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Many thanks to our marvellous Russian friend Olga Iv. 😀 I’d also like to thank Penphiselea for sending a scan from the index page, which was her fave from the entire shoot! 🙂 Eva’s smile is really beautiful, don’t you all agree? 😉
I’ll comment more some other day or later, who knows. I’m busy with my break. 😉

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  1. George Says:

    Mariana: Really appreciating the break …of your brake to keep us Eva-full.
    Many many thanks to Olga Iv and Penphiselea.
    I hope that Griffin will never see photo No 6, otherwise we will have a family-drama.

    PS It seems a long interview. Is it new?
    PS2: Favorite photos: No 3 (right Penphiselea?) and No 7

  2. Tango_down Says:

    Great photoshot, I love to see Eva having fun like this, her happiness is ours.

    Good cheer to the volunteer who’ll have the nice courage to translate all the article for the EGW community 😀 (George : look at the way to kindly ask someone for a translation lol)

    Off-topic : I’ve just come back from cinema to see the second part of Mesrine (the public enemy N°1). I hope some of you have already heard about these movies (in two parts) telling the story of the french criminal, I really hope the movies will release in all countries. A long time ago, I heard some rumors telling that Eva was approched by the cast’s director to play one of Mesrine’s girlfriend or more probably her wife with whom he had two children. But finally, we learned that she didn’t going to be in the movie. Anyone of you have ever heard about this rumor ?
    I really didn’t think at this moment that it was a shame, because I didn’t expect anything from a french movie… (what a reputation lol) But after seeing Mesrine, well… It reminds me about the Black Dahlia she missed…
    The rumors could be wrong, but it would have been a great thing to see Eva in this french movie, one of the greatest I’ve never seen since so many times (maybe since “La grande vadrouille” lol). If I had a suggest, go to see this masterpiece !!

  3. Ricky Says:

    WONDERFUL Layout Mariana!!!! I love it!! 😀 And thanks for all the latest photos! Eva is always so beautiful…

  4. George Says:

    Tango_down: Yes there were rumours and Eva’s agent deny it officially if I remember correctly (Don’t worry Mariana will disolve it …after her brake).

    Regarding the translation I start learning Russian but maybe there will be a faster way…

  5. George Says:

    Off topic: Take a look at this


    and tell me the truth: Which of you passed the whole night voting in Hello every 15 minutes?

  6. Ali Says:

    Nice pics!

    Can someone be so kind as to translating the Russian text into English?


  7. Masha Says:

    Hey there,

    I don’t know, if you guys have seen this yet. Eva is featured in this article from NYT Magazine:

    -you have to scroll to the right quite a bit to see her 😉


  8. spot Says:


    thanks a lot Olga Iv, Penphiselea and of course, Miss M! 😉

  9. Eros Says:

    In the picture with her eyes closed and tongue out, she looks exactly like American actress Mary-Louise Parker.

    Very pretty photo shoot. It’s gratifying to see Eva so cheerful! Her smile is gold.

  10. Monique Says:

    KYAAAA!!! I love photos 3, 5, 10 and 11!!!!

    George: You’re right…but though the poodles are cute, I like Griffin better, he’s cuter and looks easier to cuddle, and more travel-convenient…

    Hey, have you all seen Franklyn? because I’ve been waiting and waiting here, but there’s no hint of it at all…:( darn it!

    Anyway, thanks Mariana, Olga Iv, and Peniphiselea (I like your name, but pronouncing it is like a tongue-twister)!!!!!

  11. Monique Says:

    Penphiselea: sorry for the wrong spelling of your name!!!

  12. irina Says:

    i can translate from russian into english.
    This only tells about her life,nothing new=(but if you want……………..)

  13. Liz Says:

    Irina: It would be really really kind of you to translate the interview, even if it is not very special!! But please, take some time. I know translations always take a lot of it…

  14. George Says:

    Irina: Thanks for the offer. If you are still willing, just skip the known facts to mitigate the effort and focus on what you think it’s interesting and new (…it’s left to you the selection). Thanks in advance (or better …spasiba!!!!)

