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Thanks to the wonderful Lorna for the scans!!! 😀

PS: The two missing pages are new in the gallery.

46 Responses to “GQ UK March 2009 Scans”
  1. Tango_down Says:

    Thanks a lot Lorna and Mariana !

    Great interview, it reminds me the Madame Figaro one where Eva stood up at the end to check the lock of the door. I definitely love the narrative style of those yeasty and talented journalists !

  2. Lola Says:

    She’s on the cover, they could have at lest given her more full-page shots! I’m so annoyed – those pics were stunning, they deserve to be much much bigger. [Raspberry] 🙁

  3. Liz Says:

    Oh sweethearts, you really rock this thing!!! Thanks so much Lorna and Mariana for this fast upload!!

    Lola: Me too, I am disappointed a bit that they don’t give her more pages and photos. But have you seen this little arrow on the bottom of page 215? Couldn’t that mean that the interview continues on the following page??

    Anyway, I love this shoot… Eva looks quite seductive and just gorgeous!! But at the same time very, very classy and chic I think…
    Well, nothing could destroy her natural beauty!!!

  4. Mariana Says:

    Liz: I thought so at first too, but that’s how they end their interviews.

  5. Ems Says:

    Hi I am new here but love it!

    Anyway there is another page with loads of questions. I would scan it but don’t have a scanner!

  6. Mariana Says:

    Ems: Thanks for letting us know. I emailed Lorna. 🙂

  7. Olga Iv Says:

    Yes, I also think that the article is not complete.
    Anyway, Thanks a lot !!!!
    Eva is stunning (as always) 😉

  8. Liz Says:

    Oh, I am so curious about the missing questions=)

    Besides, Franklyn is shown at the Glasgow Film Festival February 16th, 9pm and Frbuary 17th, 2.15pm .
    To those people who are able to go there: You’re lucky guys;) Hope you’ll enjoy it!

  9. George Says:

    Than.. Lorna !!! (A full “Thanks” – with a poem…- with the last scanned page (lol).
    The interviewer was a bit rude, according to my opinion, asking about her nipples bringing his guest in an uncomfortable position (oh sorry I forgot it was for GQ…). Eva seems to be annoyed and that mobilizes all her cynisism with the “… A pennis, maybe”

    PS: I know which web page Eva means. Don’t worry, we are not among them…

  10. Mycah Says:

    Totally gorgeous!

  11. Lola Says:

    Could someone scan the contents page that has cover info. in small print. There’s usually a tiny reprint of the cover image itself, with a listing of fashion, make-up and hair (styling/product) info. 😉
    Thanks 😀

  12. Tom Says:

    George, what web page? I enjoy spirited, intellectual conversation and might join. JK! 🙂

  13. Liz Says:

    Mariana: Thanks a lot for the missing pages.
    She is such a joker=) Love it. She really knows now how to react to those “stupid” questions some journalists use to ask.
    There are a few new things we get to know: i.e. the gardening sounds to me really funny (me, for my part, I hate gardening. but perhaps will discover it when older)…
    I didn’t know she didn’t practice playing the piano any more… but Chopin’s “Nocturnes” isn’t that easy…
    I could go on and comment on most of her answers but this would actually lead too far.
    Anyway, her last line really makes me laugh out loud;)

    She manages quite well to make me love her even more with every little interview…

  14. Paolo Says:

    Che donna!!

  15. George Says:

    Tom: The level is very high and I think that you will feel embarassed among all these intellectual giants… (lol).

    PS It’s shocking! You can find perverts even in IMDb…

  16. Tango_down Says:

    Being french is also using good sarcasm when journalists ask stupid questions 😆

    Eva’s answers to all that tits and carrot questions are very funny 🙂

    George : I saw also a topic on allocine.fr created by a french girl who complained about all Eva’s nude scenes, calling her “Eva the libertine” (lol). I wasn’t among the ones who strongly defended Eva and Bertolucci’s movie in that topic, but after a while, maybe a year, the girl came back to answer in her own topic that she was sorry for all things she said about Eva, that she learnt to know more her and has become one her fans. Good story finally.

  17. Tango_down Says:

    Tom : The level is at least tenth more intellectual than here, just an example : there are about hundred people who post each one of their posts writing a poem ! “Ode to the nipple” and things like that…

    Liz : Chopin’s nocturnes are not very difficult (the proof is that I’m able to play some of them !! 😆 ), but it shows that Eva has a good level. But then, there’s playing and there’s playing…

    (as Vesper said to Bond there’s dinner jacket and there’s dinner jacket)

  18. Tom Says:

    It’s funny George, but I have read those postings on IMDB (why they weren’t deleted by moderators, I don’t know) and I believe they are more recent than Eva let on. Perhaps she does surf the net “Googling” herself?

