M.   /   December 31, 2009   /   4 Comments

Again thanks to kev and Lorna for these. 😀

Happy New Year, everyone! And here’s, right in time, the January wallpaper by mata (who still is terribly sorry for not using that pic – the time will come 😉 ).

4 Responses to “Scans and January Wallpaper”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks again kev and Lorna for the beautiful scans.
    Mata thanks for the calendar page. Although a bit gothic it’s a wonderful synthesis (…everything with Eva smiling is wonderful). I wish you a shining 2010 that will be reflected in your artistic calendar pages 🙂

    PS I promise that this was my last comment
    (…for 2009 🙂 )

  2. Marie Says:

    Happy New Year (bonne année 2010)

  3. Nikos Says:

    Happy New Year to all my friends here and like George said, Kev & Lorna thank you for the pictures as well!!

  4. Donald Says:

    You can set multiple wallpapers in rotation mode both on windows and mac.