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Thanks to edenLiao, we have a new photoshoot from Russian magazine Menu from August.

  • Menu (Russia) – August 2010
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    1. George Says:

      thanks edenLiao.
      Mmmm, nice fireplace. It must be very cold there to light the fireplace during the summer. A better explanation is that it was ignited automatically with Eva being so close… 🙂

    2. Paolo Says:

      The first picture is now on the desk of my cellular.:-)

      Thank you!

    3. Antigonus Says:

      Like the Art Nouveau fireplace and cabinet in the background; wonder are they original? seems likely

    4. Nausicaa Says:

      I found the link on imdb.

      She looks…breathtaking.

    5. George Says:


    6. Nikos Says:

      George –

      You are Funny : )
      And Yes My Friends Eva looks “Beautiful”

      Hope everyone is doing well these days!!


    7. carol82 Says:

      camelot official sitio

    8. ammar Says:

      official site of camelot:

    9. Johnny Says:

      Hi everyone!

      Thank you edenLiao for the pictures! Eva looks gorgeous as always!

      I think I have some news regarding Womb. It was exhibited in Reykjavik International Film Festival in this section: Emerging Master

      If you pay attention to the little image it looks like a new one, but I can’t seem to find the gallery… Nevertheless in the page for the movie there’s a complete 4 minutes trailer!

      Also I found two interesting reviews, one from Toronto and other from Reykjavik:

      I hope Eva shows up at London Film Festival for Womb, as she already missed Locarno and Toronto!

      You may already know about this but I found this article regarding the delay of Perfect Sense:

    10. Isabelle Says:

      Here is the video from the photoshoot with an interview. Unfortunetly, someone did a voice-over translation in russian therfore you can barely hear what Eva is saying…!