  19. George Says:

    During the oncoming carnival I will disguise as Haruki Murakami and go to London. Who knows…

    Lorna: I don’t know if it’s you that make the additional scanning but anyway you certainly deserve my promised poetic thanks because the interview was very-very interesting:

    A big “thank you” to Lorna
    For providing the scans
    Eva, what a persona
    All the beauty, at a glance

    Mariana, don’t get jealous. You deserve much more than a poem verse 🙂

    Tango_down: (1) Maybe she is among us !!! (the regreted girl I mean…).
    (2) You are challenging my poetic abilities with these odes…
    Liz: I thought the last line would make you nervous. Even GQ journalists are not well informed…

  20. Liz Says:

    George: Sure, it nearly gave me a heart attack.
    But considering that the journalist doesn’t sound that reliable with his questions about carrots and stuff, I calmed down and convinced myself of his ignorance.

    About those nasty discussions: It can be really annoying what some people think they have to right to say about others they don’t know at all.
    I wonder why they don’t delete those posts on IMDB where they talk about breasts and everything. That’s really strange to me.
    Another point that is absolutely mysterious, why do people have to insult each other on boards that should be dedicated to Eva, a film or any other star???

    Now, I am trying my hands at these poems…

    EGW, created with ambition,
    Let’s keep the tradition.
    Photos, people, everyday anew,
    We love the EGW-crew.

  21. George Says:

    Liz: It seems that EGW starts becoming a Joyful Poets Society with Mariana being the Captain my Captain…

  22. Tango_down Says:

    George : You asked for it, so here is “The ode to the nipple” 😆

    Ode to the nipple

    My dear nipple,

    You fed me when I was little
    You were that woman so gentle
    singing that lullaby all alone
    with your voice I could hear so low

    My dear nipple,

    Your landscape is so beautiful
    with that two hills very sensual
    I wish I could pick their flowers at dawn
    at the peak where they nicely grow

    My dear nipple,

    You lit in me that candle
    that to resist I’m not able
    to the tentation unmoral
    to bite into the apple

  23. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: WOW!
    You definitely have talent!!
    I love it.
    Please go on….=)

  24. Liz Says:

    By the way, are there any information if Eva will attend the Bafta’s ceremony tomorrow evening??

  25. sandrine Says:

    George say (1) “Maybe she is among us !!! ”
    That’s a great observation you’ve made George. 🙂

    “C’était il y a trois ou quatre ans, je devais avoir 14 ans à l’époque, quand j’y repense ça me fait sourire parce qu’après avoir appris à connaître Eva je me suis rendu compte qu’elle valait tellement plus-que ça! cette fille reunit à elle seul les qualités que je trouve rare et importante à mes yeux! Dans l’absolu ce qui me hante c’est de me dire qu’elle ait pu lire ce post et se sentir blessé, rien de pire pour la “fan” que je suis! il est clair que je manquais clairement de discernement à l’époque j’espère vraiment qu’elle a vu mes excuses et qu’elle m’a pardonné, si jamais elle est tombée dessus…”

  26. George Says:

    Tango_down: Fantastic! Was it for a specific nipple or in general ? The JPS* (attention, not GPS, this is another thing) rocks!

    *Joyful Poets Society

  27. Tango_down Says:

    Sandrine : Le monde est petit 😉
    Je crois que tu n’as rien à te reprocher, au contraire. S’il existe une grande qualité qui distingue les gens c’est surement pour moi celle de savoir se remettre en question pour aspirer à être meilleur avec le temps. La perfection n’existe pas et ceux qui y prétendent sont des gens vraiment vides et ennuyeux… Le fait que tu aies su faire cette démarche par toi même concernant le jugement que tu portais sur Eva, c’est une preuve pour moi et pour tout le monde d’une grande qualité en toi. C’est bien parce que j’ai été admiratif de ton attitude, et apprécié de suivre son évolution sur le topic d’allocine, que j’en ai fais part à toutes les personnes ici présentes.
    En résumé Sandrine, je te fais part de ta rédemption. Amène !

    PS : ton pseudo sur allocine c’était bien Simply ? 🙂

    George : No, not specifically for Eva’s nipples, not for private nipples either… (do you realize you’re asking that same kind of question than GQ’s journalist ? 😆 ) … just for women.

  28. Johnny Says:

    Eva looks really gorgeous in this photoshoot! Thank you Miss M (as always) and Lorna!

    I really like the fact that Eva is making fun with some stupid questions that the interviewer made to her (carrots? What the fu**?).
    Despite of that I really like the beginning (“angelic goth godess” looool) and is always good to read more on Eva’s everyday life.
    I also like to see that she has no regrets for being absent in Quantum of Solace. That movie was so worse than Casino Royale… and I also agree that she has a “perfectly formed portfolio” 😉

    One think I noticed is that she doesn’t talk about any upcoming movies after Franklyn and Cracks… That’s too bad 🙁

    Tango_down: I loved that poem “Ode to the nipple” LOL. You and George are becoming the official “Living Poets Society of EGW”

    Liz: I hope that Eva attends the Bafta’s ceremony as it’d become her first red carpet appearance in 2009 😀

    P.S.: this whole thread must be nominated for the “funniest thread ever”. I’m laughing at almost every comment in this thread LOL.

