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Most of us know Eva Green as the ethereal Vesper Lynd, the woman who broke James Bond (Daniel Craig)’s heart in Casino Royale and tragically died as a result of her betrayal.

That character went on to make Green one of the most popular Bond girls of all time and she finally became an international star after years of working in theatre, doing off-beat movies like The Dreamers; and having small roles in big movies that failed to become blockbusters such as Kingdom of Heaven and The Golden Compass.

Her latest movie is Perfect Sense, a romantic comedy opposite Ewan McGregor which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Green’s mother is French actress Marlene Jobert while her father is Swedish dentist Walter Green. Her exotic looks can be attributed to her mixed parentage and she seems to fit into a variety of roles well.

Green has finally decided to enter the realm of television with the new take on the Arthurian legend Camelot. This historical-fantasy-drama series revolves around the classic tale of King Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower) who ascends the throne after the death of his father with the help of magician Merlin (Joseph Fiennes).

Arthur’s half-sister Morgan Le Fay (Green) wants the throne for herself and this leads to an epic battle between Arthur and Morgan.

During a tele-conference interview recently, Green said she was attracted to the role after reading the script.

“I just fell in love with the character. The show’s producers convinced me to do it. We had long conversations about the characters and where it would go. I must admit it took me a long time to decide.

“I think it is just an amazing character, very rich and complicated, also very strong like a warrior queen and she also has a sensitive side, too. It’s just such a great character and you can’t say no to it.”

Viewers were only recently blown away by Katie McGarth who plays Morgana (the other name the character Morgan is known by) in the series Merlin. Comparisons between Green and McGarth are, of course, inevitable.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve not watched the Merlin series at all. Well, people will compare me to her. The character of Morgan is so mysterious, we know much about Merlin and Arthur but in the legend, you don’t know much about Morgan.

“The writers have written her in a different way so she’s a mixture of Joan of Arc and Lady Macbeth.”

The Arthurian legend has inspired numerous movies, a major musical and several television series. People continue to be fascinated by the stories behind the legend.

“It’s a very complex story and you can tell the legend in so many different ways. It’s about great heroes and it makes people dream. People want to escape from reality and it’s nice to identify in some way with these characters.

“That’s what is nice about Camelot: it’s about real people with conflicted emotions. We try to make the story accessible to the audience.”

Women often get portrayed as simpering damsels in distress in folk tales from where the story of King Arthur was derived. However, Morgan (or Morgana) was a woman before her time, thirsting for revenge for the injustice done against her by Arthur’s father.

“She wants the throne because she has been denied it for being a woman. She wants to rule Britain not only for herself but also for her people,” explained Green, adding that she is happy with her role and hopes the series will be well received.

Camelot also stars Sebastian Koch as King Uther, Claire Forlani as Queen Igraine and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere.


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