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Get to know what kind of luxury bed Eva owns. Click here for the Telegraph Magazine article.

3 Responses to “Eva’s bed”
  1. spot Says:

    when you work long hours, a good bed is a great investment! 😛

  2. George Says:

    Hey, I can recognize her favourite boots in the photo. It’s certainly her bed !

    PS The bad thing with good beds is that you can hardly get away from them (mmm….which is not bad after a second thought…)

  3. Tango_down Says:

    You’re right people, I’ve also made some investment on my bed and I can tell you it produce great results !
    But it’s true that the big disadvantage is the one George mentionned lol

    George : Are you sure Eva has royal tastes ?

    Some flats on Paris look like this one, with the same interior decoration, while from outside you can only see a trivial Haussman style building.