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New month, new calendar wallpaper! A big thank you to my good friend Mata, as usual! We used gorgeous unseen before outtakes from Tatler. The photos are gorgeous!!! But, as you know, we don’t post photoshoots here.

I’ve also been pretty busy with offline life, so I haven’t been around much. And I don’t know until when things will be like that. But fear not, there’s not much going in EvaGreenLand at the moment so you’re not missing anything. Thank you all for keep on being such great visitors and Eva fans!

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Thanks to Mia! 😀

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Thanks to Lorna! 😀

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“Eva Green turned up at the event at the London Film Museum looking stunning in a black patterned dress where she also presented the award for best film. […]We think Eva looked amazing with her 20s style hair and the orange lipstick against her pale skin really gives her that flapper look.”

“[…]Jamie joined Bond girl Eva Green who went for a chic LBD, 20s hairstyle and her signature crimson lips, and Anne-Marie Duff, who covered her baby bump in a salmon dress and a thick overcoat at the London Film Museum.[…]”

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Casino Royale star Eva Green is set to present the Best Film gong at the upcoming London Evening Standard British Film Awards.

Green, 29, is best known for playing the role of spy Vesper Lynd in the 2006 movie opposite Daniel Craig.

The films nominated for best film are three low-budget movies – Bright Star, Fish Tank and Helen.

Other stars presenting an award at the bash on February 8, which is being held at the London Film Museum, include British actress Sally Hawkins and Ray Winstone’s daughter Jaime.


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A little late, but not too late: The February wallpaper by mata. And yes, that pic. 😉

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Today I have a special and rare treat for you! It’s an interview with Eva for Version Femme magazine dating from 2001! She was promoting her stage play “Jalousie en 3 Fax”. 🙂

PS: It seems like Eva was born on July 6th 1980 instead of July 5th or 7th. We had already seen the July 6th date in an old (from 1980) interview with Marlène Jobert (view scans here).

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As promised, quite a few DVD caps from Franklyn. Big thanks to Stef! 😀

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In other news: Franklyn DVD caps coming soon. 😉
UPDATE: Also added a russian ‘Tatler’ scan, thanks to assainova!

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I wear more hats and scarves than anyone

by Alice Collins

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

A black leather Dior bag. It has my initials on it which makes it extra special. I take it everywhere; it’s my Mary Poppins bag!

What is your fall-back outfit?

When I don’t know what to wear, I put on skinny black jeans and an oversized cashmere jumper — preferably from Donna Karan. If I can face it, I’ll put on heels.

What has been your favourite costume and why?

I loved all my costumes in Cracks [her new film], I’m crazy about that everyday Thirties look. I wore beautiful high-waisted trouser suits, headscarves and gorgeous printed silks. The costume designer Alison Byrne is a genius.

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Thanks to kev and Eden! 😀

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Thanks to kev for the scans! 😀

The last two pics are featured in Ellen von Unwerth’s newest book, “Fräulein”.