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Today I have a special and rare treat for you! It’s an interview with Eva for Version Femme magazine dating from 2001! She was promoting her stage play “Jalousie en 3 Fax”. 🙂

PS: It seems like Eva was born on July 6th 1980 instead of July 5th or 7th. We had already seen the July 6th date in an old (from 1980) interview with Marlène Jobert (view scans here).

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  1. George Says:

    Thanks Miss M. I wonder how did you find all this stuff. As usual, I didn’t get everything from the interview but I realized that Stephan Zweig is not a new fruit for Eva. She has already mentioned him from 2001…

  2. Nikos Says:

    Hi Ms M
    Could not view the weblink, just wanted you to know 🙂
    Hope all is well these days

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    So I have been celebrating Eva’s birthday on the wrong day? Darn! 😉
    Could anyone translate the Femme magazine interview? I am especially interested in Eva’s theater years (I’m going to theater school myself…).

  4. A. Says:

    Eva Green, a rising star…

    In “Jalousie en 3 fax”, the young Eva Green shows some promising talent and one’s charm comparable to Marlene Jobert’s, her illustrious mother…

    A name worthy of an international star, a mother who is an actress… it’s like you were predisposed to become a comedian.

    Yet, I never thought I would take up such career before I entered in 8th grade*. Pupils could follow theater classes within the context of their studies. I was such a shy child that my professors almost made me choose that option, as a therapy… At first, I wanted to leave my school and go to another one, but eventually, it happened to be a true epiphany ! I wanted to stage, direct. The virus of acting, I caught it after a theater training class in London, where I was at the time in order to perfect my english. That specific experience decided me to become an actress.

    The first public performance is always decisive in a career. Why did you chose that play ?

    The producter of Jalousie en 3 fax saw me on stage, in class. He told me about the play and my agent took contact with Didier Long. For me, he was the director of Roman de Lulu but above all Mademoiselle Else and Master Class, two plays that I just loved ! When I met him I was very intimidated, but he managed, at once, to make me feel at ease. Didier is young, modern, he has nothing to do with the haughty, big bearded and conservative theater man cliché…

    He says about you : “Eva, it’s rigour, ardour and enthousiasm.”

    As for the rigour, it’s true that I’m a very perfectionist person, never satisfied with my work. The ardour maybe comes from my obsessive side, I always go all the way. And the enthousiasm can be explained by the fact I’m passionate about this profession…

    Your twin, Joy, does she consider an artistic career ?

    Not at all ! She’s following business studies. Since we are false twins, our personalities are very different. Besides, I would not have like to have my double in front of me ! Joy is cartesian, manual, she lives in the concrete while I’m on the moon, a dreamer.

    Dominique Labourier et Isabelle Gelinas are your more experimented partners on stage. Don’t they mothering you a bit ?

    Yes, they do it a lot ! They call me “the little bird”. They give me a lot of advices and reassure me. There’s an extraordinary atmosphere on that play.

    Besides these comedians, who is “around you” everyday, who is your models ?

    I have a lot of admiration for Cate Blanchett. Isabelle Huppert also impresses me. Otherwise I like Sandrine Bonnaire, really true, really sincere.

    Is there characters that make you dream ?

    Mademoiselle Else, without any hesitation ! I studied it, acted it, I know it by heart : it’s the role of my life ! I love the nordic universe of this play. I’m a fan of Arthur Schnitzler nd Stefan Zweig. My father is swedish and I would love to know the nordic countries. Unfortunetely, I didn’t get a chance to yet.

    What do you think about the roles that are usually proposed to the young actresses ?

    In the cinema industry, to play a great, complex character, you need to have a name… In theater, you get more chances to play complete characters, even when you’re not well known. Besides, I feel a bit out of phase with the female characters of the present independant cinema, I feel like I’m not modern enough… But thanks to the role of Isis, a dynamic bouddhist student in Jalousie en 3 fax, I discovered I could interpret contemporary characters.

    By the way, did theater really cured you from your shyness ?

    Not really. I’m still a hugely shy person, for example, very less at ease in interviews than on stage… It’s horrible, I don’t like to talk about myself.