  15. Liz Says:

    I have just found some pictures… they show EVa when she arrived at the airport in LA last year one day before the oscars… maybe it is of any interest.. I am sure it is;)
    he is the link… maybe one of our hosts wants to add some of the pics to the gallery…

  16. Tango_down Says:

    Irina : George is right the whole interview seems really too long (that’s why I said good cheer lol), you’ll get nervous and tired by all that work, thing that we don’t want to impose you. I join him on his suggest to focus on things which are interesting and new, but I trust you when you say there is nothing, if there was you’ve undoubtedly already told us about it.
    The thing which is a bit annoying with journalists is that in each article on Eva (at least the ones I traduced) they always have to tell again her career, that she beginned in The Dreamers with Bertolucci, blablabla… that she’s Marlène Jobert’s daughter etc… as if they were still considering Eva for the perfect unknown actress.

  17. spot Says:

    nice to be back here! 🙂

    irina: take your time in translating sweetie. no hurries! 😉

    My dear Miss M: i see you’re enjoying yourself on your vacation! have fun! 🙂

  18. irina Says:

    All about Eva.

    Eva Green shows that grateful type of an actress which, being already absolute star, all still waits for the leading role.

    Witch Serafina Pekkala from ” The Golden compass “, it Sibylla from “Kingdom of heaven”, Vesper Lynd from ” Casino Royal ” and Eva Green in one person meet me in doors of number hotel Sacher(Salzburg). A black dress in the frills, closed from a neck to toe, black, hardly the confused hair opening the pale person with a high forehead. Bright blood-red lips. The eyes brought by black ink. From its present fine witch distinguishes only an equal white tooth, as from advertising “Colgate”. However, who has told, what at the Swedish dentist and an actress-French the witch cannot be born?
    Eva Green costs on a threshold and, apparently, thinks, to let in me or not , and if to let in, what to do with me then. We are arranged behind a little table in huge, light, in gently blue tones, with a kind on small river Zaltsakh, number. Within the limits of visibility as the strict husband, sits its manager Charles in a grey suit and studies any account book, not looking at all on Eva.
    -You will not disturb, -Charles speaks, – if I shall light?
    Will not disturb? No, at all will not disturb.
    -What at you a beautiful dress. What is it?
    – The truth?-was negligently Eva.-the drops – I has bought it in Paris, in a design shop, so… Something Japanese.

    While I waited below, I saw, how carefully uplifted upward this dress, black, as the London soot, and air, as clubs of a locomotive smoke. And it, likely, waited for it in jeans and a T-short? But I cannot present it in a T-short-or a dress from “Arsene Lupin” at all, or in burnoose the Palestinian princess from “Kingdom of heaven”, or put only to own leather as it Isabelle from “The Dreamers” .В the same dress it rushed above snow deserts in ” The Golden compass “.
    -My son has fallen in love with your fine witch, – I speak.-it would dream to fly with you in the sky of Arctic regions. Black color of your hair for it-most beautiful on light.
    -How many to it of years?
    The actress smiles also some time thinks, whether it is good, little boys fall in love with it, and that to it to answer.
    -He goes to school?
    Itself Eva in sixteen years has thrown the Parisian school and has left for London. It has been completely disappointed by a life, it even has changed mind to become the Egyptologist. It seemed to it, that all is better for leaving these mummies in the Louvre.-I would like to speak on-English, as Englishwoman. Besides there was a good occasion to come off with parental leash. It was the opportunity to change a life and to change itself.
    I with it agree. Having started talking in other language in sixteen years, you are born anew and at once adult, because in English you another, than in French. Eva-convinced anglophile and passionate lover of London and its inhabitants. It considers its more convenient and more stylish (even in connection with restaurants) ” I live in London, but my heart in Paris “, is spoken by it to the Frenchmen. ” I shall always prefer London to my Paris “, it-speaks Englishmen who are amazed to its English.
    -English it is necessary for an actress if you wish to be removed somewhere except for France. It demands a permanent job, I all time grind a pronunciation, I work with coach. But there are things which I am able and like to do only in French.
    Minute we desperately struggle for a bottle mineral water, it wants service for me, I-for it. Eva has changed not only city and language, but even color of hair. The ashy brown-haired woman, almost the blonde by nature, it once was painted in black and since then keeps fidelity to black color in all.-the well studied, but felt at school such unfortunate. I was the blonde, and have decided to become the brunette with a pale leather. In a long black skirt to toe! Not that that I was a little bit crazy… And not that spoke, that I ” the mysterious girl “. Simply in such kind I have felt myself. And then black color-it for certain. Putting on in black, never you will be mistaken with clothes.
    It it is proud corrects for black hair above a high forehead. In the childhood it has been too closed, and mother even sent it to the psychotherapist. The best therapy became actor’s career. Actor’s career in family its mother Marlene Jobert and its aunt Marika Green even father Walter Green, the dentist have already tried, has played at Robert Bresson in “Baltasar”. Mother did not hide from it, that for a life at actresses. The well-known beauty Marlene Jobert, fiery-red, it is short sheared, model, an actress, star Godar, Chabrol and Lelouch, in forty years has spat upon all cinema on light and began to compose fairy tales for children. It has not returned even then when Francois Ozon begged it to play in ” 8 women “, collective benefit performance of the great French with Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant and Danielle Darrieux. It has easily conceded role Isabelle Huppert.
    -I understand, mother was afraid of that,-speaks Eva.-set of talented actors studied with me, it and has not carried. In a film land there is no validity, one accident.
    It, certainly, flirt when speaks, that in its career only one percent of talent, all rest-success. But success, undoubtedly, was. On the Parisian stage in the play ” The Jealousy in three farces ” it was seen by Bernardo Bertolucci. The six-ten years’ Italian has presented Eva the best role in its life – Isabelle in “Dreamers”, film about a youth, sex and cinema. In “Dreamers” Eve has played as if or, can be mother. Rebellious Paris 1968 and a greater apartment where live the brother with the sister, adoring cinemas. Into their pair understanding each other with gesture twins enter their contemporary the American.

