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People magazine unveils best and worst-dressed lists

Britney Spears shocked us with her best impersonation of a zombie in an ill-fitting bikini — but at least she wasn’t named the world’s worst dresser.

That dubious dishonor, according to People magazine’s best- and worst-dressed issue out Friday, goes to French actress Eva Green. The mag, on newstands Friday, devotes an entire page to Green, who “seems to be aiming for a galaxy far, far away” in four different disastrous looks.

“There was a lot to choose from,” said People style editor Clarissa Cruz. “It’s not just (the dresses). It’s the crazy hair, piled-on makeup, combined with these dresses.”

On the plus side, Katie Holmes emerged from the shadow of being Mrs. Tom Cruise to make People’s best dressed list. The magazine called her look “classic.”

Source: NY Daily News

44 Responses to “Eva Green, “World’s Worst Dresser””
  1. Monique Says:


    Oh PUH-lease!!!!

    Eva made the worst-dressed list and Katie Holmes is a “classic” dresser!!!!!
    OMG!!! Did I just wake up in a parallel universe????

    Don’t the people from People recognize art when they see it???

    Would you call Van Gogh the worst painter in the world?

    Come on….Anything out of the ordinary and daring for them is weird!!!
    Eva just dresses like that because she’s a dreamer at heart!!! She can dream up looks that are ahead of their time, or sometimes, from the past…

    Grrrrrrrrrr….They just can’t relate to her!!!
    I’ll admit when I first saw her weird ensembles, I was a bit freaked out….but they’re starting to grow on me

    And besides it’s part of what makes her Eva Green!!!!!!

    I HATE THEM!!! I’m sticking by Eva!!!
    Hmph…so there!!

  2. FelicityLu Says:

    Well, I honestly hate these lists for one reason – they judge people’s style acoording to the mass fashion trends. People, who look just like anybody else get to win, people with their own style, who dare to ignore the trends loose. I can see, why they (whoever made this list) don’t like Eva’s fashion choices, but I personally admire Eva exactly for being herself and daring to look different. So, for me, this list doesn’t matter at all and I’m sure Eva won’t be bothered by it either… 😉

    And btw, Katie Holmes may be dressing classy these days, but in my opinion, her new style doesn’t fit her age…

  3. Nicole Says:

    That’s such rubbish! Her style is unigue and different. Why do people put her down just because she’s innovative and not following trends? I prefer the way she dresses then Katie Holmes who dresses like a 50 year old woman!

  4. Tom Says:


  5. EvaAnne Says:

    I do NOT agree AT ALL!! I love Eva’s sense of fanshion, her quirkyness of character that she conveys in what she wears. She has a true sense of theater!

  6. Aseo Says:

    Who cares about magazines gossip ? Personally I love her look at Casino Royale premiere in Paris !

  7. marta Says:

    Unlike most celebrities these days Eva doesn’t spend tons of money on an army of stylists.

    Personally, I love her original style but I think the girl would look great even wearing a binbag!

  8. lola Says:

    I know – I adored that outfit too. How dare they insult Chanel! Also agree wit Katie dressing like a 50yr-old hag – a miserable one at that! At least Eva always looks happy and comfortable in whatever she’s wearing, which is part of what makes her so sexy…And since when did fashion have anything to do with style – that’s what Mademoiselle Coco always said. So there!!

  9. Ronja Says:

    What is wrong with people? Eva green has her own mysterious sexy style which appeals to most people i know. This got to be a misunderstanding?!?!?!

  10. George Says:

    Eva is an avant-garde person and this is reflected in her dressing style. She doesn’t care what American magazines say about it and she deliberately exaggerates. But, to be honest, I prefer her with less make up in her beautiful face.

    P.S. Tom thanks for the link. It was helpful!

  11. ana Says:

    think about that this is one magazine, i have read many others that credit Eva’s styles, i do think that the pink ribbon galliano was a mistake but the hair and makeup made up for that, the rest were great! All these magazines do is rave about cotoure but then when someone dares to wear it they insult then, hypocrites!

  12. Ana Says:

    Yeah! I disagree too! Eva is unique, is genuine and has her own style. Those people from the magazine think that only the actresses who wear what THEY think that have style are okay.
    They’re crazy. Eva is awesome!

  13. Celeste Says:

    That magazine that named Eva as “worst dressed” is totally biased or blind. There are outfits in thier so called “best dressed” that are quite ugly. Of all the people on the worst dressed, Eva certainly doesn’t belong there. Her outfits are not slutty, ugly, or unflattering. She radiates in those outfits on page, particualarly the white dress with a splash of red and green, absolutely goddess like!

