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Thanks to Ohdior for indentifying Eva’s dress. It’s Alexander McQueen, you can purchase it here at net-a-porter.com for $4995. 😛

12 Responses to “Embroidered balconette dress”
  1. spot Says:

    the price is not so bad considering it’s a McQueen creation!

    Mariana: i told you about what i feel about Eva and McQueen 😛

  2. S Says:

    What about her shoes? Her shoes were *fantastic* at that premiere, and I’d love to know who made them.

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you, Ohdior! What a grat site. If I was really really really (really) rich I would buy so many things from there!!!! 😉
    I agree with S as well, those shoes were great. I also really liked her clutch bag.

  4. George Says:

    What about Marton sneakers? Anybody has idea?

    PS Thank god is under $5000…

  5. Lola Says:

    Empire has put it’s full 4-star review up of QOS, with references to Eva & her ‘sparks’ with Daniel: http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/reviewcomplete.asp?FID=134523

  6. thirtyspokes Says:

    Haha, yes, don’t forget the shoes… they even received their *very own* publicity at the premier!

  7. Tom Says:

    The shoes are McQueen too I read.

  8. George Says:

    Tom: You mean Marton’s shoes? (…kidding)

  9. George Says:

    Tom: Finally I discovered that Marton shoes are adidas sneakers and I saw a photo of Zidane wearing the same shoes. Great Marton…

    PS At last I took my revenge from the girls talking about Eva wearing Dior, Alexander McQueen etc

  10. Tom Says:

    George, I thought you were joking. I could have told you they were Adidas. The vertical stripes down the sides of the sneakers are the logo for Adidas.

  11. spot Says:

    George: sorry about all the girl talk 😉

  12. George Says:

    Tom: Never mind. Research is always refreshing…