    From Eva simply to not allocate eyes since that moment when young Michael Pitt, its future lover, its the first the man, meets it at a lattice of the Parisian Cinemateque. Not without reason Bertolucci has told about Eva: ” It is beautiful up to obscenity “. The virgin who is pretending to be as all girls, sex-bomb, it reduces together two men, the lover and the brother, and in the ending three of them appear in one lay-them a personal result of revolution of 1968. Whether parents doubted it is necessary to it to play at Bertolucci. They were confused not with a risky role (Eva has mentioned once, that mother and has not read through the script), they were confused with glory Bertolucci. It the great director, but Maria Schneider, the girl who has become famous in it ” Last tango in Paris “, has got mental clinic. Eva Green has told, that it is not afraid and that has put here not in Bertolucci, and in Schneider which has appeared is too weak. Shootings in “Dreamers” it recollects as the best minutes in the life-” I noticed nothing around ”
    -It, certainly, there was a shock when my parents have seen me on the screen completely naked. A shock for me, instead of for them.
    I there and then allocate eyes because perfectly I remember how it costs in a door aperture naked from top to toe, and I am afraid, that it knows, that I now see it. Its brother handsome man Louis Garrel, as well as it, the child of French of cinema, the son of the director has played. Eva has sister-twin Joy not similar to it in anything. Speak, that in the childhood the fortuneteller has predicted to sisters, that only one of them becomes a star. Eva studied as an actress, and At school of management. Joy there was the wife of Italian a column and plants horses in a family estate.
    -We in general different, Eve shrugs shoulders,-we love each other. In the course of time became better to understand each other and it is less littered, and since it has married, at us absolutely fine attitudes.

    “The Dreamers” were followed with the invitation in Ridley Skott’s “Kingdom of heaven” where Eve was removed with Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom. The role of the Jerusalem princess Sibylla has not brought glory, but it has appeared not less important in a life. Business not that it was included into lists Hollywood actresses, in the machine of greater studios which it respects, is afraid and not so loves. Its husband-villain has played Marton Csokas. And here now the Hungarian from New Zealand which lives and works in America.
    We have not seen it in two roles suitable to it in ” The Black dahlia “, in ” The Constant gardener”. Of its refusal of “Dahlia” have made the whole history-Eva explains to me, that it has simply been borrowed, could not meet the director, and not too it liked a role which to it offered.
    -However you are not able to tell “are not present”,-with respect I nod.-not only cinema likely in a life too?
    – Same it is very heavy. It is possible to wound the person, to me it is always complex. Joy to me has told then: ” If you are afraid want I shall call to its agent? ” And I at all was not afraid.
    And at last the role which can make well-known any actress has come and once and for all spoil its life. Eva Green has played the next James Bond’s next girl ” Casino Royal “, and now it exasperate with questions of type: ” What to feel the girl of the Bond? ”
    Eva is grateful Daniel Craig-when it have asked is undressed in the staff and it has refused, it has supported it. The present Bond, which on the request ” allow me something to dress to not leave naked of bathing ” brought slippers so never would act. But Eva of other opinion ” From all Bonds I would choose Daniel. It present-alive, dangerous, rude. I think, it would rescue the Bond-without it history has died “.

