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Dear visitors,

Starting next week I’ll be taking a break for two weeks. So, during this time, there’ll be most likely no updates. I will however ask a dear friend of mine to moderate the comments, and, maybe, upload new pictures of Eva attends a new super important event. If she takes a little longer to moderate the comments than I usually do, please be patient. By the way, sometimes links go into the spam folder. So if you’re a legit member with a legit link and your link wasn’t added to the comments page, leava a friendly comment without links saying that you’ve sent another one with links. This way we’ll look into the spam folder. I may still pop up to say hello during my absence, but it’s not sure yet. Anyway, keep visiting, chatting here in the comments section, browsing the site, etc.

But I’ll still be around until next week.

Your webmistress 🙂

10 Responses to “Little time away”
  1. Tango_down Says:

    Bonnes vacances Mariana
    Profites de ce repos bien mérité

  2. George Says:

    Have a nice time Mariana. Don’t worry about us we will survive…

  3. irina Says:

    ok,i will miss=)

  4. Tom Says:

    Could you ask Eva to stay locked in her house until you return. I can’t bear to think I won’t be the first to know anything she does of interest! Or even worse, have to find out elsewhere.

    If she does leave her house, she will need to wear a disguise. I’m sure she’ll understand. 🙂

  5. Liz Says:

    Have a good time, Mariana, and get new energy.
    I can see that this site and life beyond it demand a lot form you!!
    You absolutely deserve this break!!
    Anyway, I WILL MISS YOUUUU!!!!!!

    But, people, we will encourage us to survive those two weeks, won’t we?;)

  6. EvaAnne Says:

    Dear Mariana,

    Have a lovely and relaxing time, you deserve it! <3

    However, I do think Tom is making a very valid suggestion…. ;-P

  7. George Says:

    Tom: I don’t think Eva would have any objections…

  8. spot Says:

    Mariana, go have fun! you more than deserve it! 😉

    @everyone: you guys will behave right? 😛

  9. Tom Says:

    Spot: Define behave. 🙂

    While the webmistress is away, the fanatical Eva Green fans will play. 🙂

  10. George Says:

    Tom: I like the way you think… 🙂

    PS You scared Mariana and she thinks of postponing her brake (lol)