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Here they are! 😀 I know you’ve been waiting for them impatiently. 😉

The magazine is out today and we have exclusive scans thanks to Lorna! 🙂

25 Responses to “Tatler UK Scans”
  1. Paolo Says:

    I’m without words, Thank You!!

  2. George Says:

    Thanks Lorna for the quickness and of course Miss M.
    I think that they put the wrong photo in the cover. 🙂 You can hardly find so classy nude.
    (…but maybe they didn’t have Eva’s consent, I don’t believe they are so blind…)

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    So she split from Marton then? It’s implied in the interview…. Sad if true!

  4. carol82 Says:

    Well it seems that if they broke eva and Marton. interview is very interesting, thanks.

  5. melfan Says:

    thanks lorna for scans!

    i saw there’s a page in paris match this week with the nude picture too..

  6. Tango_down Says:

    Oh my God ! Eva broke with Marton !

    Sorry… hum

    I’ve never read Eva so much tired, it’s like she’s almost depressed and I feel very sad for her. I hope and I wish things are going to turn out right for her, and she’ll find one day that peace in her she’s looking for, in India or elsewhere. It’s the thing she deserves the most, much more than being successful as an actress.

    People send all your support to Eva, if we can be helpful in anything to make her smile.

  7. Ems Says:

    I found this interview a bit sad. Eva just doesn’t seem too happy.

    As for her and Marton she is as coy as ever. I wonder if she is playing her usual interview tricks!!

  8. George Says:

    I think that the male population of EGW finds the interview rather encouraging 🙂
    However the style of her answers reveal a tired Eva. I hope she will get some time for her own soon…

  9. carol82 Says:

    If during the interview eva seems sad, their responses are tired

  10. sandrine Says:


    Un sage homme m’a dit un jour “c’est bon d’avoir son échappatoire” quand rien ne va plus, une sorte de roue de secours qui lorsqu’on est au plus mal est la certitude qu’avec elle on retrouvera toujours le morale. Je pense, peut être que je me trompe, qu’Eva, en choisissant de faire ce métier voulait comme la plupart des acteurs échapper à quelque chose voire même à elle-même.

    Ceci pour en venir au fait que, sa carrière et sa privée seront toujours deux équilibres d’importance (presque) égale dans sa quête du bonheur et lorsque l’un sera au plus mal, il y aura toujours l’autre pour la remonter vers le haut. Si comme je le pense, Eva a choisi de faire ce métier par passion et non pas pour l’argent ou seulement pour la gloire, ça ne serait pas le bon moment pour elle de baisser les bras au cinéma. Dans le cas contraire ou si la passion n’y est plus, c’est dur à dire, mais il vaudrait peut-être mieux songer à quitter la profession ou, et c’est là que je vais te rejoindre; faire un break. Maintenant il paraît que la période la plus fructueuse pour artiste est aussi souvent la plus tourmenté de sa vie personnelle. Finalement peut-être qu’il faut-être un peu mazo pour faire ce métier, le plus difficile étant de le savoir et ne pas trop s’en inquiéter…

  11. sandrine Says:

    A wise man once told me “it’s good to have something to escape your mind” when you’re not going well, a kind of spare wheel which, when everything is wrong, is a certainty that you’ll recover, you’ll be fine again . I think, but I may be wrong, that Eva, by choosing to be an actress wanted, like most actors do, to escape from something or even from herself.

    The point where I’m getting at is that her career and her private life will always have the same balance considering their importance in her quest for happiness, and when one is getting wrong, there will always be the other to give her « joie de vivre » again. If, as I think, Eva has chosen this job with passion and not for money, or just for glory, it’s not the right time for her to give up cinema. Otherwise, or if the passion is gone, it’s hard to say, but it might be better to consider leaving the profession or, and this is where I will join you, take a break. Now it seems that the most fruitful period for an artist is often also the most tormented of his/her life. Finally, perhaps you have to be a little bit masochist to do this job, the most difficult is to be aware of that and not to worry about it…

  12. George Says:

    sandrine: Thanks for the time you spent to translate the comment. It was certainly worthy, because we can read (and understand) your fruitful thoughts and interact.
    I think that Eva may be looked tired in the interview but who on earth doesn’t have this kind of moments. Fortunately, life is not a linear process. Ups and downs are always present in life (and this is good…) and I think she knows how to surpass them. I agree so much with the “something to escape” and Eva certainly has this option. If you have people around you that they love you, you have nothing to be afraid of. And Eva has…

  13. Marion Says:

    So, so beautiful omg.

  14. sandrine Says:

    You’re welcome George but all thanks for this translation go to a gentleman.

  15. George Says:

    sandrine: Thanks also to this gentleman. Is he part of the EGW company?

  16. d Says:

    The last two photographs are quite poor. They manage to make an extremely beautiful woman look almost ordinary. Why was the last photograph shot with a soft focus? There are lots of random photographs shot at film premieres where she looks far better than this. Not impressed with this photographer

  17. Lois Says:

    The interview itself is very melancholic shows a Eva Green who answers questions without actually answering,in si.Un example is that it is not clear during the interview if you continue with your boyfriend or not, so leave it in suspense, not talk about that topic.
    But the photos to me personally if I liked, shows a very beautiful Eva.

  18. Vesper 007 Says:

    These photos are simply to die for! A young goddess.

  19. Churrys Says:

    According to some sources cite Internet and eva marton are planning a trip together, it seems that like to have a new opportunity.

  20. kev Says:

    The cover is so chic!

    I think that she is very melancholy. She asks herself too many questions. This the problem of persons who are very intelligent. They analyse all they do and it could be a problem to make progress in their private or professionnal life.
    She has to be more cool…

    I give you a link where you can vote for Eva’s red lipstick on red carpet. Glamour or not? That is the question…
    Of course she is glamour, she is beautiful, talented, intelligent. Why does she doubt ???
    She broke with Marton (if it’s true)?? She will find someone else i’m sure.
    Eva I’m here, I understand you et je parle français!!!! Maybe she will read my comment …..

  21. carol82 Says:

    Ay parts of the interview that I can not understand (something wrong with google translator)
    but it surprised me to Eva’s response to the question “that you do after The last word.eva answers” I’m going to kill myself “and then give shouts of joy.
    I think Eva throughout the interview this melancholy, sad, and I really hope you find the peace you are looking for.
    Churrys: If it’s true what they say internet, I hope you are happy.

  22. Tango_down Says:

    kev : just say “Eva, marry me !”

  23. kev Says:

    Tango_down : I can’t do that!!! It’s a little hurried no??? lol

  24. Ea Says:

    OMG she’s so gorgeous!!! I’m drooling all over the table…

  25. valter scott Says:

    Eve Green copies English actress Sharlotu Reempling!!!!!!!!!! There the photoshop and on light is hair on a body, it does not shave them as considers that it fair-haired so it will not be visible!!!!!!!!!!!!