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Ben Hoyle, Arts Reporter

One of the most high-profile actresses in France has attacked the insular attitude of her compatriots to films in English.

Eva Green, who charmed Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and played a witch in The Golden Compass, said: “Sometimes French people will say that it’s very pretentious to want to make movies in English. They want to own you. But why not? I live in London and want to continue doing international work.”

The majority of French filmgoers increasingly agree with her, even if the snootiest Parisian cineastes do not, judging by figures out this week, which show that US films took a 49.9 per cent stake in the French box office in 2007, 13 per cent more than films in French.

Green was speaking after she announced the nominees for the Orange Rising Star Award at the 2008 Baftas, a title that she won in 2007.

The contenders for the award, of which The Times is the media partner, are Shia LaBeouf, Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Sam Riley and Tang Wei.

Source: The Times

7 Responses to “Bafta-winning French actress defends films made in English”
  1. Lola Says:

    Good on her. I HATE film snobs, the annoy me sooo much! 🙁

  2. Lola Says:

    More Bond/Eva tidbits (link at bottom):
    The casting of two virtual unknowns continues the tradition of Bond producers choosing less established actresses for the coveted part, including Ursula Andress in Dr No, Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die and Eva Green in Casino Royale.

    Also returning from Casino Royale will be Judi Dench who plays M, Jeffrey Wright who plays Felix Leiter and Giancarlo Giannini who plays Mathis.

    It is thought the new film will take up where Casino Royale left off and will be loosely based on the Ian Fleming short story Risico, where Bond is dispatched to infiltrate a drug ring flooding Britain with heroin.

    Producers last week confirmed French actor Mathieu Amalric will join the cast to play Bond’s main adversary.

    Filming started on Monday at Pinewood Studios in London, with shoots already set up in Italy, Austria and Panama. Enjoy! 😀


  3. spot Says:

    i honestly don’t see this an as “attack” by Eva. i think she’s just voicing her opinion on a matter (which apparently has a basis). i really don’t like it when the media portrays her as arrogant or this ungrateful french actress because she doesn’t get offered roles in french films 🙁

  4. Tom Says:

    Sounds like jealousy,

  5. Lola Says:

    You notice Charlotte Rampling and Kristen Scott Thomas don’t get lectured on being English actors and peppering their resumes with French-language films! 🙁
    It’s just ridiculous. Leave her a lone for heaven’s sake.

  6. Monique Says:

    I’m not french, so I can’t speak for French moviegoers, but of course, there is the argument that people should support their own culture, but there is no denying the fact that we cannot hide from the international cinema, it permeates every culture, every country because, duh, it’s international…you can’t avoid the rest of the world, your culture’ll have to mix with others sometimes

    “I live in London and want to continue doing international work”…Ooooohh, so this means more Eva in the future…

  7. audrey Says:

    “Sometimes French people will say that it’s very pretentious to want to make movies in English”

    What??! A lot of french people are very happy to see french actress like marion cotillard or juliette binoche in U.S.A, so i think this news is just hollow (may be i don’t use the good word, my english is bad…….). it’s true that french cinema critice sometimes actress like Noémie Lenoir who accept ridicules roles juste for appear on an american movie, but french people and french cinema, it’s different!
    personnaly i looove eva green, i’m “sad” to never see her on a french movie, but i don’t critice her…

    sorry for my english xD