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Thanks to Aurore, we know that Eva is nominated for the NRJ Ciné Awards 2007 as Best Newcomer for Casino Royale. She’s up against other Frenchies, including the talented Mélanie Laurent who won the Best Female Newcomer award at this year’s Césars (the French version of the Oscars). The competition is tough but you can help Ms Green by voting for her.

NRJ Ciné Awards 2007 – Best Newcomers

How do you vote if you don’t understand any French? Click on Eva’s pic among the 4 nominees on the left side of your screen. A bigger image of Eva will appear. Then click on the “Vote!” button which is located at the top on the right. Your vote isn’t complete until you see the following message on your screen: “Merci! Ton vote a bien été enregistré!”.

8 Responses to “Vote for Eva at the NRJ Ciné Awards 2007”
  1. Ash Says:

    Great ! Hope she will win !

  2. ana Says:

    vote done, if she won the BAFTA then there should be a good chance for this!

  3. aurore Says:

    you’re welcome!

  4. michelle Says:

    When will the NJR CINE AWARDS hold on ?

  5. George Says:

    Mariana thanks to your site and to aurore’s information, I think that Eva has good chances also for this award as it is based on electronic voting. The existence of a fan site (evenmore when it is so rich like evagreenweb.com) is crucial for such awards (as it was for BAFTA). Good luck to Eva. When is the ceremony award?

  6. Monique Says:

    Okay, got it!!

    Thank you, aurore!!

    Is it possible to vote for Eva a hundred and fifty times in a row? Answer: YES!!!

    (I’ve just done so!!!)


    Hope and pray she wins, It’s very good exposure for her…

    It’s a pity I won’t be able to watch the awards ceremonies, since it probably be shown where I am, and I’ll probably be busy studying….

    But I’ll be offering my prayers anyway…

    And I’m sure the very reliable, brilliant and excellent Mariana (Bless you, dear!) will post footage of it when it’s available…

    She deserves that award!!!
    Go, Eva!!
    Rock on, my dear!!!

  7. Monique Says:

    I’ve got a question:

    Just how good are the other nominees? I’m not French, you see, so I don’t really know them…anyone wanna clue me in? How good are Eva’s chances of winning?

    If anyone would be so kind as to answer my question(s), I would be incredibly grateful…Thanks!

    Good luck to Eva!!!!

  8. George Says:

    Monique, I am not French, but surely Eva is the most known among the nominees even for the French public. However, I think that in these awards with e-voting, the important thing is to have a good fan site (and Eva surely has…) because also people outside France can vote, or more precisely …overvote like you (and me) did. The results will be announced early October. However I think that NRJ awards don’t have the prestige of BAFTA and Eva is aware of it.