read of Thomas’ novel, it seems that Eva Green will be playing Marie Antoinette, and Lea Seydoux a reader to the queen who bears witness to the fall of the Bastille.

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