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Today I bring you scans from the January 24th 2009 issue of Madame Figaro. This issue was a Travels Special. And Eva was interviewed and photographed especially for it in China!

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  1. George Says:

    What a smile! Thnx Mariana.

  2. Tom Says:

    When were these taken?

  3. Tango_down Says:

    Great choice by Madame Figaro to select Eva for this special issue. We not only travel by the decor of China but also by her presence in these pics. While a landscape needs sculptures and monuments to express a magnificent beauty, the same beauty can be found simply in a woman. That’s unfair…
    I like her make-up which makes her looks like an asian woman (at least a little bit).

  4. George Says:

    Tom: There was a Dior show in Beijing in autumn I think after the Olympics
    Tango_down: Anything special in the interview?

  5. Tango_down Says:

    George : I was waiting for your “Good morning” or any other expression 😀 I thought at first that all people have learned french since the last translation.

    You’ll have my answer in a big PS :

  6. Tom Says:

    Thanks George, but I wanted specific dates and times. 😛

  7. Tango_down Says:

    Tom : Maybe a good astronomer among us will be able to tell you the exact time on each pic according to the position and the angle of the sun 😀

  8. Tango_down Says:

    On the 2nd pic, I bet we’re lot of people here thinking “Ah I really would like to be in place of that column !”. Life don’t give us many opportunities to be jealous of a column.

  9. Tango_down Says:

    George : That’s said, I want a poem in french, right now !

    PS :

    China girl Eva Green

    Who better than Eva Green, the dark muse of Mignight Poison by Dior with the body of a cosmopolitan heroin, to be the spirit of our special issue’s journey ? We followed the young actress in Beijing, in the cente of the Forbidden City.

    If Gustave Moreau had met Eva Green, he would have painted her. Huysmans would have described her as a “mercenary of Darkness”? With her delicate face, her extreme paleness, her huge blue eyes with carbonaceous make-up, Eva Green is a symbolic beauty. Gothic, people say actually. She is delighted with the compliment and cited Munch, one of her favorite painters. The imaginary of the fatale woman is not far away. The temptation to put her in that register is evident in cinema, as in “Casino Royale” where she dominated James Bond. This is what Dior learned from her by electing her as dark muse of Midnight Poison perfume.
    On that day, we are together with her in Beijing and lead her to the Forbidden City where she has never been. For our special issue, she is the ideal incarnation of the cosmopolitan heroin, French living in London and carrier pigeon. She crosses solemnly the Tian’anmen Square, goes past the immutable portrait of the Great Helmsman. Army Gguards recognize her, linger, photograph her. People are gathering : China is very awake in front of Eva Green, who plays the game with entertained smiles like a little well educated girl with no patience limit.
    We discover a smart and shy young woman that the instantaneous celebrity has certainly disturbed. Suddenly, Miss Green withdrawed a little. It’s over. Here she is again a the heart of cinema in two english movies to be released this year: “Franklyn”, a polar science fiction, and “Cracks” in which she plays a teacher in love with one of her students in a boarding school of the 40’s. Fragments of speech.

    “There is a gap between my image and reality… People consider me as a gothic fatale woman, besides, when I’m on red carpet, the flashs tend to make me looks deathly pale ! I’m not gothic at all, but if Tim Burton call me, it’s yes ! At the same time, playing the seductress poisonous a bit witch, it’s fun, it’s like a little girl dream in reverse. But in life, I’m not a nasty. However, I learned one thing : when you’re an actress, you must be tough. I noticed that when you are too nice or too conciliatory, people become pitiless with you. ”

    “I would like to consider this job without thinking but I can’t … I should be sedated ! (she laughs …) I believe there is a kind of very strong masochistic components in me that is exacerbated by the job. It’s not a pain either but more like to lead a permanent battle to get in fact rather little pleasure. But when the pleasure is there, it’s increased tenfold : when I play another person, I feel more alive and stronger. But then, I’ve shot only seven movies, which is not much, I admit. I said no to many things, I’m too selective, I have to learn to be less picky. In fact, I’m an absolutist : to accept a movie, everything must be perfect for me. Though I’m thinking that I have to do my job: shoot, shoot, shoot, this should be the solution. I think I am going through a phase. At the period of James Bond, I thought I still had much to prove, and this impression has persisted. Here, two english movies will release this summer. I’m heading toward a more independent cinema. And I would love to shoot in France, meet Audiard or Desplechin. People think that I’m unapproachable because I live in London but this is not true, of course.”

