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Thanks to our very own EvaAnne, we have scans from Marie-Claire! Thank you so much for this treat! 🙂

Some highlights:

# Eva doesn’t like seeing herself on the big screen. According to her, the problem is her voice. She has the impression that she’s acting, and that everyone can see it. She only sees her films once or twice, because she gets sick. In fact, she doesn’t know why it makes her so uncomfortable. Maybe because she thinks she’s not good enough.

# The roles that she refuses are the ones that are a bit cliché. But, she says that we never know that will happen on screen! It’s very difficult to read a script. If the script is so so but the director is great, she signs immediately. But, she says that she doesn’t receive that many offers, or maybe it’s her agent who filters them first and she ignores it…

# It’s a big advantage to have a mother who’s an actress (Marlène Jobert). Jobert understands that it’s a difficult job, that an actor depends on other people, that there’s a very masochist side to it. Her mother helps her by reading her dialogues with her. And it helps her mother with her English!

# She talks less about her father because he’s more earthy than her mother. It’s more difficult to open up to him. He would have loved to see her inherit his dentist office, but it won’t be possible. However, he’s not upset or anything. He’s proud of his daughter.

# She doesn’t know what she would have done if it didn’t work out for her as an actress. Maybe an English teacher?

# She would have liked to live in the fourties. Of course there was the war and it was the downside of it. But she liked the glamourous side of the clothing. There was an elegance. She admits that she doesn’t make any real efforts in every day life. But, for special events, she likes to be extravagant, or to play a character. She isn’t a fashion victim. She likes Topshop. But when it comes to premieres, she loves Galliano’s Geisha collection.

# She’s afraid of getting old and losing everyone that she loves.

# She loves London because of all the green, the parks. She walks with her dog a lot. The restaurants are wonderful, better than in Paris. She’s crazy for food. She spends all her money with it. If she could, she’d eat foie gras at every meal.

19 Responses to “Marie-Claire France: the scans!”
  1. Aseo Says:

    “she should marry an Arab prince with 3 cooks and 20 dogs or an aristocrat but they’re too uptight” thats really funny

  2. Sienna Says:

    Ah, she’s so lovely. 🙂

  3. Veronique Says:

    Very interesting!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lola Says:

    The outfit is Dior by Galliano

  5. Lola Says:

    Two Exclusive Clips from The Golden Compass! http://uk.rottentomatoes.com/m/his_dark_materials_the_golden_compass/news/1690297/

  6. spot Says:

    thanks EvaAnne and Mariana! 🙂

    though i slightly (just slightly!) disagree with her on London restaurants being better than it’s Parisian counterparts, i think it’s interesting and refreshing to hear someone spending “all” of her money on food considering she remains fit and looking like THAT. hahaha

    some tip: the Hollywood celebrity hotspot The Ivy has a London counterpart. for me, the London counterpart has a more superior food than the one in LA (plus way better service!) 😉

  7. George Says:

    Thanks EvaAnne and Mariana for the scans and the interesting highlights. Two notes: First, there is another clue for her Japanese dressing preferences (Galiano’s Geisha collection which is obvious in the photos), Second, judging from her shape, I wish I have her metabolism…

    PS However she is among the few people (to my knowledge) preferring the English kitchen from the French. She must see “Ratatuille”…

  8. emma77 Says:

    Thanks so much for the scans!!
    Her close-up is killing me.She’s so beautiful.
    I also love how real and down to earth she is

  9. Kasia Says:

    Great scans, thanks!!

    PS– a propos Georges’ comment: when I first heard the title “Ratatouille” I thought about the delicious dinner she cooked for Matthew and Theo in “The Dreamers”;P

  10. Aseo Says:

    The “delicious” ?

  11. asinisimasa Says:

    Will there eventually be a full translation? I’d love that. I hope she explains why she would think she’d lose all the ones she loves as she gets older. That’s crazy, she’s magnificent! She will be magnificent at every age.

  12. George Says:

    Kasia: lol at “delicious”. Indeed it was so delicious that Theo was searching in the garbage for food. Was it really ratatouille what Isabelle’s plan to cook? I didn’t notice it.

  13. Mariana Says:

    asinisimasa: She’s afraid they’ll die. Even today, she says that sometimes when sometimes “disappears” and doesn’t call in a while, she starts worrying if that person is dead.

  14. spot Says:

    George: i think Isabelle was actually planning to cook bake fondeau?! good lord, how can we forget?! haha. we better watch it again and see if it’s fondeau or ratatouille! lol

    Mariana: i like the fact that she cares a lot for the people around her. sometimes i too, tend to be a little too much sentimental 🙂

  15. George Says:

    spot: we are indeed unforgivable! I wonder if there is a director’s cut version of Dreamers.

  16. Monique Says:

    spot and George: absolutely unforgivable!
    It was BOTH ratatouille AND fondue…
    She asked Michael Pitt which dish he would prefer, and he chose the ratatouille…I remember laughing at that part, because Isa’s cooking was terrible (both dishes looked like black and orange goo, remember?), and I thought it’s a good thing she knows how to cook in real life…

    I love the fact that she loves the forties!!! That’s my favorite era as well…

    I think she shouldn’t worry about her loved ones dying; ( I know this sounds corny, but I’ll say it anyway, just so she stops worrying about it) although it is a very sad thing for the people left behind, at least the ones who are dead have gone on to a better place than this world…

  17. Kasia Says:

    {sorry I’ve got only polish subs}

  18. Jessica Says:

    I really need to work on my French, but I can understand most of that article, woohoo! But hopefully someone who is better at French than me can do a fuller translation.

  19. spot Says:

    Kasia:Thanks Kasia 🙂 how unforgivable we forgot what she cooked! lol