    In the evening we meet Eva on reception in the gallery of the modern art costing on edge of park Mirabelle plums. This time it executes secular duties Salzburg festival Eva has arrived under invitation Montblanc. Mark supports young opera singers and director, and Eva speaks about it with the greater respect supported by diamond stars in ears. It again was in a black dress, this time Valentino. A transparent bodice, a transparent back, transparent sleeves with a fabric collected above an elbow and below a shoulder so that there is an effect of the lowered a little boa. In this dress it is thin as a chip, it is a little stoop, and at it an exemplary structure of the woman of a modernist style.
    When the actress goes it habitually tightens a long dress-in fact it without heels. When wishes to show attention it is not bent languidly to the interlocutor, and does a grimace and obediently rolls up eyes, as the girl at a lesson. And at any opportunity leaves in a shadow, vanishes from eyes so, that you will not find.
    I have found Eva Green in the most dark corner of a garden. It stood, having nestled on a fencing, and drank water from the high glass which has been removed from a tray of the waiter. When manager Charles has brought to it the second glass, it has seized it in other hand and drank alternately. Charles complains to me as the old friend: ” always it seems to Eve, that it is insufficiently beautiful, it is afraid of interview and journalists who lull its sweet questions, and then beat under guts “. As if confirming its words, the crowd of reporters and photographers attacks on an actress, is built by a semicircle and demands attention. It resists a little, becomes then habitual before them, having accepted a picture pose. Eva Green hates photographers who persuade it ” a little stay itself “.
    -I do not wish ” to be myself “, it is better another. It that, for what I love actor’s work.

    Near to this fine bird the infernal bird this evening was not any equal to it of the man. The girl was one and, appear, with horror waited, when from it will demand to appear on public. Eve does not love a night life. Eva badly sleeps-girl it woke up in four and could not fall asleep, since then it prefers to lay down early and early to rise.
    In gallery meanwhile there passes exhibition Anselm Kiefer. The garden is filled by sculptures of the well-known German, one of which instantly becomes the center of events. It is a monumental heap aluminic books in human growth, braided by barbed wire. And all the evening long various beauties fought around, leaving on the wire pieces their air dresses and scarfs. Eva looks at them with sympathy, but it seems to me, that it that moment when from sweet maiden persons the on duty secular mimicry flies, and with lips-amuses a strong mot.
    -Eva, what to me to transfer my son?
    -Tell to it, that it will be obligatory to fly with me-night, in a dream.
    – When you will have children, you will write too fairy tales, how your mum?
    -Oh, I do not know, whether I can be responsible for children, I meanwhile cannot answer even for the dog.
    Its terrier Griffin lives with it in London and does not like to travel.
    Eva Green again leaves in a shadow, and its red lips are shone on the white person, is exact at the tragical clown. Where Tim Burton, if does not see the actress goes. It is pleasant to it demonic roles. It likes to laugh loudly, showering head, to fly in the star sky and to leave naked to the lover. But in fact the director that it has dared it to make is necessary.

  19. irina Says:

    hope without mistakes)

  20. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: you are absolutely right. I don’t understand why they always have to tell the entire story!!??
    I think everyone, who is just a little bit interested in movies or who has seen just one shot of Casino Royale, knows Eva’s face and then he/she will know who she is.
    Is it of any importance that she is Marlène Jobert’s daughter?? Clearly not! Of course, in some way it is important (…without mother no child…blabla) but it surely doesn’t have taht much influence on her career that they ought to mention it everytime..
    Dear journalists: please get aware of the fact that Eva is no unknown in film business!! At least not anymore since CR or even KoH!!!!

  21. Liz Says:

    Irina: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
    You made a wonderful job!
    This must have been really hard work and it probably took a whole bunch of hours!
    You deserve a long and loud applause!!!

  22. Tom Says:

    For those of us who know of Eva, it’s redundant. But perhaps this is someone’s first exposure to her, and they are reading all of this for the first time? It is possible that the first time someone EVER noticed her or made a connection to her was by seeing a Montblanc or Dior ad. So while it is rather tiresome reading the same questions and answers over again, it is a small price to pay for the possible reward of expanding her fan base. 🙂

  23. Liz Says:

    Another tour through the net and another Eva exploration.
    It ‘s a video of Dior’s catwalk show in Paris. We can see and hear Eva giving a little comment on it.
    VOGUE is offering a nice range of videos… I think I will continue my discovery journey=)
    Here’s the video link:

    Hope you enjoy it!!