  14. Evey Says:

    The only thing I have ever found odd about Eva’s outfits was her Bride of Frankenstein hairdo at one of the Casino Royale press conferences…

    But that notwithstanding, her style is very unique and interesting and the editors at People have no right to call her the worst dresser because she does what she likes with her style instead of being a cookie-cutter fashion prep like almost every other actress these days.

  15. Cal Says:

    I love her style. She’ss very unique and and has such personality. She is completely unlike the mindless Hollywood drones that this magazine praises, like Katie Holmes for exmaple.

  16. spot Says:

    c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! People hates Eva (remember they listed her Casino Royale Paris Premiere dress one of the worst a few months ago?!). People is borderline (if not, it really is) a trash gossip mag.

    they put her there for reasons that she’s not a sellout like some actors/actress for that matter. she’s very vocal about how she doesn’t like how Hollywood works and she refuses to move there! lists like what People makes is based on what is considered accepted by many and what most wears.

    there’s no sense of individuality! THEY FIND HER WEIRD with all the hair and make up so they gave her the “honor” of being the worst dress.

    Katie Holmes – “CLASSIC”?! *barf* “OUT OF TOM CRUISE’S SHADOW?” -just because she dresses well nowadays?! does People honestly think we have amnesia?! Holmes wouldn’t be able to buy those dresses if she didn’t marry Cruise. her career was dead after Dawson’s Creek. she was on Hollywood C-list until couch jumper Cruise married her to make himself look great. seriously. if you look at her pictures/premiere photos back then she was also a fashion disaster! i doubt John Galiano would waste his time to create/design a gown for her! -but then she has the Cruise name now so….

    saying Eva as a worst dresser is like throwing a stone at Galiano, Armani, Dior, McQueen and among other designer who had designed, made and hired Eva to promote their brand and products.

    those they put on the “BEST DRESSED LIST” wears the same designer/brand that Eva wears. the only difference is, Eva has her own style and personality that she adds to her looks and radiates to her pictures. she isn’t a clone like your usual Hollywood starlet-wife and what not!

    so here’s a thought, Armani and Dior wouldn’t hire Eva if they think she has a disastrous or awful fashion sense. SERIOUSLY.

  17. meruKa Says:

    I hate them! ı love her style:)

  18. Aseo Says:

    yeah spot said it all

    This dress is awesome ^^


  19. msdaae Says:

    ridiculous…something more to say??

    and where: http://www.cineclick.com.br/noticias/index.php?id_noticia=16944

    they don’t even know where she’s from,they say “english actress eva green..”


  20. Noah Says:

    What rot.

  21. spot Says:

    never trust supposed to be fashion Best and Worst.

  22. Monique Says:

    Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not indignant about it!!!!

    spot: You are so absolutely right!!! And I agree with you that insulting Eva is insulting the designers that hire her and that they wouldn’t get her if they thought her sense of style would endanger their clothing line…

    Celeste: Very true…her outfits are classy and not at all slutty

    Tom: thanks for the link…

    Did you guys see those dresses?…Come on…she looked absolutely wonderful in them…so radiant…and those were some of my favorite dresses of hers…

    I seem to remember that Vogue had an article naming Eva as one of the best-dressed in the Dior party, when she was wearing the pink outfit…

    Which just goes to show how much People knows…

    I’m glad Eva doesn’t really care about these sorts of things…although I do sympathize, and I am sticking by her…

    ROCK ON, EVA!!!!

  23. brulette Says:

    Ah, don’t take it seriously–I’m sure Eva doesn’t. It’s just a dumb celebrity mag.

    Most folks only read People magazine when they’re in the dentist’s office (lol).

  24. Sybilla Says:

    Eva wears so beautiful dresses. And she has her own style, I find that so great! Clarissa Cruz could shut up, everyone would be really happy. Actually I don’t truely care of what people can say about Eva, I just love her!

  25. Ronja| Says:

    I have to admit… Her Geisha, harajuku thing way ugly.. But hey? We all got a bad style day!

  26. Monique Says:

    brulette: Ha! Now that you mention it…that’s true!!!

  27. spot Says:

    of course Vogue knows more about fashion than People. hahahahaha

  28. simon Says:

    she would have to get dressed in suit and tie

  29. Tom Says:

    Since the forums aren’t up, I might as well weigh in here with my thoughts.
    Eva hasn’t worn any outfits that have made her unattractive, although a few of them have been unconventional to say the least (and possibly the most, too). Her looks are unique and I think what People Magazine and people in general miss is that she isn’t dressing to necessarily look good, but more to have a good look. In other words, all of her outfits are put together for a specific “reason” or to make a specific fashion statement. And I think she pulls off those statements fairly well.