    “I am a Mummy’s girl and at the same time, I live far from my mother… You have to take the decision to sail away, what I did in moving to London. With my mother, the relationship is sometimes confrontational and I often blame myself : strangely, parents are the persons that we spare the less while they are probably the ones who love you the most. But this dialogue with my mother is very important. I rehearse with an english coach who is very smart. I wouldn’t talk about Method, it’s too pretentious, but I work a lot before shooting on the meaning of scenes. I love rehearsals, it’s a shame that nobody takes no more time to do it. I dream on Bergman’s shootings, my idol, and how he was making his actors rehearse… ”

    “I’m very connected with real life … I don’t live in a locked house in Malibu with paparazzi on my door. I try to make this job not the only important thing in my life, even if it has taken a lot of place and it’s not without difficulties. Basically, I may be more reckless than I think. I resist but I’m going to the front. And I also know that we should not take too much time on our way too. Social pressure requires to be successful at 25 year’s old, and time runs faster for an actress… ”

    The art of traveling all over the world

    “When I travel, I am a real yokel (she laughs). Well I exaggerate a little, but I am not afraid of the backpack even if you won’t meet me in a campsite. ”

    The fear

    “I’m afraid of small planes, private jets that move and resist bad to wind. I’m afraid of the crash. ”

    The dreamed destination

    “Cold Countries. Moscow, St. Petersburg, fantasies of romantic winter.”

    The remedy against jet-lag

    “Drink water and stay up, don’t take a nap.”

    First move abroad

    “Eat. Taste. See performances. ”


    “Tasmania. My “boyfriend” family lives there. It’s another world, the “Planet of the Apes”set, With an oustanding silence … “

  10. sandrine Says:

    Très bel article!
    Oh mon Dieu! Eva, ne change jamais rien!

  11. George Says:

    Tango_down: Bonjour et merci beaucoup! (…is it enough?) I meant to make a resume not the whole translation. Your poem is in my mind. During the weekend it will be extracted in your screen.

  12. George Says:

    Ode to Tango Down that translates the article of Madame Figaro special travel issue: (long title but never mind…)

    A poem in French?
    For expressing my thanks?
    Ok, I promise I will
    If you translate Suahil 🙂

    Look at Eva’s smile
    it deserves every mile
    travelled for her grace
    even in the far-most place

  13. Tango_down Says:

    George : I think it takes more time to think, select and sort the informations out than to translate all the article in a single stroke. At least, from my own experience. Then thinking about what is new or not : is the narrative way to tell a travel in China with Eva new or not ? Is the way to talk about her picture as a fatale woman new or not ? etc etc I don’t want to get worked up with that.
    But if you’re not happy with the full translation I can let you improve your french 😉 (joking)

  14. George Says:

    Tango_down: I just wanted to save your time. Your willingness was so moving that I wrote two strophes…

    All: check this

    At least promising !!!

  15. Jen Says:

    Mariana, this site ROCKS still after all these years. Great job on the updates and I LOVE the layout!:)

  16. EvaAnne Says:

    George: an interesting article. It should make a good movie, Agnieszka Holland is an intelligent director.

    I do wonder if the part might not be a bit to similar to Vesper’s for Eva to be interested in it. The article says she’s “in the running “, but this probably means that she is being considered for it by the casting director, right, not that she has actually auditioned..?

    Well, we’ll know more at some point, I suspect. And maybe I’m wrong, maybe Eva *would* be interested in playing this “other side of Vesper Lynd”…

  17. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I think that the casting is running. Debbie Mc Williams, the casting director, is the one who picked Eva for Vesper’s role. So, I think she liked her and maybe Eva has good chances although these things are confidential and unstable until the signatures drop. Now that I am thinking I owe to Debbie. If there was no Debbie my life would be probably Eva-less, without EGW and I wouldn’t write this post…

  18. Johnny Says:

    Those photos are so cute 🙂 thank you Mariana!

    Thank you Tango_down for the translation! My french is so bad, I wasn’t understanding most of the interview :s
    I’m happy to see that Eva is starting to consider in doing more movies!

    George: nice finding 😉 I hope Eva is interested!

    This role would be great for her, she was fantastic as Vesper Lynd. However, as EvaAnne said, she may turn it down because of the similarities between the two roles. Even if she accepts to audition, she still has to face some heavy competition, like Kate Winslet (who is in huge right now… I mean she won TWO golden globes and may win an Oscar). Besides Kate is more of a “Hollywood A-lister” than Eva. Though I don’t what they exactly mean when they say “A-lister”

  19. Tango_down Says:

    George : Thanks for your poem ! Don’t take my supposed wilingness too seriously, just wanted to find out if you could do it 😉