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I know that many of you worried, wondering about what happened and why the site was offline. But we’re back! My awesome host unfortunately had technical difficulties. We’ve also lost the June updates, but we’re back! That’s what counts!

As for my latest post, it was about Eva not having any confirmed project after “Cracks”. At least not yet. Contrary to rumours, she didn’t sign for the new Tim Burton movie, even though that would have been awesome! Eva is still filming in Ireland, and “Cracks” will be an amazing film according to her management. We’ll only know about eventual new projects after the end of the summer. Last but not least, “Franklyn” is set for release in October of this year.

Oh, and did you see that Vesper appears briefly in the brand new “Quantum of Solace” teaser trailer?

26 Responses to “It’s Good to be Back!!!”
  1. George Says:

    Mariana, happy to be back (…you scared us). I read the book (by Sheilla Kohler) in two nights and I can assure you that the role of Miss G is awesome and very meaningful, a big challenge for Eva. The film will be surely stunning. And yes, in the book Miss G is swimming… The book is strongly recommended (especially for you girls) and I can understand why Eva picked this “non-conventional” role. Can’t wait to see her as Miss G…

  2. EvaAnne Says:

    Welcome back, Mariana! It’s good to “see” you again!

    Thank you for the tip on the Quantum of Solace trailer. I hadn’t seen it yet, so I looked it up immediately. It looks very cool!

  3. spot Says:

    nice to see we’re back! 🙂

    there’s nothing better than our girl opening up QoS’s trailer even if she’s not in it 😉

  4. Ea Says:

    Very briefly, but it’s better than nothing 🙂

  5. giuseppe Says:

    Well,we can’t know if she will sign for tim burton’s new movie, so keep fingers crossed!

  6. Liz Says:

    Mariana, you had me real scared;)!! the last day was a time of fearing and hoping that the site will be available again soon!!!
    But fortunately, you/ the site is back=)=)=)

    Anyway, I am quite sad that the June updates got lost.. very very sad!!.. I think there were some quite good discussions;)

    For the future, never scare me that much, please!!;)

  7. Liz Says:

    I have just noticed that even the gallery updates are lost… for the “studio” article, I can help.. I bought it last week!
    SO if you want to post it again but don’t have it anymore ask me right away and I will scanned it and send it to you!!

  8. Tom Says:

    What is Tim Burton’s next movie anyway?

  9. sandrine Says:

    Savez vous si ce livre a été traduit en français , j’ai beaucoup cherché mais je n’ai rien trouvé de mon coté.
    Merci d’avance, vous me serez d’un grand aide…

  10. Lola Says:

    Yes, I saw the QOS teaser – brilliant1 😀
    Also, Casino Royale has been voted 4th, I believe, in a poll of Best/Favourite British FIlms. Go to http://www.virginmedia.com to find out more.
    Good to have EGW back online – whew!

  11. George Says:

    sandrine: I found in Sheila Kohler’s web page (list of publications) that there is a translation in French. You can send her an e-mail and ask her.
    Also I suggest to everyone to visit the “Cracks” page in http://www.amazon.com (I bought it from there) and try the “surprise me” option in “search inside”. Also read the customer’s review. After reading the book I became very impatient about the movie…

  12. Tango_down Says:

    Sandrine : une traduction française m’intéresserait aussi, c’est vrai que je n’ai pas essayé de faire la démarche de poser la question auprès de l’auteur comme George vous l’a très bien conseillé. Tenez moi au courant si vous obtenez une quelconque information, je ferai de même de mon côté 😉

    George : merci pour toutes ces informations (I’ll speak you french all time now)

  13. Monique Says:

    Hello!!! I’m back too…
    whew, writing a biology lab report can be exhausting…I haven’t slept in more or less 48 hours…but at least, I’m with you guys again!!! yay!!! I missed you!!!

    call me biased, but I liked the Casino Royale trailers better…
    QoS is good, but, I don’t know something seems a little off to me…and it’s not just the fact that QoS lacks Eva…

    You guys are gonna laugh at me for this, but I tried drawing that picture of Eva, you know, the one with that pose George and Tango_down said they had difficulty doing, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t finished it yet…I just cannot copy the expression in Eva’s eyes…I cannot distance myself from the subject…
    I don’t know wy but I have more difficulty with this than with my usual sketches, which are only mostly art-y anime characters…

  14. sandrine Says:


    Tango down , ça ne sera pas nécessaire de contacter l’auteur, Je viens de trouver la version française du livre qui s’intitule “Splash”.
    il est disponible sur Amazon, Fnac, Alapage…

    Merci encore George pour votre aide…

  15. George Says:

    Tango_down: Don’t do it to me. I will be with a French vocabulary all the time and I have to dig for my French books from high school! (For sandrine I make a concession…)
    Tom: His next project is Dark Shadows (vampire-like story from TV) where (who else…) Johnny Depp is rumoured to play (source imdbpro.com). Eva is rumoured for the role of Victoria Winters.

  16. Tango_down Says:

    Sandrine : merci infiniment pour cette information ! La quiche que je suis ne s’est même pas donné la peine de chercher cette traduction. Je m’en vais de ce pas faire un “splash” dans l’Amazone.

    George : so you studied french in high school 🙂

  17. spot Says:

    no Eva in the Dior HC show 🙁

  18. Monique Says:

    George: is it any good? The Dark Shadows, I mean?

  19. George Says:

    Monique: Never saw the TV series. I think the movie version depends a lot on the project’s staff. Anyway, the concept (vampires) is not among my favourites but never say never…

  20. Liz Says:

    Mariana: Could you post the pictures with little Eva in again, pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase???=)
    I love them!!! And I miss them here!!! Very much!!

  21. George Says:

    Tango_down: Yes, I was taught for just three years (which means just the basics). Unfortunately if you don’t practice a language you may soon lose the touch.

    PS …and don’t tell me it’s a good opportunity to practice them now, as I read in your mind (lol)

  22. Mariana Says:

    Liz: I’ll reupload everything and add new old pics from the set of “Cracks”. But I’m giving my host another week to see if things are ok. I don’t want to run the risk to lose any new updates.

  23. Liz Says:

    Mariana: That’s good news. Make sure everything’s all right that you don’t have to uplaod it once again if the site is not all right yet;)
    I can’t tell you what this here means to me… the conversations and everything…

  24. Tango_down Says:

    George : you seem to be good at playing poker 😉

  25. George Says:

    Tango_down: Well, I am not Bond… (besides, card games are not my favourite)

  26. Monique Says:

    If you were Bond, I bet you would be happy to play if Eva really were Vesper…

    Mariana: thanks, you are the framework of this site, and we love you!!!

    Liz: ditto on the last part