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HD screen captures from the pilot of Camelot are now in the gallery. They have mature content, so consider this your warning!

Big thanks to Sarika for the screen captures! 😀 Please take the time to visit her fabulous fansite dedicated to Tamsin Egerton who plays Guinevere in Camelot! 😉

Camelot > Episode 1
Camelot > Opening Credits

6 Responses to ““Camelot” Episode 1”
  1. EvaGreenWeb Says:

    “Camelot” Episode 1: http://evagreenweb.com/?p=915

  2. Nikos Says:

    Ok now for my Review of Camelot…..
    I actually thought it was Great!! No not just because Eva Green was in it
    which she was fantastic as I will call her “Evil Eva” as in Very Mean : )
    Her performance again was Great! Bravo Eva I knew this would be great for you!
    I thought the story line and how they approached it was really good and I thought
    from actors to scenery was excellent overall.
    When it was over I wanted more, Yes of course Eva but every actor & actress as well.
    I think Stars has something Big here and I truly Loved the show I can’t say enough positive
    things about the over all production .
    I’ll respectfully wrap it up by say “Masterpiece”
    Eva Your Acting gets better with each movie you do!! I called it when I said You are in a class
    of your own, An Actress from years gone by! Class, Elegance and share Beauty!!
    Nikos Sas Agapo Ku KLa!!

  3. Unknownfear Says:

    @EvaGreenWeb I hadn’t realized that Camelot was a new tv show, i thought it was a movie — you’re in a tv show ;_; SO AWESOME!! 😀 😀

  4. George Says:

    Thanks Sarika and Mariana!!! You are awesome!
    I am wondering why some screen captures have more visits than others 🙂

  5. np001 Says:

    Evil Eva. Nice nickname. When is Perfect Sense going to be released in US, do you know??
    Hmm, I know what you are talking about.

  6. Clarisse Says:

    The pilot was amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest of this season! Eva was gorgeous and I even hated her haha!
    Thanks Mariana for your job here 😉