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Actress Eva Green has a hard time coping with the stresses of being an actress. From her looks to tough auditions, Eva Green freaks out about getting it all wrong.

“I hate my bum. I’m like everybody,” Eva confessed. “I only really decided to act because I am crazy, it is quite masochistic.

“I am aware of the whole sexy French girl thing. You become a product and people typecast you. It is very stressful, because you take it personally if you are not right for a part and you question yourself a lot.

“There’s always something wrong,” Eva said referencing casting directors at auditions.

“They’re brutal, it’s a jungle. It’s as if you’re a facade, like a model who can’t act.

“When I’m prepping and really working on it, I’m freaking out — that I’m not going to measure up, it’s not going to work. That I’m going to look so bland, and I have no idea what the director wants. I freak out completely.”


6 Responses to “Eva Green Concerned About Her Looks”
  1. George Says:

    off topic: after Al Pacino also Eva leaves “Arbitrage” according to heyguys (replaced by Brit Marling). Why am I not disappointed? 🙂

  2. Rafael (Brazil) Says:

    I see no reason to eva be so concerned with her looks, she is beautiful!

  3. George Says:

    Eva will have good company in Cannes in early April while promoting Camelot. HE IS BACK… 🙂 Guess who…

  4. Jo Says:

    glad im not the only one who freaks out before doing an audition…

  5. Johnny Says:

    Thanks Stef for all the updates!

    It seems that Eva is really busy at the moment. Cracks was just released in the USA, Dark Shadows begins filming in May and now, apparently, Eva is being considered for the Total Recall remake; she has been reading for the role of Melina. However the filming is set to begin in May so this rumor looks just like that one about Eva playing Talia al Ghul in the new Batman; and we all know how untrue that was…

    George: I agree! Dark Shadows looks much better than Arbitrage. It has an awesome cast so far and director, and if Tim Burton goes more in the line of the atmospheric Sleepy Hollow or even Sweeney Todd than Alice in Wonderland, I think we’ll have a fantastic movie!

  6. np001 Says:

    She has mentioned a few times about how she is afraid of the auditions.

    I wonder how many other actresses fare against while competing against our Eva.

    The effort she puts in each and every role is immense. I hope we get to see more and more of her in future.