M.   /   July 11, 2009   /   4 Comments

I’ve added 6 beautiful “Franklyn” stills thanks to Anouk. 🙂

4 Responses to ““Franklyn” Stills”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    Wow, thank you Anouk and Miss M., beautiful stills!!

  2. Tascha Says:

    Indeed, the stills are great! And most luckily, the film’s now out on DVD.

    But does anyone know more about Mona Lisa?

    I was just visiting imdb.com and someone’s saying there that it’s cancelled because Mickey Rourke was fired… ???

  3. George Says:

    Thanks Anouk and Miss M.
    My personal flavour about Franklyn was that it had the potential to make a hit but something was missing… However, Eva was very good (I like her more as Sally than Emilia), but her best role according to me till now still remains Vesper.
    I say till now, because Miss G and later Rebecca are waiting in the corner…

  4. EGW webmistress Says:

    George: I’m not sure if they wanted to make a hit. I think they wanted to make an intriguing film that would keep you thinking even after you see it. It was told to be some kind of V for Vendetta means Dark City but it’s more like Brazil. And yet it’s different.