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Guess what? Eva is featured in the August issue of Glamour France! Thanks to Clémentine for letting me know and for Tango_down for kindly buying it and scanning it for us. You rock! The pictures are from last year’s Vanity Fair and already known to us, but the 1 page interview is new.

17 Responses to “Glamour (France) – August 2008”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks Mariana and Clementine. (Did I forgot anyone?)

  2. Mariana Says:


  3. EvaAnne Says:

    Mariana, Clémentine and Tango_down, you guys rule!!! 😉

  4. Liz Says:

    Thanks a lot Mariana, Clémentine and Tango_down! You keep this thing roling;)

    Finally, there is somethign new I ahve been waiting for for so long!

  5. George Says:

    Mariana: Hi hi, it was on purpose. in order to stimulate his fantastic translation capabilities…

  6. Lola Says:

    I LOVE all the freckles…so beautiful, it’s ridiculous! 😀 😉

  7. Tango_down Says:

    George : Now I know you understand french, I don’t know if it’s necessary… (lol)
    Well I’ll find some time tomorrow to do it 😉

  8. George Says:

    Tango_down: I was just kidding, but if you find something interesting (it’s up to you, we trust you) just give us your translation. Please don’t devote more than 20 minutes, otherwise I will have remorses… Enjoy the weekend in the sunny (hopefully…) Paris.

  9. Tango_down Says:

    On these pics, you are particularly sexy…

    Eva Green : Thank you, but I want to add that I don’t wear this type of underwear usually ! These pics are sexy especially because I play a pin-up role and because I feel at ease faced with the lens of Patrick Demarchelier. He’s a great photographer who definitely knows how to capture the most interesting thing in a face.

    In general, your very glamour look reminds the gold age of Hollywood. It is your favorite period ?

    Certainly… The 40’s represent a great period for the cinema. Great actresses were discovered at this period. Comparing me with these stars is a huge compliment.

    The real red kiss fits you as a glove. You also wear it in your private life ?

    Bright red lips, I love it ! The red lipstick is my favorite accessory to go out in the evening, or when it’s raining a lot and I need to look well instantly.

    Did professional make-up artists and hairdressers whom you met reveal you some pro tricks ?

    I worked in fact with some of the best ones. I borrowed from them some tricks, but I won’t say anything, fearing that they would be angry with me !

    Just like the great smart women, do you flee the sun in summer?

    If I don’t like the sun, it’s first of all because I hate to lie down on sand : it bores me. Contrary to what people think, my skin can tan, but I prefer the pale version…

    When you prepare for a movie, do you refine the look of your character ?

    Of course ! I actually play an enigmatic character who has a 30’s style. I talked about it with Alexis Roche, style adviser at Dior, he helped me by bringing ideas and by showing sketches of the period.

    You were very spoiled with your previous roles. What character would you like to play ?

    Without hesitation : a queen, again. I love characters seen very strong outside, but very vulnerable deep down.

    Among the goddesses of Hollywood, to which one would you award the Oscar of beauty?

    Not an easy thing to name only one. I would say that I always admired Bette Davis’nose and Ingrid Bergman’s look… Among the actual stars, I love Cate Blanchett, who knows how to choose interesting roles. Or Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Village” and “Spider-Man 3”), a sublime actress.

    And on the males side, with which actor do you dream to film (from all generations) ?

    It THE difficult question ! There are so many splendid actors… But I have a soft spot for Jeff Bridges

    The red carpet test, does it worry you or does it excite you?

    To walkl on the red carpet, it’s a very important thing. And very difficult at the same time because it’s necessary to look as nice as possible without drowning his/her personality under a tonne of hairspray and make-up !

    As Marilyn and the N°5 of Chanel, do you sleep with a drop of Midnight Poison ?

    Yes, it’s the only way to make nice dreams ! Seriously, I love this perfume because it evolves on my skin over the course of the day. It represents with perfection a mix between classical elegance and rock not roll attitude. It’s the way I see Dior’s story re-interpreted through the magical creations of John Galliano.

  10. Nohémy Says:

    Shes’s so beautiful , thanks Tango_down , Clémentine and Mariana U’re genious

  11. Tango_down Says:

    George : you can’t translate a text in less than 20 min lol

  12. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: Great work you did!! Thanks a lot… (for my part, I mostly understand the French versionm but this translation is excellent!!)
    I agree: to translate a text of this size, it takes far more than an hour I’d guess!
    So, very appreciated work!!!

  13. Monique Says:

    Thank you, Mariana, Clementine, and Tango_down!!! Great job!!!!

    I’d LOVE to see her as a queen again…

    Oh, yeah, I saw the QoS trailer in the cinema yesterday…of course, I’d seen it before in youtube, but when I saw the teeny portion of Eva on the movie screen I squealed so loud, everyone turned to me and looked at me like a crazy person…I couldn’t help it, it looks better on a huge screen than on a computer…but her scene was so annoyingly short…

  14. George Says:

    Tango_down: I said only the interesting parts (but it’s true that the interesting part was the entire interview as it was brand new). Anyway, it was certainly worthy, I hope that you didn’t miss some good time outside, in the sunny Paris. Let me now faced with my remorses…(lol)

    PS You deserve a THANK YOU TANGO DOWN not just a thank you Tango Down…

  15. Tango_down Says:

    George : it’s not very sunny here, don’t worry

    I translate because I know how it can be frustrating to not be able to understand something interesting you absolutely want to read. I hope and I’m sure it will encourage people to do the same thing in others langages, as russian people (sorry but I forgot their name) did.
    Then, you’ll have more and better exchanges and discussions if all people can understand.

  16. Nohémy Says:

    Tango_down : La traduction est géniale , t’as dû y mettre du temps !! Bon travail en tout cas …

  17. spot Says:

    a great read + an old amazing photoshoot! can’t ask for more! 😉

    thank you Tango_down, Clémentine and Mariana 🙂