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Elegant Eva Green sat down with Cinematical during Sundance to discuss her new movie ‘Perfect Sense,’ an intense love story with a sci-fi bent. Green plays Susan, a successful epidemiologist who’s falling in love with a caddish chef named Michael (Ewan McGregor) just as a bizarre disease begins spreading around the world. Known for her star turns in movies like Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘The Dreamers,’ ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and ‘Casino Royale,’ Green’s intensity and intelligence is matched perfectly with McGregor in David Mackenzie’s affecting Sundance standout.

Cinematical: In researching your career in ‘Perfect Sense’ as an epidemiologist, did you learn anything that you didn’t want to know?
Eva Green:
I went to a biologist’s office and the lab … She started talking about all the viruses around and it was so complicated and I was really bad in biology in school, so I didn’t understand everything, but what was amazing was the sense of humor that they have. They joke about death and diseases all the time, and it’s kind of [a] very dry sense of humor, and that was very interesting.

It would make me paranoid to learn more about viruses and things happening like that.
No, I think [because] they’re more aware of what’s going on, the less paranoid they may be than [we are]. But it’s just their sense of humor that struck me a lot.

It seems so bittersweet that your character is finally opening up as the world …
Is falling apart, yeah. It’s a very unconventional love story. It’s mainly a love story, and in the background you have a worldwide epidemic that affects the senses, the emotions, and she, my character, is kind of uptight and she’s guarded and she’s suspicious of men. She’s just come out of a difficult relationship, and she meets that guy who actually just works around the corner and she’s very guarded at the beginning — very cynical, actually — and little by little, she falls in love with him. And weirdly, he awakens the sensual side of her. I mean, it sounds a bit cheesy. It’s kind of weird. It just shows that love is the most important thing, you know?

It’s interesting because there’s this small subset of intimate, lovely films that science fiction but also very personal.
It’s a grounded sci-fi. You don’t have spaceships. It’s not like a typical end of the world movie. It’s a new angle on it, and it’s more focused on humanity rather than special effects.

How did you and Ewan work to create such a dynamic of two people opening and blossoming in the middle of chaos and terror?
What’s great is that we had the luxury to rehearse a week before shooting, and David, the director, helped us to find the tone of the script, because it’s a very weird tone. There’s a lot of black sense of humor. The writer’s Danish, but it almost sounds a bit British sometimes; it’s a kind of wry sense of humor. And to find the intimacy — I mean, I didn’t know Ewan at all before, so it was very helpful, you know, made us comforted to know one another, and Ewan is a very open, generous, simple person. And I think the chemistry works.

It’s interesting that your name keeps popping up on short lists or wish lists, perhaps, for superhero roles. Is that actually something of interest to you?
No, somebody just asked me if I was, like, on the short list for ‘Batman’ or something, and I was never approached for it. I don’t know. I think it’s a lot of bullshit, and people just throw your name onto the Internet or something.

You were on the short list for Catwoman in the next Batman movie.
Really? If only. No.

Is that of interest?
Just Catwoman?

No, in general.
It depends on the director and it’s always important that there’s another facet, that it’s not just like a very strong woman. It’s nice to see the other side, the vulnerable side, the most human. So I don’t know. If it’s a bit cliché or cartoon, I don’t know.

How are you finding Sundance so far?
This is my first time here. I had a movie that came here, ‘The Dreamers,’ the Bertolucci movie, a few years ago, but I couldn’t come so it’s my first time here. I mean, it’s amazing. When you land, you look like you’re on Venus or something; it’s completely mad. It’s beautiful.

By Jenni Miller


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  1. EvaGreenWeb Says:

    Sundance Interview: ‘Perfect Sense”s Eva Green: http://evagreenweb.com/?p=856

  2. Nikos Says:

    Very Nice article I enjoyed reading it……
    Oh Yes HHHhhhmmmmmm……..Eva as Cat Woman
    now that would be Very interesting!!!

  3. Nikos Says:

    Almost forgot and Most Important!!
    Mariana I love the Work You do and appreciate All your work you do by keeping this Site Going Strong!!
    Sometimes I forget to say “Thank You”
    Honor & Respect

  4. Audrey Says:

    Few more photos from sundance here:

    and here: http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/-TB19mSL5lD/Perfect+Sense+Portraits+2011+Sundance+Film/VY_vp2nqJFE/Eva+Green

    I found the second one very funny, and eva as perfect as usual.

  5. George Says:

    With Perfect Sense Eva raised this week to 69th place from 508th last week in the imdb starmeter. Quite an improvement which reflects the interest of imdb visitors in Eva’s new role.

    Niko don;t forget the premiere of Camelot on February 25th (preview of the first episode). Stay tuned…
    Min to haseis 🙂

  6. EOva Says:

    The theatrical realse date for Womb (in Germany) is April 7th 2011

    The website is in German


    Also a nice new trailer

  7. np001 Says:

    @George, She is numero uno as far as we are concerned!!

  8. lecieldeparis_ Says:

    @EvaGreenWeb Eva doesn’t have a twitter, right? All the twitters here are fake it seems.

  9. Nikos Says:

    Thank You George my friend & Yes I will stay tuned
    for Ms Green can’t wait to watch her!!!!
    Camelot on the 25th I cleared my day to relax and watch the show as I need a break these days 🙂

  10. np001 Says:

    @Nikos, George,
    Any information on when Womb is going to be released??