  24. George Says:

    Thank you so much Irina. Welcome to the club called OTEVI (Official Translators of EVa’s Interviews!!!). Tango_down is the chairman

  25. Ali Says:

    Thank you soo much Irina for your precious time and effort!

  26. Tango_down Says:

    Well, thanks irina for your work but I would prefer calling Eva “her” instead of “it”, not to consider her as an object 🙂

    Liz : you told exactly the same speech I would say to journalists lol
    You see again in the article irina translated there are still two big paragraphs talking about her Dreamers and KoH’s adventures, I’m getting tired about that.
    Let’s imagine an article on Clint Eastwood about his recent movie “The Exchange” as director, saying that he was an actor before who played in western films, as For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
    That’s the way to look ridiculous and to treat people like idiots lol

  27. spot Says:

    irina: thank you very much for your hard work! it is greatly appreciated! this site is so lucky to have you as a family member 🙂

    RE: consistent mention of Eva’s family and early acting background: it’s also a PR ploy. the mentions of her discovery, past work and family (including Marlene and Walter’s) background solidifies her credibility as a legitimate actress. it also doesn’t hurt to be associated with these projects (hence the consistent mention of Bertolucci and Scott). while it is the writer’s prerogative on leaving out some details, i believe that it’s vital to mention such things to further familiarize Eva to the readers (or viewers, for tv or live interviews) and to those who doesn’t know her yet. admit it or not, when it comes to established names, Eva’s not yet that established as say, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron, that’s why they always have to write such things. Tom said the other reasons (thanks Tom 😉 )

  28. irina Says:

    Tango_down:to tell the truth for translation I used the program the translator, as if translated itself, it would borrow more time (and I very much would like you to please.)

    In some places instead of Eva it is written Eve, I am sorry it has insufficiently well checked up = (

  29. Tango_down Says:

    Tom : You’re right, it’s also a good way to introduce Eva for people who still don’t know her.
    However, I could understand if it was before CR but since then she became a lot more famous, appearing in a lot of greats even, BAFTA and even Oscar’s ceremony. I think you don’t need to be a fan to know a bit of her filmography, each one who goes often to cinema has certainly already heard about her, and maybe has made some researchs on her career to know that she’s Marlène’s daughter, played in The Dreamers, etc…
    And then, journalists can let people make their own researchs, googlelize on her, thing that they will certainly do if they’re really interested about this actress, instead of use the third of their article to remind each time her career with a long narrative.
    After having to read a hundred time her biography in each article on her, I get the feeling that journalists still consider her as the perfect unknown, it’s a kind of way to not give her a lot of credit, thing that I totally dislike. Anyway, let’s put it in the lack of culture’s fault.

  30. Tango_down Says:

    spot : I didn’t want to offend you, sorry if you took some of my crude words as personal. I’m not criticizing the job of journalist but the fact that you can find some subjectivity considering someone as unknown in your own point of view, and write your paper as if it was really the case. That’s why I thought if it’s just to remind people her career, a simple information box on the corner of the article would be enough, instead of a long narrative.

    Finally, I really appreciate your point of view plus Tom’s one, you’ve just showed that there are a lot pertinent reasons to do that, and that I realized, so thanks for sharing it. Maybe I’ll be able now to be more tolerant with it.

  31. George Says:

    Amy: I have two questions for you in the latest posts of the 13th of November thread regrading “Cracks”. Check it…

  32. spot Says:

    Tango_down: hey, you did not offend me at all. i was just explaining and pointing out the reasons why such things are done 😉

    you have a point but it’s SOP for most publications and it’s how PR works. even if Eva appeared in main awards shows, such as the BAFTAs and Oscars, she’s still not mainstream and is generally not that known in the US where the main market is. Such reminders are necessary if you ask me PR-wise. besides, background information box would look weird on Vogue or Vanity fair 😛

  33. Tango_down Says:

    spot : So I did well to not choose to be journalist, with my classy and trendy background information box on the corner lol

  34. spot Says:

    Tango_down: hahahaha 😆 perhaps, but you’re classy on another level, my dear 😉

  35. Liz Says:

    Mariana: I dent you an email last thursday to the address from the contact information.
    I hope you got it??!!

  36. Tango_down Says:

    spot : Your spotlight also diffuses as many class as light.

  37. spot Says:

    Tango_down: 😉 You’re becoming my favorite here 😛