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In a ‘Web Exclusive’ Vanity Fair magazine listed The Top 10 Most Stunning French Actresses – among them Eva Green, of course.

Name: Eva Green.
Age: 29.
At her most stunning … in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers (2003), loafing around a fabulous Parisian apartment naked, embroiled in an incestuous threesome as the May 68 riots rage in the streets below. Ah, Paris…

12 Responses to “Vanity Fair names Top 10 Stunning French Actresses”
  1. George Says:

    Quite an honor for Eva to be among the all-time french actresses. And she is by far the youngest…
    The daughter overcomes the mother. The only negative is the comment: From the whole Eva’s career he (for sure is a male…) focused on her nudity in the Dreamers. Eva is much more than this…

  2. Foost Says:

    That’s some good company!

  3. Nikos Says:

    Yes George I agree Eva is Much more then what she is even given credit for….
    As I said she is One of the BEST to come along in a Long Time.
    She is a All around Treat to watch everytime she performs……
    So I wonder…Does she need a Spartan BodyGuard : )
    Eva if your Reading I’ll take the Job… 😉
    Sas Agapo

  4. irina Says:

    http://www.spletnik.ru/events/20071-vruchenie-premii-novye-golosa-montblanc.html few Eva’s photos in St.-Petersburg

  5. kev Says:

    eva particpated to the “festival des nuits blanches” in Saint-Petersburg, organized by Montblanc. She was by Adrien Brody’s side.


  6. George Says:

    Niko: It seems you have strong competition 🙂


    By the way new Montblanc – Eva event. Interesting…

  7. Nikos Says:

    Hi George and all my Friends as I hope everyone is well as we get to see and hear new things about our favorite actress and or at least mine and that would be Eva.

    LOL George me have Competition…Never however I am sure he is nice Adrien Brody but he has nothing on the Spartan believe me 🙂

    Ms M thank you for All yo do and I hope all is well these days!! Now Nikos is off to fight the Bad Guys 🙂

    Best Regards!

  8. George Says:

    Niko, I wasn’t talking about Brody. I was talking about the Russian boxer for the bodyguard position…

  9. Nikos Says:

    LOL That is Fine George Vidal is a Great Guy and Good Boxer…But the same there…
    No Match for the Spartan! : )

    Best Regards,

  10. joyce Says:

    i can’t help loving her eyes.

  11. spot Says:

    get it Eva get it!

  12. hernán Says:

    no se lo que dicen pero eva es la mejor