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Franziska was lovely enough to send us a link to a Swiss article in which Eva says that she loves Switzerland and wants to buy a farm there after she retires from acting. Unfortunately Franziska is too busy to provide a full translation. But Maria from Magnifique Marion Cotillard was a sweetheart and translated it for us!!! Thank you Maria!! 🙂

PS: If anyone has the Reporters Sans Frontières book please send in a scan to share with other fans! 🙂

In Casino Royale she was still in love with James Bond. Now however actress Eva Green has fallen hard for Switzerland.

Elegant wardrobe, carefully (elaboratively?) coiffed hair, deep black mascara: the woman who is sinking into a dark leather sofa of a Genevian jeweller establishment comes across as mysterious and very very sensual. For the opening of a new Montblanc store Eva Green is once again visiting Switzerland. Also this time she caught fire (?): “Already from the plane I saw the snowy mountains”, raves the French woman with Swedish and Algerian roots. “Gorgeous”.

Her partiality for the Rhone city isn’t the exception. “No matter if it’s Gstaad or Vevey, I just feel safe (at home) here”, she says. Another Swiss product leaves her cold however: of all things she’s virtually indifferent about Marc Forster’s flick “Quantum of Solace”. “I haven’t even seen it yet”, she confesses. And this even though Green portrayed not just any of the British superagent’s countless playmates in “Casino Royale” but his big love Vesper Lynd.

“Maybe the film did increase my market value”, she says, “but for me it was a role among many”. Much rather she focuses on revealing appearances and complex characters in her films. In Bernardo Betolucci’s “Dreamers” she sank into raptures of sex and love. In the science fiction thriller “Franklyn” she portrayed a student afflicted with (plagued by?) suicide thoughts.

And in her most recent film “Cracks” she plays a swimming instructor who seduces one of her young students. “What fascinates me are characters revealing abysses”, she explains. “The more out of touch and crazy a script is the better”.

Anyhow, only two years after “Casino Royale” there’s nothing left of the image as a tantalising but brainless Bond-Girl. “Nevertheless, I still have to prove a lot”, says Eva Green. “And when I’m tired of the film business I’ll just buy a farm and move to you to Switzerland.”

13 Responses to “Swiss Article”
  1. Guy_Lusignan Says:

    Could someone tell me when was this article published??

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Mariana Says:

    Guy: 14.12.2008

  3. Guy_Lusignan Says:

    Thank you Mariana!

  4. irina Says:

    Thanx Franziska, Maria and (of course) Mariana you are brilliant!!!=)

  5. Aeso Says:

    When I come to think of the time I spent learning German and I am still unable to understand a single article, it’s depressing. Anyway, thanks for the translation^^

  6. George Says:

    Thank you Franziska, Maria and Maria-na (what about your break?)

    PS Maria’s site for Marion is superb. Viv the French actresses!!!

  7. Tango_down Says:

    No way to start thinking about retirement from acting ! lol
    It’s true that her thirtieth birthday approaches and that she’s no more the young Isabelle we’ve seen in The Dreamers. Time runs so quickly.
    But we shouldn’t care about time, Eva has that kind of beauty which seems eternal, in our heart and our mind, that kind of eternity that even the Holy Grail can’t bring you.

  8. brenda Says:

    i would like to know if ‘evagreenweb’ have a forum…

    this fansite is amazing!

  9. Tascha Says:

    Aeso: don

  10. Tascha Says:

    Yes, thank’s to Maria and Franziska. Maria, you did a great job. Wanted to do it on my own, but had to waste my time at a dentist… just guess, what I’d prefer… so, thanks.

    Aeso: don’t bother, German’s a “cruel” language… all these articles, all the grammar, all these “sayings”. It’s the same for me with Russian.

    P.S. Sorry for the first trying… I was too fast.

    Tango_down: A horrible imagination! Eva breeding sheep and goats and making her own cheese? Maybe in – hm, 30?- years or so, but not right now, where I just discovered her… It’s just like the pregnancy discussion you recently had…

  11. Liz Says:

    Tascha & Tango_down: Even the idea of retiring drives me crazy!! As you said, time won’t take her beauty in any way, it can only increase it through getting wiser and more experienced!

    Maria and Mariana, thank you!
    You did a great job. Even though the original article is my mother tongue I really like your translation.

  12. Veronique Says:

    And I’ll buy a farm next to her and we’ll enjoy our old days together!

  13. Liz Says:

    We have two new little videos of Eva at the BAFTAs this February when she is pfotographed on the red carpet.
    See yourself;)
    1.) http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=aXRGCHlK6JQ
    2.) http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vm-KlLMWEE&feature=channel