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The New Golden Compass Trailer!
Source: New Line Cinema

New Line has revealed the new trailer for writer/director Chris Weitz’s The Golden Compass, hitting theaters on December 7. The fantasy adventure is set in an alternative world where people’s souls manifest themselves as animals, talking bears fight wars, and Gyptians and witches co-exist. At the center of the story is Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards), a 12-year-old girl who starts out trying to rescue a friend who’s been kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as the Gobblers – and winds up on an epic quest to save not only her world, but ours as well.

Click here to watch the trailer!

22 Responses to “The New Golden Compass Trailer!”
  1. thirtyspokes Says:

    Fabulous, thank you!! I made sure to listen for Eva’s “medieval Scandinavian drawl” in the extended clip – can’t wait!

  2. Tom Says:

    Eva on the set of her new movie.


  3. spot Says:

    love, love, love the trailer! i’m happy that they put one of Serafina’s lines in it!

  4. Monique Says:

    Tingles down my spine…
    though, I still stick to what I said before, they’re still not doing the best they can with Eva…I’m not saying they should make the entire movie revolve around her…just that they include her more, if you know what I mean…after all, Serafina is an important part of the movie, too…

  5. spot Says:

    we’ll see how they utilized her on The Golden Compass, but Serafina is a bigger character in The Subtle Knife….

  6. George Says:

    Spot: Is Subtle Knife the title of the second book of the trilogy?

  7. spot Says:

    George: yes, it’s the second book on the trilogy followed by The Amber Spyglass….

    in The Subtle Knife, (SPOILER! CONTINUE ONLY IF YOU WANT!)

    …..serafina will sing!

  8. George Says:

    Spot: So, we are going slowly but steadily to our scenario of Eva as a Rock Star (not Nina Hagen or Janis Joplin but … Serafina Pekkala!)

  9. spot Says:

    George: yes! hahahaha. Eva as a witch rockstar! 😉

  10. Monique Says:

    Does Srafina sing in the book? I can’t quite remember… So does that mean Eva will sing as well? Oh good…she’s got a pretty good voice..the only time I heard her sing was in that deleted scene from Kingdom of Heaven where she killed her son…and that was in French, so I really couldn’t understand the lyrics…

  11. George Says:

    Monique: Where did you found the deleted scene? In director’s cut version of Kingdom of Heaven?

  12. spot Says:

    Monique: Serafina sings in The Subtle Knife, not in The Golden Compass/Northern Lights. we’ll get to hear her sing if The Subtle Knife gets made (which would mean The Golden Compass must do very well in the box office)

    George: you can only see and hear Eva sing in Kingdom of Heaven in the Director’s Cut. i suggest you go see it or buy it, it’s way better than the theatrical release. anyway, if you’re just curious with that particular scene (Eva singing):


  13. George Says:

    Spot it’s rather a lullaby, not what I have in mind for our witch rockstar. What I’ve heard is that the director’s cut is much different than the original release. Did Ridley Scott enriched the director’s cut version with more Eva? Because Eva had some complaints about the theatrical version and the cut of many of her scenes.

  14. spot Says:

    George: yeah, that’s a bit subtle to what we have in mind for Rockstar Eva but hey, it’s a start 😉 as far as i can remember Ridley Scott cut 60% of her scenes for the theatrical release 🙁

  15. Monique Says:

    George and spot: Yeah, that was the video I was talking about…Sad, isn’t it?

    I think it fits her better than a rock song…I think this is more her speed when it comes to singing, remember she likes Chopin, and classical music?

    It’s a shame Ridley Scott had to cut that part, but, hey, that’s life…and Eva’s doing well despite those great scenes being deleted…

    I don’t remember Serafina singing in The Subtle Knife, I must have missed that part…

  16. spot Says:

    Monique: well if Eva would sing me a lullaby i certainly won’t mind. LOL. But i’d gladly embrace it if ever she decides to do a biopic of an iconic rockstar…Kirsten Dunst will be doing Debbie Harry in her new film by the way…

    (SPOILER!!!) Serafina sings on the part where she’s healing Will…

  17. George Says:

    Spot: Really? Will Kirsten Dunst “Call me”?

  18. spot Says:

    George: yes she’ll play Debbie Harry on the yet unnamed film. it was Her Debbieness herself who chose Kirsten and gave her blessings! LOL @ “Will Kirsten ”Call Me”? 🙂

  19. Monique Says:

    spot: NOW, I remember! Yeah..she does sing in that part…
    I wouldn’t mind either if she sang me a lullaby, she strikes me as the maternal/big sister kind…and I’ve always wanted a big sister!
    I wouldn’t mind either if she did a rock star turn, but I really prefer the lullaby-singing dark mother…

  20. spot Says:

    Monique: if ever the forum comes back, you’ll know the character (and story) that i’ve always maintained that fits Eva….

  21. George Says:

    Spot: lol @ “Her Debbieness”

  22. spot Says:

    George: i adore Debbie Harry! she’s a legend and icon and i love Blondie 😉