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The gorgeous Miss Green posing as Miss G for a gorgeous photoshoot on the set of “Cracks”. 🙂

Thank you spot! 😉

As mentioned here before, Eva Green plays a schoolteacher in “Cracks”. “It’s quite a dangerous story, there’s a lot of taboos, I play a swimming team teacher who seduces a student,” she said. She’s hoping the film, directed by Jordan Scott (Ridley Scott’s daughter) and set in the thirties, will make the final selection for Cannes next May. “Cracks” doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet.

10 Responses to ““Cracks”: On-Set Photoshoot, 2008”
  1. Monique Says:


    She is so beautiful…she reminds me of Isabelle Adjani in the second pic, don’t know why…

    You know, knowing Eva’s love for pushing the limits and delving into society’s taboos, it surprised me that it took her so long to get a role like this one, especially after The Dreamers…but I’m glad she’s doing this…it’s a chance for her to explore new possibilities…

    Go, Eva!!!! WHOOO!!!

  2. Monique Says:

    Thank you Mariana, Thank you spot!!!

  3. Olga Iv Says:

    Eva looks so young at the second photo….;)

  4. Jay Says:

    Thank jou for the pics!!

    Aren’t there any pic about María yet??

  5. Mariana Says:

    Jay: Nothing yet. 🙁

  6. Tom Says:

    Don’t care for the first picture, her hand shouldn’t be blurry if it’s a posed shot. It detracts from an otherwise nice photo.

  7. thirtyspokes Says:

    I can’t wait to see this dark and fascinating character in action…

    I so admire actors who take on “dangerous roles,” and they’re always the best to watch.

  8. thirtyspokes Says:

    (dare I say — I am even more excited for Cracks than Franklyn?? Who knows!)

  9. spot Says:

    the second photo is DIVINE 😀
    i’ve been excited for Cracks than Franklyn 😉

  10. George Says:

    I agree with you both thirtyspokes and spot. The role is tailored for Eva. (…and her 30s looking is amazing)