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Seems like an old interview or a collection of several Eva quotes, but it’s in this month’s Marie-Claire.

VANITY STAR: EVA GREEN (Marie-Claire France)

We can be daughter of… and have talent. Eva Green dreamt of becoming an Egyptologist, but the rigidity of the French school system led her to abandon school at 16 and to reveal her acting talents. In 2006, she played a femme fatale at Daniel Craig’s side in “Casino Royale”, directed by Martin Campbell, and became the sixth French actress in the family of the “James Bond girls”… International class!

by Karine Pommereau

Mirror, mirror on the wall!
My image remains blurred. There are women who look at themselves when they walk in front of a shop window. I never do. It’s a little like I wanted to avoid myself. I think that it’ll go away when I’ll be older.

What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up?
I started drinking Green Magma herbal juice three months ago, one hour before breakfast. It’s a product that is a big success in the United States. I feel more energetic.

Your every day face.
I admit that I don’t make any effort. No make-up, jeans, t-shirt or a pullover and my good old boots. Sometimes a little hint of gloss…

Personal beauty tip.
I take it from the haidresser Maxime Macé for my dry hair. He taught me to apply with the palm of my hands some Nivea cream on the lenght, like a balm.

Beauty gestures for the body.
I run with my dog every morning around the Parc Monceau. And once or twice a week, a great coach comes to train with me. She works on my posture, elongation. I get more untied, I recenter myself.

First rimmel.
Around 15, I had dyed my hair raven black and I added color to it with the hair mascara by Dior. I wore very dark eyes, and very red lips. My mother never told me anything, it was probably the best thing to do to make me stop.

You in 30 years.
I see myself, fairytale style, in a castle in Ireland or in Brittany, with lots of friends and dogs. Then, it’s something else. I’m more afraid of loneliness than of wrinkles. I imagine that if we believe in a religion or with philosophy, it’s easier. But I haven’t found one yet.

The perfume that is the most like you.
Melo Grano by Santa Maria Novella, in Florence. It smells like incense.

Your favorite cream.
I have one, richer, for winter, Hydranorme by La Roche-Posay, and a lighter one for summer, Hydramax by Chanel.

The product that you never stay away from.
Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent. It hides every single trace of fatigue.

The inventory of your beauty bag.
Terracotta by Guerlain powder and a Stéphane Marais lipstick that I save as much as I can because the brand doesn’t exist anymore. And Touche Eclat.

What advices did you mother give you in the learning of seduction?
She let me learn by myself, but in beauty, she always told me to put on masks and beauty creams, including creams for around the eyes. She gave me the example. I always have this image of her in a dressing gown with a white layer on her face.

Your definition of beauty.
It’s like when we’re submerged with emotion at the sight of a landspace and we can’t explain why. I think of Cate Blanchett. She’s magical. She has the aura of the great actresses from the 40s.

7 Responses to “VANITY STAR: EVA GREEN”
  1. Tom Says:

    What is a “rimmel”?

  2. George Says:

    Mariana thanks for the translation. Is the interview new ? It doesn’t mention Midnight Poison (evenmore, she said that she likes another perfume!).

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    This is an oldish interview, right?

  4. spot Says:

    This is an old interview. See the “You in 30 Years” answer. Thanks for the translation Mariana!

  5. Monique Says:

    Nice…although the writer seemed to focus more on Eva’s physical appearance, you know, beauty regimens, beauty products, and the whatnot…

    I prefer it when the writer lets Eva be more…herself, rather than making her seem like a vain person…although, being an actress, I think it would be understandable for her to care about her physical appearance, but it’s not her whole life…

    Thanks Mariana!!!

  6. Nuno João Marques Araújo Says:

    She’s a princess, her beauty is so exotic and so simple but in other way she’s like the camelion, she allways beautyfull, but in my point of view her brightness and beaty is rising above the higher montain. The way she looks, when she speaks, i adore her french pronunciation, her hair, the magnificent eyes, its dificult to have more words ” she is the most beautyfullflour of the all landscape of the world” for me she is the princess of the 4 seasons. I admire Mme Eva Green very very very, my art explodes when i see her movies, she is perfect in several ways.

    God speed for you Princess Eva, and best of luck and preserverance for your carrer.

  7. Sharon E. King Says:

    I am undone by Eva Green. Casino Royale was my introduction. I admit, she reminds me of my own daughter who is 20 and the girl I used to be long ago; but I just watched about ten YouTube clips of her and, honestly, like the Beatles craze, I was in tears by the end of them. I believe the entire world will eventually fall in love with Eva. I wish her every happiness and success.