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I got my “Golden Compass” DVD and immediately made captures of Serafina for our viewing pleasure! Enjoy! 🙂

Captures from the featurettes will follow soon. You can already find captures from the costumes featurette.

35 Responses to ““Golden Compass” DVD Caps”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks Mariana (…you must be a patient girl for capturing and uploading 192 screenshots!).
    I love Eva’s unmaked up, clean face (and the curly hair). Now, besides Franklyn and Cracks I am also anxious for news from Subtle Knife.

    PS I have the suspicion that you did it for refraining us from talking about football (lol)

  2. Monique Says:

    Bless you Mariana, this is just what I need after being buried once again under the usual pile of books…
    I know how George feels…I was studying for a Chemistry exam, and after a while, the VSEPR electron theory began to sound like Vesper, LOL!!! I think I dozed off in the middle of reading my book, but I was really dying to watch Casino Royale again!!!!

  3. Monique Says:

    Yeah, Action Lady!!! But I especially like this one…sigh…it’s so beautiful…

  4. EvaAnne Says:

    This is great, thank you Mariana! <3

    Monique: When I read your post I actually read VSEPR as “Vesper”…LOL!

  5. Nohémy Says:

    Wow , Eva is wonderful !! Do you know when the DVD will arrive in France ?

  6. Ea Says:

    Weeeheeew, thanks Mariana… You rock!

  7. Liz Says:

    thank you Mariana!!
    as always great work with much patience i would guess;)
    EvaAnne: i did the same… i had to look twice..=)

  8. George Says:

    EvaAnne: What is the “<3” symbol?

  9. Monique Says:

    EvaAnne: diagnosis: youare suffering the same affliction as George and I are…
    And i have to ask the same question as George…what’s “<3”?

  10. Lola Says:

    Would it be possible to upload the DVD features/TGC interviews with Eva onto this site? That would be amazing! 😀 😉

  11. EvaAnne Says:

    George and Monique: with the <3 symbol I tried to draw a little heart, on its side.
    I don’t know how else to draw one…

  12. Kathi Says:

    Great work Mariana!!..:)
    Eva is fantastic as Serafina Pekkala …I really like this one:

  13. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I thought of it. Nice emoticon what you discovered…

  14. Elvenstar Says:

    Eva is indeed great in that movie. Love the caps. Huge thankyouuuu!

  15. Liz Says:

    Kathi: this picture is really gorgeous!!
    love it, too!!
    any news about cracks shooting, franklyn release?? will eva attend the cannes film festivals??

  16. Lola Says:

    Eva came #32 in UK Glamour’s 50 Best Dressed Women of 2008 – Thanks to everyone who voted! <3 😉 😀

  17. Monique Says:

    EvaAnne: Now I get it!!! <3
    I saw a really weird one, it’s not an emoticon, but it’s kinda cute, try and guess what it is…<:3)– (no, it’s not a heart)
    A friend of mine got a daemon like this from the TGC site…she’s been using it ever since…

  18. EvaAnne Says:

    Monique: Awww…a little mouse. That’s cute!

  19. Lola Says:

    If anyone in the UK has access to the TV channel Fiver – an off-shoot of Channel 5 – there will be a programme all about Glamour 50 Best Dressed Women of 2007/8. It will be airing on Monday evening, and I’m assuming it will mention our Eva…Unfortunately, it will be presented by Rock Star daughters Peaches Geldof (bleurgh!) and Daily Lowe, who – to my knowledge – isn’t anywhere near as bad.

  20. spot Says:

    hello guys! i’m back! 😛 🙂

  21. Monique Says:

    EvaAnne: yup…hey, have you ever been to the TGC site to get your daemon? what’s yours?

    spot: welcome back!!!

  22. Liz Says:

    if that’s for everyone, Monique: my daemon is Appollonius.. a chimpanzee.
    i like the little questionnaire!

  23. EvaAnne Says:

    Monique: My daemon is a beautiful orange male-tiger, called “Achaean”. Cool eh? But I’ve done the test a long time ago, when the site was first up. I wonder if I would get a different daemon now….

    What’s your daemon?

  24. EvaAnne Says:

    Yep, I did the test again, and now it’s a male lion called “Remis”.

  25. EvaAnne Says:

    And….I’ve FINALLY bought The Dreamers on DVD….!!!!!!!!!!
    What the **** took me so long?

  26. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I think that the daemon-indicating-software is not very reliable if two daemons correspond to the same person (…unless Serafina makes some magic!).

  27. Lola Says:

    Just remembered, I saw Eva’s second Mont Blanc ad (the one with her hair up) in the May edition of UK Vogue. It’s so lovely to see her in campaigns, and in those campaigns in high fashion mags like Vogue – more please! Campaign images, AND campaigns! It seems like a while since I saw the Poison ad in a mag!!? 😀

  28. Liz Says:

    Lola: you are talking right out of my heart;)=)…
    more ads, more campaigns, more movies, more whatever!!
    I am just too curious to wait for news… time passes by quite slowly when you have to wait for somethimg so special because it is with Eva!! (bad english, I am sorry!)

    EvaAnne: Most probably you should have bought it long time ago, am I right??=);)
    I was so happy when I got it… I actually had to look it right away!! Enjoy it!! Very good movie!!

    George: I agree!! The programe is not really reliable!! I made the test twice and it had two different results as my daemon…
    Anyway.. that makes me dream of the next book of Pullman in cinema!!

  29. EvaAnne Says:

    Liz: indeed, I should have! But I rented it LOTS of times at my videostore, so I knew the movie by heart anyway….It’s my absolute faorite movie of all time!
    HHhmmmm, slightly obsessed, *moi*?! 😉

    ps: Does anyone happen to know if the next His Dark Materials is actually going to BE made into a film? Or is that idea still being developed?

  30. George Says:

    EvaAnne: New Line Cinema (part of Warner now) is still thinking about making Subtle Knife. Japan’s succesful opening last February supports the idea. But you can find controversial opinions in IMDB message board for the specific movie. However, they must hurry because Dakota Blue Richards inevitably grows and there is also a third book…

    PS Serafina is 300 yeras old so there will be no such problems with Eva I suppose…

  31. Monique Says:

    EvaAnne: I have a copy of the DVD, but I couldn’t rent it from a vid store because they don’t carry it…I got mine from a stall I often go to…

    George: I know what you mean…I have not one, not two, but three daemons: the first was a cute rat, “Alvin”, then it was a fox, “Boreallus”, now it’s a cool black crow “Calanon”…

  32. Liz Says:

    EvaAnne: I don’t have the latest information, but I read an interview with Eva and she sais taht they would make the other to books if the first one is successful. and as I know it was and still is.. DVD is just coming out…
    so most probably we can look forward for new Serafina-Eva!!

  33. Monique Says:

    Hey, Liz, you think that DVD’ll have Serafina’s deleted scenes??? Possibly more screen time for Eva???

  34. Liz Says:

    Monique: I am sorry.. I absolutely have no idea!!
    but would be worth checking it;)
    unfortunately, i have not yet seen the movie… a disaster!!

    will you buy it???
    I am not sure yet because Eva’s part is made so small…. which, I hope, won’t be the case in the following two movie… if there will be one!!

  35. Monique Says:

    Liz: thanks anyway…you should watch it already, it’s okay, but as I said, too little Eva screen time…