M.   /   May 25, 2007   /   6 Comments

Two new Golden Compass stills were released this week. Thanks to Olga, Tara and Holli for sending them in.

6 Responses to “New Serafina stills”
  1. Olga Says:

    LOL 😀

  2. Megan Says:

    this movie is gonna be so fab!

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    A wave from Athens, Greece! I was very happy to discover my hotel has internet. Great updates, Mari. Eva looks lovely in all Cannes events!

  4. Kasia Says:

    The second still is breathtaking!

  5. brulette Says:

    These stills are totally cool — and really beautiful.

  6. Monique Says:

    I love all of it!!!!!

    I absolutely cannot wait for the movie!!!!

    I went to the official website, got my own daemon and checked out Eva’s pics…and I must say: it all looks very promising!!!

    Here’s to hoping the movie will be a hit!!!