  29. George Says:

    Johnny: You forgot Liz for our Poets Society

    Sandrine: As Sherlock says “Elementary Watson”, I was almost sure. There are no Eva fans around the world that haven’t visit EGW. By the way, you and Tango_down make me regret every hour of escape from the French courses…

    Tango_down: You are right, sorry for my indiscretion but I was seduced by your poem… By the way, the most sensual nipples are from the ancient greek sculptures like e.g. Aphrodite of Milos 🙂 End of nip(ple) & tuck conversation…

  30. sandrine Says:

    Tango_Down, Ce que tu dis me touche énormément, de plus c’est étrange j’ai l’impression que ta démarche d’en parler ici m’a alléger d’un certain poids. Alors, merci à toi!

    Ah oui, Simply était (est toujours d’ailleurs) bel et bien mon pseudo… 🙂

    George: Same here, everytime i come on EGW, It’s really make me regret why didn’t i chose the English language at high school, but it’s never too late that why i try learn English via internet… with more or less Success. :S

  31. Tango_down Says:

    Sandrine : De rien, je t’enverrai une facture, d’ailleurs à ce propos, tu paies par chèque ou par carte ? 😆

    Entre nous je crois sincèrement que ces paroles ne sont pas seulement les miennes mais seraient aussi celle de tous mes camarades (dont George s’il savait mieux lire le français 😆 ) et surtout aussi, celle d’Eva 😉

    Pour une personne qui n’a jamais appris l’anglais à l’école tu te débrouilles pas mal. Pour ma part je suis encore à faire des phrases sans queue ni tête en allemand 😆

  32. spot Says:

    thanks for the scans Mariana and Lorna! 🙂 the photos inside are better than the cover, wish there’s more though.

    LOL@Tango_down & George 😆

  33. sandrine Says:

    Tango_Down, encore mieux ; je t’enverrai un poème à la place <3

  34. Johnny Says:

    You’re right George! I’m so sorry Liz! I forgot to include you… 🙁

    Anyone know if Eva attended the BAFTA’s ceremony?

  35. Mariana Says:

    Johnny: She didn’t.

  36. George Says:

    Tango_down: George may not read French well but Mr Google does (hehehe).

    Sandrine: the poem in English please in order to be more easily appreciated 🙂

  37. Tango_down Says:

    George : I know him, he’s our common good friend, as the penguin and the fox 😀
    I didn’t ask you yet but do you eat some apple or big Mac ? For my part, I’m very convinced by the Leopard. I don’t expect anything to look through the window for the 7th time.

    Sandrine : C’est vrai qu’un poème, ça n’a pas de prix 🙂
    Pour tout le reste, il y a… 😆

  38. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: You know, what your post #37 reminds me of?
    It’s the father’s line from The Dreamers : A poem is a petition and a petition is a poem.

    (I didn’t get the last part of your joking with George… can you explain it, please, for the un-knowing?

  39. George Says:

    Liz: the upcoming Windows 7 (new version after Vista). It seems that you have studied the Dreamers. “A poem is a petition…”, interesting…

  40. sandrine Says:

    Bien trouvé tango_down… Ha Ha Ha! …:D

    George: A poem in English? that’s a big challenge for me. 🙂

  41. George Says:

    Sandrine: Easy, match the emotions with the words. Even I can do it…

  42. Tango_down Says:

    George : Writing a poem is already hard to do in our own language. But maybe we are much more demanding about selecting words and rhymes, and how sentences sound.

    Liz : Computer’s world is all about original appellations and representations.

  43. Tango_down Says:

    Liz : Today at work I stayed pensive seeing a great quotation written on a card : “Our best common points are our differences”.
    I think it could be a good title for your poems collection, it goes very well with the EGW community (we’re all differents but seem to have lot of things to share in common)

  44. George Says:

    Tango_down: The rhyme is not necessary. It just justify my poetic vanity (you know “I will find a rhyme, I will find a rhyme…”). The challenge (in the real poems, not mine…) is to find sharp words and phrases that can translate emotions and make people think and wonder…

  45. Tango_down Says:

    George : You mean that you’re a prose writer. What I meant is in french you can make nice poems, but comparing with great authors like Apollinaire or Aragon it often looks like a school essay, even worse a kid writing. Because of that high level, to create something decent needs lot of imagination and originality. But that is how I feel the french language in poetry, which is my opinion.
    For my part, I think poems act like mirrors, they express some feelings you’ve hidden deeply in you, and by the beauty of their expression, touch you. Who has never recognized him/herself as an albatross ? (“L’albatros”, Baudelaire) Who has never felt time runs like a river’s flow, sweeping forever all your love memories away ? (“Le pont Mirabeau”, Apollinaire) etc etc

  46. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: I like your suggested title.
    Will edit it immediately!

    George: Thanks! You know, I don’t really know much about computer languages and the market… but Mr. Windows seems to enjoy his success which is generated by us buying his programs.
    Well, I didn’t STUDY The Dreamers but I always give a special attention to the dialogues to test if I am able to keep them in mind like actors are supposed to.