    To me, a person who is “worst dressed” would be someone who’s ensemble has parts that don’t compliment other parts of the same outfit – plaids with polka dots, clashing colors, etc. So while Eva’s outfits are not something that may appeal to a huge audience or have a majority of women wishing they had the same outfits; they are not offensive, they don’t lack style and they are very complimentary to Eva’s features and personality.

    If People wanted to anoint Eva as wearing the least popular outfits, I would have to agree, but she is certainly not the worst dressed.

  30. George Says:

    Tom: I strongly agree with you. Anyway, 30 comments for expressing our objection to People Magazine will make Eva crying less. 30 comments is a small crusade…

  31. johanna Says:

    That’s so untrue ! I would even say she’s one of the best dresser ! Just look at the black dress and hairstyle she wore at the Kingdom of heaven’s uk premiere ! It was amazing ! How could they even judge her !?

  32. spot Says:

    George: i doubt Eva cares. that’s why we like her a lot. she doesn’t exactly care what everyone thinks! a small crusade? i’m feeling kingdom of heaven here! lol

  33. George Says:

    Spot: Of course I was kidding. Eva is far ahead…

  34. Monique Says:

    Okay…I don’t know about crusade (I’m feeling the KoH vibe here…)…but if it makes Eva feel better, then count me in!!!! Anything for her…

    Is it possible to wriet to People magazine about it? I’d like to make a complaint…

    Don’t we all have freedom of speech…and style?

    George: Ditto on the Eva being far ahead thing!

  35. neville morris Says:

    she is the one.

  36. spot Says:

    Monique: don’t bother about People. they’re not the fashion authority. more like gossip authority. don’t waste your time *wink*

  37. Monique Says:

    spot: I know, but it just makes me feel bad that when we do everyhthing to make others see Eva the way we do, People just goes ahead and ruins it!!!
    It makes me very, very, VERY irritated!!!

  38. spot Says:

    Monique: don’t feel bad about it. Eva is not for everybody to like…she’s more like the kind of actress that’s not mass intended. Besides, you wouldn’t like it if everybody just loves her and there’s no critique -she wouldn’t impove- and i think Eva herself wouldn’t like that 😉

    PS: i wonder why you didn’t participate on the forum when it was still up. you’re a good Eva supporter and i’m sure you have a lot to say and share on the forum 🙂

  39. Monique Says:

    spot: I kinda like it when I’m the only one who knows about Eva here in the Philippines….
    when they ask me “who’s that?” when they see my picture of her on my portfolio, which I carry all around the university campus and I can brag about her….and that’s true, I wouldn’t like her if she were , you know, a common thing…I think it’s her uniqueness that makes her Eva Green…

    But I have managed to “convert” some of my cousins…ha! I made them all watch Casino Royale and Kingdom of Heaven (I’m the only one with patience to translate Arsene Lupin)…one swore that she would become a lesbian for Eva…another listed Casino Royale as her favorite movie…and a third is my venting post whenever I get bad Eva news, like this one…

    P.S. (on the not participating in the Forum bit) I’m not the best around online things…and by the time I discovered this site, the forum went off…pity….

  40. spot Says:

    Monique: well you should participate when the forum’s back 😉

  41. Monique Says:

    spot: Will do…or at least will try…

    Wow, forty comments…that’s a lot…hope Eva will appreciate our support…

    Still rooting for you, girl!!!

  42. Nuno João Marques Araújo Says:

    the only thing i´m gonna say is: she lovelly in all ways, i think she is very stylish with any clouth, any hair style, because she is so natural , and she dresses with confortable and pratical cloth, not for the magasines.
    The people who like Eva don´t play atention to the lies of some opinion makers (mercenaries). She is an actress with quality in several ways, and she´s going far.

    Best of luck for Princess Eva

  43. Anonimo Says:

    I absolutely agree with all of you.I can’t understand how is it possibile,Eva world’s worst dresser?After fits like the ones you’ve already posted and this?http://evagreenweb.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=356&pos=3 (Sorry I’m totally into this dress,I had to post it.)
    I’m wordless, and that’s only because she doesn’t dress like all the other actresses,but I guess this is the price to be original.
    I’m sorry for the possible mistakes but I’m Italian and only sixteen…

  44. missingrid Says:

    i doubt eva will care (and that is what i personally love about her). People magaziens not a fashion magazine, it is a gossip magazine, they only think what is normal is cute. other magazines like Vougue, obviously noted Eva as,”killer looks, intelligence and modesty”.

    i love her fashion taste it is very avant-garde and different. (i also loved all the outfits she wore in the dreamers).

    i love that she doesn’t move to hollywood and is still an actress, not an actress who suddenly becomes a fashion designer or a party girl who has absolutly no career (take that Lindsey Lohan).