    What can we wish you for the next ?
    To feel more and more blossomed in everything I do, to take more and more pleasure from it…

    * I’m not familiar with the American/english system, so if anyone french people know what 5éme is, let me know 😉

    I think it’s cute she liked Mademoiselle Else so much, I read it for a literature class on the stream of consciouscness and it was just marvellous, and I have to say I would love to see her interpret the complex Else.

    As for the “Eva in eight keys number”
    3 “The three faxes of the play, the only way for the three characters to communicate between them. They’re fully-fledged characters.”
    21 : “My age ! Born on July 6th 1980, I’m Cancer ascendant Virgin. Iris, my character is twenty but I feel like I’m just so older than her !”

    I’M sorry, I’ll finished it later ! I just saw I’m late for something tonight and … ! Sorry again for all the potential (and certain) mistakes on this, I can’t read it again.

  5. A. Says:

    And thanks miss M for the real little treat ^^ !

  6. A. Says:

    9 : “9 o’clock. The curtain rises on the stage of the Paris’ Petit Theâtre and I have stage fright. All the more my turn is just forty five minutes after Isabelle and Dominique, who already seduced the audience…”

    2 : I’ve got two close friends who are comedians too and that I see separately. With each one of them we are…as thick as thieves !” (is that the right expression or do english prefer saying “like sisters” ?)

    11 : “September 11 th 2001. We were on rehearsal, a week before the first representation when we learned about what happened in New York. We were like paralysed, unable to continue…”

    7 : “My mother saw Jalousie en 3 fax seven times. She is very happy that my career begins with that play.”

    13 : “I’m very supersitious. I always wait for friday the 13th with anxiety, and that day is always filed with some little strange events…”

    2003 : “If everything works fine, it’s the year for the play to go on tour. Before that, she will be played in an another parisian auditorium.”

    That’s it ! 🙂

  7. George Says:

    A: Thanks so much for the wonderful translation! 101 in Tango_down’s scale!
    Saying that she is a “dreamer” Eva showed her prophetic capabilities 🙂
    EvaAnne: I will keep 5th of July (5 is my favorite number) unless we have an official correction. Lucky you for the theater school! Good luck, at least you have a good inspiration source.

  8. EvaAnne Says:

    THANK YOU A.!!!!!

  9. spot Says:

    i love how her personality has remained consistent through these years 🙂

    thanks for the translation A. and great find Miss M! 😀

  10. A. Says:

    Thanks for the support George and EvaAnne! :d Glad it helped !
    And Eva will always be our favorite dreamer, won’t she ? I love how mature and nice she was. She’s surely more reserved now, but I like her for that too. In some way, I would like to see more of her, and of course, I get excited about any new project she’s in and would like to see her in more movies. But in the other hand, things are fine just as they are. She’s slowly beginning to show how talented she is, and gets involved in more and more intriguing, nice and complex projects. I think the D.Mackenzie movie will do a lot for her recognition (his movies are actually quiteelaborate and meaningfull) and of course, I can’t wait to hear more about Mona Lisa (did they finally rename it Shame ?)

    EvaAnne : to my point of view, going to theater school is such a brave thing to do ! I’ve been traumatized by a cruel teacher when I was a child, now I can’t go on stage without shaking from head to toe. Anyway, good luck with that, I hope it will be a fruitfull experience for you 🙂

  11. EvaAnne Says:

    George: Quite! I can only hope for such a career as Eva’s. Although I do NOT want to be even as well-known as she is now…

    A.: Awww, that’s too bad! Stupid teacher!! I’ve had my fair share of rejections too, in the few auditions for theater schools and actual roles I’ve been on. That’s the hard part. 🙁
    But when I’m on a stage, performing, I just feel so ALIVE, which makes it all worthwhile.
    (So far, anyway…. I believe in my country about 80% of all actors in out off work, so…)

  12. spot Says:

    EvaAnne, you have my full support! i hope you’ll do well 🙂 just don’t forget us here when you made it BIG :p

  13. EvaAnne Says:

    spot: haha! 😉 Off course I won’t forget all of you! LOL! 😀

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