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This site is not official. We are just fans, making a website to show our support for this very talented actress. Please don’t send any e-mails to Eva through this site, because she won’t receive them. They will only be deleted.


Are you Eva?

Are you Eva’s agent?

Do you know Eva or have any contact with her?
We do not have physical contact with Eva and never met her. She and her management are however aware of’s existence. Our Exclusive Q&As with her were done through her twin sister Joy.

Can you please send me a real signed photograph or poster?
No. We don’t send out signed photographs. If you wish to have one, you may send Eva a Fan Mail. We do give out posters (and other related merchandise) of her projects through contests on our social media accounts.

Is this site official?
No. This is a fansite.

Has Eva ever been to this site?
Yes. Here’s what she have to say about during one of our Exclusive Q&As with her:

Yes, I do visit the site – not as often as I’d like as I’ve been very busy – but I’m always very touched by the lovely things people say, their kindness, and their passion through the years. I think what’s moved me the most is that the people who follow my career on this site, seem to understand me and the choices I’ve made in my career, not going for big studio movies, but smaller independent films closer to my heart, that inspire me; project that seem to have a soul.
It is the most up to date web site and even my agent checks it out to see what’s going on with me, so I don’t think that there’s anything that I would change on it.


Likewise, she also sent us this surprise last September 2014:



Can I please use your pics on my own site?
Ask us properly in an e-mail. We kindly request that we be credited properly and for our tags to not be removed.

Do I have to pay for registering at the gallery?
No, is a non-profit fansite. All things displayed here are free and shared for fan purposes only.

I left you a message in one of your social media accounts but you never replied to me. How so?
If it’s a site related question or an important inquiry or request, we advice you to send us an e-mail instead. Messages get lost quickly in social media and we do receive a lot of notifications.

How do I contact you?
Please use our contact form and remember: WE ARE NOT EVA! Any e-mails regarding contact with her will be deleted.