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It’s the new – but decent – V For Vendetta…

Cinema release date:
December 1st, 2008

At the Abbey Mills Pumping Station in East London, where a grimy waterworks has been fashioned into a bureaucratic dystopia, the whiff of Gilliam hangs heavily in the air. From the extras dressed as chavvy Camden Market regulars to the forbidding line of registration booths, today’s set detail is so saturated in Gilliamana, you half expect ol’ Terry to poke his head out and start giggling. “I will hold my hand up,” chuckles Franklyn’s writer-director Gerald McMorrow, “and say that I’m a child of Gilliam and Tim Burton. There are elements of Brazil here, but it’s more Victorianism via the Kingdom of Brunel.”

Franklyn marks McMorrow’s feature debut, coming on the heels of his sci-fi short Thespian X, about aliens signing on at a dole office that snagged awards and the attention of producer Jeremy Thomas (who wrangled Franklyn’s £6.5 million budget together). Set between the alternate realities of contemporary London and a futuristic, faith-dominated metropolis, Meanwhile City, where declaring a religion – any religion – is compulsory, the film weaves a karmic mosaic about four damaged souls including Eva Green’s self-harming artist, Sam Riley’s lovelorn Iraq War vet and Bernard Hill as a man searching for his son.

Rounding out the quartet is Ryan Phillippe, today wandering through Meanwhile City’s Faith Registration Centre looking suave in a brown leather coat over fitted black dress-trousers and waistcoat – despite the fact that his face is concealed under a blank, grungy mask. “I love how expressionless the mask is,” says Phillippe. “It unnerves people, and there’s a real arrogance to it.”

As shadowy vigilante Jonathan Preest, Phillippe seeks revenge for the death of a girl he’d tried to protect. Apart from McMorrow’s clever script, it was the chance to show off his real-life martial arts skills on screen (he earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 11) that lured Phillippe to Franklyn. “I’m not the kind of actor who would typically do action-oriented material but within the construct of this really original piece, it’s exciting,” he enthuses. “Unfortunately in most of my fight scenes, I’m in a mask so it could have been anyone! But it is me…”

Source: Total Film

14 Responses to “Franklyn”
  1. Lola Says:

    Oooh, thanks so much for posting this! 😀

  2. EvaAnne Says:

    It sounds great!
    But I actaully thought V for Vendetta was a very clever movie….hmm, maybe that’s just me…. 😕

  3. Tom Says:

    V for Vendetta was a very entertaining movie. I enjoyed it very much!

  4. George Says:

    At last the opening date for Franklyn! This is really good news thank Mariana.

    PS Jeremy Thomas was also producer of The Dreamers (…thanks Jeremy).

  5. George Says:

    …also thanks Lola (I just so your post…)

  6. Lola Says:

    You’re welcome, George, and I saw ‘V’ when it came out, after waiting those extra months (after it was sensitively pushed back out of respect to the 7/7/05 event in London), and I was so disappointed.
    And shocked. Natalie Portman seemed to spend so much time on her very over enunciated English, that she forgot how to act AT ALL!!
    The ideas in the film were exceellent and intriguing – thank you Alan Moore – but the original graphic novels were let down, imho, in the film’s execution. I’d give it 3/5.
    🙁 :~

  7. Kathi Says:

    Thanks…too…really good news tody…:)

  8. Kathi Says:

    sorry….I mean today!…;)

  9. Liz Says:

    oh, happyyyy about the news!! finally the date we are waiting for for so long!
    thanks Mariana and Lola for posting!

    it is now a matter-of-fact: I am going to Paris on saturday!! really excited about it… and I hope I’ll find the restaurant Eva often goes to… in quartier Marais I guess…
    Does anyone of you know explicit information??

    P.S. I hope you all had a good time last weekend.. here in Germany the weather was wonderful!!

  10. George Says:

    Liz: I suppose that Eva has shooting for “Cracks” in UK. I don’t remember mentioning a restaurant in Paris but she did for London. Have a nice time in Paris! I hope you keep with you the extended travel guide (Tango_down) and shopping guide (spot) that EGW kindly provides (lol)

  11. Liz Says:

    George: Thank you, George. But unfortunately I am a little bit sick and my companion canceled the invitation so I won’t go to Paris.. I am quite sad… but there will be another chance in summer or autumn I hope…
    I think I remember it, too, that she is shooting “Cracks”…
    Furthermore, this means she is not in Cannes… what a pity that we won’t get photos of her from there!;)

  12. irina Says:

    thanx Mariana
    it is really good news!!!!!!=)

  13. Monique Says:

    Heeeeelllllooooo!!!! I am back again after two nerve-racking exams, I’ve missed this site soooooo much!!!

    Okay, I found an article on Casino Royale in the book Empire Film Guide, pages 181-182…I only copied out the part about Eva (i was in a bookstore and the book was thicker than my arm so I didn’t even consider buying it)
    Sorry, it’s a bit short…
    “Eva Green is outstandingly beautiful and impossibly well-dressed, but also affecting as primal Bond girl Vesper Lynd. Instead of double entrendres, we get crackling dialogue
    between Bond and the girl, as they diagnose each other’s neuroses making the eventual affair more than just a notch on our man’s bedpost…
    “Casino Royale is the most exciting Bond film in conventional action terms but also in dramatic meat.”
    It also mentioned that she won the Best Female Newcomer BAFTA award.

  14. Monique Says:

    Oh wait…December 1?????? WAAAAAHHH!!! Too long, too impatient!!! *Monique cries rivers of tears*
    Is Franklyn going to be shown in the Philippines? *Worry wrinkles on Monique’s forehead*…=,(