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Bottom Line: Ridley’s daughter makes her directing debut with this stylishly unstuffy period piece.

Eva Green successfully leaves Bond behind as a free-spirited teacher at a British girls boarding school who isn’t all she’s cracked up to be in the erotically-laced period drama, “Cracked.”

Marking an assured feature debut by Jordan Scott (the daughter of Sir Ridley), the gorgeously appointed film might have benefited from a subtler touch, especially in its later frames, but the performances she coaxes from her all-female cast receive top marks.

Placement with a specialty outfit is a no-brainer.

The year is 1934, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it the way Green’s Miss G struts down the halls of the elite girls’ school where she instructs her swimming students that desire is the most important aspect of life.

With her cigarettes and silk pants she’s the embodiment of cool sensuality, but the arrival of an exotic Spanish student (Maria Valverde) causes irreparable fissures to form in that carefully cultivated facade.

Adapted by Scott, Ben Court and Caroline Ip from the novel by Sheila Kohler, the film neatly sets up the inevitable triangular power struggle between popular Miss G, the new girl and the resident mean girl (the superb Juno Temple), but once the heated plot kicks into gear, Scott gets a little heavy-handed with all those meaningful glances.

But she lends just the right weight to that tangible sexual tension hanging in the air and elicits confident performances, especially from Temple and Green, whose disarming stare can go from sultry to intimidating with the unblinking of an eye.

Production contributions are top drawer, led by cinematographer John Mathieson (a frequent collaborator of her father’s), whose radiant compositions — particularly those slow-motion diving sequences — strike the desired sensual chord.

Venue: Toronto International Film Festival (Distributor)
Production companies: Cracks The Film Ltd., Element Pictures, Future Films, Industry Entertainment, John Wells Prods., Killer Films, Scott Free Prods.
Sales: HandMade Films International
No rating, 104 minutes

Source: Hollywood Reporter

16 Responses to “Cracks — Film Review”
  1. George Says:

    Miss M, you came back very active. It seems that you had a good charge during the break…

  2. slayer Says:

    yes! i can’t wait to see this! love it when a good review precedes a movie coming up!

  3. spot Says:

    nice review!

    thanks for this Miss M!

  4. George Says:

    Given that the subject of the post is the reviews, I cannot resist reminding you this one (also acclaiming):

  5. A. Says:

    Thanks for these review, all the critics I’ve read are acclaiming Jordan’s work on Cracks and Eva’s performance (I can wait to see the result of all these great talents combined)
    And Eva ison the cover of the russian Citizen K (you can see some pictures at the photographer’s blog Egor Zaika http://egorzaika.blogspot.com/2009/09/blog-post.html)

  6. A. Says:

    Of course I meant that I can’t wait.. ahhh, I should be more careful when I’m trying to speak english :p

  7. Kiska Says:

    This makes me happy.

    And for that, I am forever grateful <3 Thank youuuuuuu!

  8. HAS Says:

    Interview with Eva about Cracks: http://video.cineplex.com/?fr_story=1cf5898883d09ad84f44e67b0703ac6093fe4323&rf=bm

  9. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you, A.! A great new photoshoot!

  10. George Says:

    Thank you HAS !!! At last we saw the first scenes from Cracks compensating the absence of the trailer. I think Eva is more mature than ever in the interview.
    She will make me travel to London on October 25th 🙂

  11. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you HAS, that was a great interview. And I loved the previews of Cracks!!

    George, does Cracks show in London on October 25th? Because I am supposed to go to London the week after, but this may be a very good reason for me to plan my holidays a week earlier…

  12. spot Says:

    *planning a trip to London on October*

    thanks for the links guys! 😉

  13. George Says:

    EvaAnne: Yes see the schedule here:
    It will be also showed on Wednesday 28th

  14. Tango_down Says:

    *planning to take the Eurostar on October*

    Thanks a lot HAS !

    Do you hear people Eva saying that miss G makes her think about Adele H’s character ? Many years ago seeing Isabelle Adjani in that role gave her the “desire” (the same desire she talks about in the interview) to become an actress, and now she’s playing the same kind of character. The circle is now complete.

    You know that’s how you recognize a full artist. Most artists were young people enlighten by the vision of something which gave them the desire to become what they are now, that’s something they dreamed about and built all time long. But to give life again to that vision on your own, that’s something very special.
    Eva as miss G might give desire to young girls, in turn, to become actress. And life goes on…

    PS : One of my favorite motos is “And life goes on, not the cold”, which is a medicine’s slogan lol

  15. George Says:

    Tango_down: After your inspiring comments I really feel the DESIRE to take the plane for London 🙂

  16. EvaAnne Says:

    Tango_down: I was thinking that too, when she mentioned Adele H.!