M.   /   November 03, 2007   /   8 Comments
  • L’Officiel – September 2007 –> thanks to Olga
  • Harper’s Bazaar – November 2007 –> thanks to Olga
  • Marie-Claire – September 2007 –> thanks to Mirik
  • New “Golden Compass” still

  • 8 Responses to “Russian Scans”
    1. Kazou Says:

      Superbe photographie.
      Merci beaucoup Mariana et Olga 😉

    2. Monique Says:

      I love the second pic, I adore the dress…it’s absolutely gorgeous, our favorite “chameleon” is at work changing colors again!!!
      And Serafina…wow, simply beautiful!!!
      Thanks, guys!!!!

    3. spot Says:

      WOW! the Harper’s Bazaar pic is very FIERCE 🙂

      merci beaucoup Olga, Mirik & Mariana!

    4. EvaAnne Says:

      Thank you to Olga, Mirik and Mariana!
      And I agree with Monique and spot: the second pic is GORGEOUS! Is that a Dior dress?

    5. spot Says:

      EvaAnne: it is indeed a Dior dress 😉

    6. Irina Says:

      спасибj to Olga, Mirik и Mariana!

    7. Kasia Says:

      okay so I’m printing that still, scanning it in the highest resolution, printing it again and putting on the wall:P;P:D


    8. Monique Says:

      Kasia: good idea!! might just do that too…