  11. George Says:

    @np001 in Germany premiere is on April 7th
    I also discovered a new trailer!!! http://www.womb-film.de/index.html

  12. Nikos Says:

    Hi np001 I have not heard of a release date unless
    Sir George has : )
    I did read something about Eva & Dark Shadows that will be with Johnny Deep>???? Not sure how true this is.

  13. Isabell Says:


    I just read it on Deadline and I am sooooooooooooooo excited for Eva since it was always her dream to work with Tim Burton! I think that this info is prety much the truth because Deadline is one of the most reliable sources in the U.S revolving around the Entertainment Bussiness. They get their info directly from the agents and studios… this is pretty much a given…

    WOW Eva as Angelique! A dream come true! The best part about the role is that Eva will not have to diye her hair blonde! I´ve always watned to see her as a blonde and now she gets to be one for the role of Angelique!

  14. George Says:

    @Isabell Yes, in Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. http://www.thewrap.com/movies/column-post/eva-green-talks-join-johnny-depp-dark-shadows-24460

    Cross fingers guys 🙂

  15. George Says:

    Write “womb-film.de” in google and in the first result you will directed to the official site of the film with a brand new trailer. Awesome!

  16. George Says:

    @Isabelle Yeah, with Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows!!! Cross finger guys 🙂

  17. nikos Says:

    Thank you isabell & George for confirming 🙂
    That I agree will be a Great role for Eva and it is Great to see all the work she is getting as she really is such a Great Actress!!
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  18. Lola Says:


    Eva Green Haunts Dark Shadows
    She’ll play Angelique

    04 February 2011 | Source: Deadline


    Things certainly are picking up at the gothic mansion where Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows will be set. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Jackie Earle Haley and Bella Heathcote are in talks to join the cast, and now comes word from Deadline that Eva Green has nabbed the female lead.

    Green, still best known for Casino Royale, is locking in a deal to play Angelique Bouchard, a powerful witch who, in the original show at least, is the woman who originally puts the vampiric curse on Johnny Depp’s Barnabas Collins. Their back-story was explored in the mid-60s on the soap, and the pair developed an intense love connection that saw Angelique tormented by her feelings for her fanged creation.

    Burton and Depp (who counts himself a massive fan of the series) have been itching to get the film version in front of cameras for ages now. And with a script from Seth Grahame-Smith, they finally seem ready to go. With all the fresh casting news, it sounds like Warners is committed to having them start shooting within a few months. Given Depp’s crowded schedule, who can blame the studio?

    James White 😀


  19. np001 Says:

    @ George, Thanks a TONNE. That was just awesome.
    @ Nikos, We never doubted her acting skills, did we. Ms Green is just awesome, not only looks wise but also her acting!! EVA GREEN IS THE BESTEST!!!

  20. amy Says:

    I love Eva Green, I hope this will be the breakout role that seperates her from every other bond girl

  21. George Says:

    Have you ever heard it? A song devoted to Eva: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDMW17k8lGo

  22. Nausicaa Says:

    Eva’s been added to the cast list for “Dark Shadows” on imdb. Perfect. I’m very happy for Eva – this is like a win-win-win-win for her – this is a great role for her in just about every way. Yes, she is playing a witch *again* but supposedly Angelique is a complex character. I can’t wait to see who else is cast. Burton’s favorites includes a few of my favorites such as Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham Carter (another favorite of Eva’s). Now I’m crossing my fingers that the story/screenplay is good!

    In other news, it looks like “Callas” has been placed on the back burner. I was never very optimistic about it getting made, esp. with no director attached.

    Finally, Al Pacino dropped out of “Arbitrage.” Hopefully, the filmmakers will be able to recast his role quickly and get the project going without a hitch. I don’t know much about the role, but my pick for the role would be David Strathairn.

  23. nikos Says:

    Hi Nausicaa,
    Thank you for the updates, Great Eva News but was sorry to read what you wrote that Al Pacino is dropped from Arbitrage as it would of been great to see Eva with him 🙁
    Either way I wish the director Nicholas Jarecki the best of luck as he is a Great person & director!!!

  24. Astrea Says:

    Eva is in the LA Time Magazine about 50 most beautiful women in film ^^


  25. Johnny Says:

    I’m so happy to see that Eva is working with Tim Burton! I said, maybe a couple of years ago, when I first heard about Dark Shadows, that Eva would fit perfectly in that kind of movie! I can’t believe that wish actually came true! Angelique appears to be an interesting character, really complex, neither good or evil… Exactly the kind of character that Eva likes to play. The cast, so far, is good, and I agree with the possible additions Nausicaa mentioned: Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham Carter are two great actors.

    About Arbitrage, apparently Richard Gere is replacing Al Pacino, but the movie begins its production in March/April, so I don’t know if Eva will be able to do both… If she has to choose, I hope she sticks with Dark Shadows.

  26. np001 Says:

    @ George, Nice song!
    As far as Womb goes, I don’t think it will be released in Australia. I hope Perfect Sense does!!
    @Amy, I don’t look Eva as just a “bond girl”. I think her of a brilliant actress who gave some credibility and charisma to that role.

  27. Magdalena Says:

    French distributor Pretty Pictures has bought Perfect Sense!

  28. edenLiao Says:

    can’t wait Eva to be a witch again!!!

    btw, this is a new poster for Cracks