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She’s used to the trappings of life on the set of multimillion-dollar blockbusters, but former Bond girl Eva Green is still happy to get down and dirty in the wilds of Co Wicklow.

Locals in the village of Redcross were given lashings of Gallic charm as the Parisian actress rolled into town with a film crew.

It didn’t take much to transform the sleepy one-street village, nestled in the Wicklow mountains, into a 1930s-era thoroughfare for the new film ‘Cracks’.

Local extras, dressed in heavy tweeds, milled about vintage cars between takes — and even members of the local sheep population got walk-on roles.

It’s not the first visit to Ireland for the stunning actress, although last time round she didn’t have a personal hairdresser and make-up artist on hand.

“When I was 15 I went to Galway on an exchange. It’s one of my best memories,” she recalled during a break in filming yesterday.

“Coming back from a work point of view is very different … the countryside is magnificent and mysterious. This is the best role I’ve ever read. It’s amazing, quite dark,” she added.

Eva (27) hit the big time playing Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’ opposite Daniel Craig, a role which earned her a BAFTA.


While the budget for this production is considerably tighter than what she’s used to, she is as enthusiastic as ever.

“The crew is smaller, but that’s great because you become so close. You become a lot closer to the director; it’s a great relationship I have with her,” she explained.

‘Cracks’ is the directing debut of Jordan Scott, daughter of illustrious British director Ridley. She said that generous tax breaks and support from the Irish Film Board were key in the production coming to Ireland.

“The countryside is so beautiful and magical here. The location really lends itself to this very ethereal and magical film. We started shooting last week and it’s going really well, although we have had tonnes of rain,” she laughed.

Eva will be starring alongside Juno Temple, who appeared in ‘Atonement’, and Imogen Poots from ’28 Weeks Later’. ‘Cracks’ will also see the big-screen debut of two 13-year-old Irish actresses, Adele McCann and Zoe Carroll.

The film, which is due to hit cinemas next spring, is set in an English boarding school and follows a girl’s unhealthy obsession with her teacher, Miss G, played by Eva.

Irish producer Andrew Lowe, of Element Pictures, has high hopes for the film

“We were fortunate to go to Cannes with ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ and ‘Garage’ last year. I like to think we’ll be going to Cannes with this next year,” he said.

‘Cracks’ is shooting in Ireland for seven weeks, taking in locations in Dublin and Co Meath, before moving to Pinewood Studios near London.

– Breda Heffernan

Source: Independent.ie

23 Responses to “Green among the Wicklow hills as Bond girl Eva shoots new film”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    “This is the best role I’ve ever read.”

    Really? Better than Isabelle in The Dreamers? This promises much!! 😉

  2. Monique Says:

    I have never been to Ireland…but the way she describes it makes it seem like a great place…*sigh*

    I am going to do everything humanly possible to make sure that I can see this film, even if they don’t show it here… even if I have to swim to Ireland or crawl my way to London or Cannes, I don’t care….I am going to watch this film!!!!

  3. George Says:

    Thank you Mariana. I book my tickets for Cannes next May…

  4. spot Says:

    i honestly don’t think Miss G can top Isabelle for me :p …but i’ll see!

    Monique: Ireland is indeed lovely though i’ve only been to Dublin and that was way back when i was 8 🙁

    i hope Cracks will make it to Cannes! Eva is well deserved of her very own Cannes moment! 🙂

  5. Liz Says:

    Thank you so much!!!
    I do the same as George!! Cannes we are coming!!!
    The time of release is absolutely perfect with Cannes!!!!!

    I will not miss it either!!

    They are shooting 7 weeks… hmm.. I am off school in 4 weeks… about 2 weeks left of the shooting… would be worth thinking about a trip to Ireland=)!!

  6. Tom Says:

    Monique, all you have to do is learn to bit torrent! 🙂

  7. Tango_down Says:

    Tom : LOL

    But I think Eva is a suficient reason to buy a cinema’s seat, then we can appreciate more her play and her pretty face on a big screen, and her voice with a sound of an extreme quality.

    However, you’re not totallty wrong because at home you don’t have a child giving kicks behind your seat during all the movie (great memory from TGC projection)

  8. Tango_down Says:

    For my part, I would also try my best to go to Cannes if Cracks’ projection will take place there, and then I hope we’ll see her on french TV

  9. Tom Says:

    Well it may be the only way Monique gets to see the movie. If it is limited release, it may never get to her. 🙁

  10. spot Says:

    Tom: tsk tsk tsk :p

  11. Monique Says:

    Tom: NOOOO!!!! Shhhh…you’ll jinx it!! I really really realy really really really want to see Cracks….that’s it!!! I’m saving up for a trip to Cannes, I have more or less a year to do so…

  12. EvaAnne Says:

    Tango_down: Hmmm, here the were trowing pieces of liquorice through the room during “Casino Royale”, and even calling their friends on their mobiles right through the film!
    Some kids just suck!

  13. Liz Says:

    Monique: I will follow you!!! Just thinking about an appropriate job!

    Children are always nerving in cinema! They won’t let you alone ever!!

  14. Monique Says:

    Liz: Hmmmm…Maybe we should start a business…any suggestions?

    I don’t know about children being too annoying in the cinema…for one thing, there aren’t many Eva films that are totally suitable for kids here (Even TGC experienced mild censorship), so there aren’t too many kids in the moviehouse when I watch the films;
    Besides it’s often the adults who are the bane of my cinematic exisistence: they seem to find it absolutely neccessary to reveal the next scene to their companions, that is if they’ve watched it already, and if they haven’t, they try to predict the next scene…It makes me want to sock them when I overhear their conversations!!! And it completely ruins the film for me!!!!

  15. George Says:

    Mata… Where are you? (hihihi…)

  16. Mariana Says:

    George: In the Fan Art section. I just didn’t update the main page. 😉

  17. George Says:

    Always on time !!!! Thanks Mata (…and Mariana).

  18. Lola Says:

    The US GQ site has a section called ‘Women Of The Verge’ (of being launched/becoming a star), and of course Eva is there! Click on the ‘slideshow’ button here: http://men.style.com/gq/features/landing?id=content_6229 and scroll backwards.
    Eva is #26. It’s a b&w pic I’m sure you’re all familiar with, and it’s from Sept. 2003 (I don’t know if that’s when the pic was taken or if that’s the date of the magazine issue). 😀

  19. spot Says:

    thanks mata, Lola and Mariana! 🙂

  20. Liz Says:

    Thank you, Lola!!!
    I suppose it is the date when the photo was taken… around that actually… the picture fits to the “dreamers”-time… after the film was published I think..
    any correction necessary, Mariana and the others??

  21. George Says:

    Thanks Lola. Old but inspiring…

  22. Monique Says:

    Thanks Lola!!!
    This is one of my favorite pics…I edited it (along with other photos) so that it would be completely black and white and it looks gorgeous!!! (I made the whole thing my wallpaper: all pictures of Eva and all in shades of block and white)
    Of course it was no where near as good as mata’s…
    Thanks, by the way!!!

  23. Lola Says:

    You’re welcome! 😉 😀