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Thanks to Ms Green’s management, I can announce you her next official film project. Eva is set to star as ‘Miss G’, a charismatic teacher, in “Cracks”, to be directed by Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott’s daughter. They need to complete the financing, which should be done soon – and shooting is set for March, April and May. This film isn’t on IMDb.com yet, so don’t bother going there for info. “Cracks” is a British boarding school-set period drama. “It’s about misguided love and obsession, as told through the eyes of a group of elite girls in this boarding school,” said Jordan Scott.

PS: I’ll also have something else to announce you this week end. But don’t ask now. You’ll know about it when it’ll be the right time. In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous news! 😉

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I don’t know if you all noticed, but I’ve been adding some new scans to the gallery in the past couple of days.

But there are some people who should be credited for them, so here are my thank yous. 🙂

  • Vogue (Australia) – January 2008 – scanned by myself 😛
  • Empire (UK) – March 2008 – thanks to Lorna
  • Glamour (Russia) – October 2007 – thanks to Elmira Asainova for sending it in and deydi for scanning it

    Don’t forget that the BAFTAs ceremony is this Sunday!!! EDIT: Yes, she will attend it. She has to give the BAFTA Orange Rising Star award to this year’s winner.

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    We finally have scans from the December issue of Belgian Elle thanks to the lovely Mina!

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    Thanks to the talented mata. 😉

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    The Golden Compass will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the USA on April 29th. Read about it HERE.

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    Is it true that Eva Green makes an appearance in this film in flashback?
    Barbara Broccoli:
    No, she doesn’t appear in flashbacks, but she’s certainly on Bond’s mind.

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    Thanks to the lovelies Irene and Olga from Eva Green Russia (a site that hasn’t been updated in months but still lives in my heart), we have captures and a video from a Russian news show about the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Nomination.

    Eva has the amazing ability of making the funniest/silliest faces and still look gorgeous! Lucky girl!


    Video (in Russian):

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    While we wait for a new Eva magazine or event, I scanned the February/March 2007 issue of Friendly.

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    If you have not already heard, the two Bond girls for the still untitled Bond 22 have been casted and confirmed. Picking up where Casino Royale left off, the new James Bond film will see newcomer and British actress Gemma Arterton play MI6 Agent Fields. Arterton is best known from her performance in the comedy St. Trinian’s of this past year. Playing the lead love interest is Ukrainian born model/actress Olga Kurylenko. She plays Camille a woman who “challenges Bond and helps him come to terms with the emotional consequences of Vesper’s betrayal.” Kurylenko received the certificate of excellence award at the 2006 Brooklyn International Film Festival for her performance in L’Annulaire and is best known for the films Paris, je t’aime and this past December’s Hitman.

    If you would like to learn more about the two actresses, please visit the links below.

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    Eva is in the new issue of Vanity Fair Italy with Nicole Kidman on the cover. The photoshoot is identical to the one published by Vanity Fair USA last year, but I’m curious about the interview. If anyone has it, please send in scans!

    Vanity Fair Italy

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    Congratulations to Julie Christie who won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for “Away From Her” (directed by the extremely talented Sarah Polley) and to Marion Cotillard who won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for “La Vie En Rose”. Not only both were very well deserved awards, but Sarah Polley Network and Magnifique Marion Cotillard are family sites of Eva Green Web!

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    Thanks to Lorna for sending in a scan from the February 2008 issue of Total Film with a feature on “Franklyn”. We are told a bit more about the film and Ryan Phillipe is interviewed shortly. But the most interesting part, for me, was to see a new still with the adorable Sam Riley and Eva Green!

    You can see the Total Film scan here. I’ve also added the Sam and Eva still to the “Franklyn” stills album.

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    Thanks to Ana from Spain from sending in scans from the December issue of Total Film!

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    Ben Hoyle, Arts Reporter

    One of the most high-profile actresses in France has attacked the insular attitude of her compatriots to films in English.

    Eva Green, who charmed Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and played a witch in The Golden Compass, said: “Sometimes French people will say that it’s very pretentious to want to make movies in English. They want to own you. But why not? I live in London and want to continue doing international work.”

    The majority of French filmgoers increasingly agree with her, even if the snootiest Parisian cineastes do not, judging by figures out this week, which show that US films took a 49.9 per cent stake in the French box office in 2007, 13 per cent more than films in French.

    Green was speaking after she announced the nominees for the Orange Rising Star Award at the 2008 Baftas, a title that she won in 2007.

    The contenders for the award, of which The Times is the media partner, are Shia LaBeouf, Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Sam Riley and Tang Wei.

    Source: The Times